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said my dear son amidst the challenges

and uncertainties that life presents I

want to express to you my eternal and

unconditional love I know you’ve faced

storms but rest assured regardless of

what happens you are a Victor in all

your ways forever this is a reminder

that my love for you transcends all

circumstances and endures for eternity

today I place this day in my hands and I

want you to trust me completely doors

will open storms will pass Victory will

come and your blessings will manifest do

not give up now instead resist I grant

you the strength and wisdom needed to

overcome this challenging period you’re

going through under my wings you you

will be safe and the enemy will have no

power over you in moments of weakness I

will lift you up and when you feel weary

I will comfort you with my love remember

my beloved child you are part of a

valuable and unique plan even if you

don’t always fully understand I ask you

to trust me every challenge you face has

a purpose I am about to transform your

life and I want you to be open to

receiving the Wonders I have reserved

for you even if it sometimes seems

challenging to understand why you’re in

this world know that there is a valuable

powerful and extremely important reason

for you to fulfill the dreams I’ve given

you you are not a product of chance it

was my decision to create you and place

you in this world to be a source of

blessing for yourself and others enlarge

your faith and lift your head high right

now I want to see your smile for I

remember were the moments when you

feared not being able to endure and

today you are here smarter stronger and

wiser I chose you my child despite your

mistakes I chose you because I want you

to be a successful respected blessed and

fulfilled person I place in you the gift

of love forgiveness the gift of helping

I want you to reveal my love through

your actions touching the lives of many

people and many hearts with your hands I

elevate your faith to a level you have

never experienced before if necessary I

will personally come to remind you every

day to keep your eyes on me do not fear

for I am here to help do not be

discouraged for I love you trust me move

forward for I Am by your side filling

you with courage dear child in moments

of sadness Lift Your Eyes to the Sky you

don’t need to hide your tears for I know

everything that hurts in your heart I

hold you in my hands do not be afraid I

am here to lift you up cleanse your sins

transform your life and give you the

comfort and affection you need shed your

tears while you feel my sincere embrace

you know how much I love you I want to

remove your pain forever everything

you’ve been through has been very

difficult I know I listen when you speak

to me and even those words that haven’t

left your lips along with your tears

have fallen into my hands I know what

you’re feeling what’s happening you’ve

been belittled and feel like you have no

value listen carefully to what I am

saying my words come loaded with

affection to me you have infinite value

and the greatest sacrifice in the

universe was made out of love for you

with my blood I see your mistakes and I

erase them you no longer need to carry

them I want you to live a life of great

victories therefore I say with love rise

today with a different attitude I am

giving you the sensitivity to realize

how blessed you are the more you open

your eyes the more blessings you will

see and the more grateful you will

become your worship is the key to open

the doors of blessings abundance health

and true Prosperity take my hand you

know how much I love you give me a

minute tell me what’s happening you were

sad I know I understand I feel this pain

you suffer in silence tears at your soul

I hold you in my cloak of Love sheltered

by my peace within my heart never forget

that no one can ever separate you from

me I will never take my eyes off you you

are my child whom I love so much why do

you tremble why why do you cry why do

you look back why do you look sideways

when in front of you are your true

dreams the happiness you desire so much

everything is safe for you many times I

have promised this to you but your part

is to believe to discard the lying

voices of those who Envy you and try to

steal the blessing they will never have

because they rejected the truth in the

midst of your struggles find the

strength to persevere the tears you shed

do not go unnoticed by me I collect each

one and transform them into Pearls of

wisdom and understanding you are not

alone for my presence is constant and my

love is the anchor that sustains you in

the most turbulent moments trust in the

plans I have laid out for you even when

the path seems difficult know that each

step is an essential piece in the

construction of your destiny challenges

are not insurmountable obstacles but

opportunities to grow and become the

person I have destined you to be in your

weaknesses find my strength in your

moments of solitude feel my

companionship fear not the unknown for I

already know every detail of your future

uncertainties are only opportunities to

manifest your faith believe in me as I

believe in you your worth is not

determined by your failures but by my

abundant grace I I love you beyond your

limitations and forgiveness is the door

that always remains open leave behind

the weight of the past for with each

Dawn I offer you a new chance to Begin

Again sincere repentance is the key that

opens the doors of renewal do not

underestimate the impact of your love

and compassion every act of kindness

reverberates in the celestial spheres

leaving a Trail of Light and hope your

purpose extends Beyond personal

aspirations you are an integral part of

a divine plan seeking to restore Beauty

and Harmony to this world in your

journey you will encounter moments of

joy and celebration but you will also

face challenges that test your

resilience remember that in moments of

Despair you can find refuge in me my

grace is sufficient to sustain you in


circumstance do not be disheartened by

the expectations of others others the

only standard to be reached is the love

I offer you cling to the truth of your

identity in me for therein lies strength

courage and confidence your acceptance

in my love is the foundation that

sustains all other achievements with

love God hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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