my beloved child I speak to you now with

words of love and the promise of great

abundance in every area of your life

attune your ears to hear what I the Lord

your provider am

saying the season of lack and

Desperation has come to an end the time

of crying out for provision and

breakthrough has given way to a new era

of my Supernatural Supply and

overflow where you have sown tears and

prayers crying out for change you will

now reap Joy and more blessing than you


contain the days of scarcity draw to a

close as my Abundant Life bursts forth

when you hear the word abundance your

mind likely goes to finances and

material Goods but the prosperity I am

bringing encompasses so much more than

Earthly wealth and

possessions expect overflow in

relationships spiritual fruitfulness

vibrant health emotional stability

mental Clarity and super natural peace

and joy every part of your existence

will prosper Spirit soul and

body expect wholeness and increase to

permeate every

sphere as you walk ever more intimately

with me commune with my spirit and feast

on my word you will flourish in every


way the Abundant Life I promise is

multi-dimensional far exceeding anything

you have envisioned

many of my faithful ones have cried out

desperately during this season of

hardship and lack like you they have

stood steadfast in faith believing my

promises through tears of discouragement


pain their knees have become callous as

they prostrated themselves before my

throne interceding for spouses children

finances health and more their hearts

have sung in a United chorus Lord how

long until you bring breakthrough

I commend these beloved ones for

persisting in prayer and contending for

my promises when circumstances

contradicted my word they are shining

trophies of my empowering Grace I assure

you the day of rejoicing over anwered

prayer has

dawned as my people have stood

unwaveringly on my promises a great dam

of blessing has been filling up behind

the scenes their persistent prayers and

praise in the mid of adversity have

accumulated into a vast reservoir of

provision deliverance and Vindication

prepared for the exact moment I deem

right that pivotal moment in time has

now arrived the dam that has restrained

the flooding of Heaven’s abundance has

reached its full capacity the sles can

no longer contain the weighty

accumulation of all I intend to pour out

upon my faithful ones hear me now the

dam is bursting an enormous torrent is

about to be

Unleashed my blessing has amassed behind

that wall as my people have persevered

in faith despite the opposition and

delay an exponential increase of

provision has compounded beyond all

expectation now suddenly and powerfully

in response to my timing the barriers

will shatter as my abundance overwhelms

all restraint what was held up will

burst mightily into the sphere of my

people divine strategies resources

answers to prayer Financial increase

streams of Miracle

manifestations all will crash over you

like a tidal wave as the dam gives way

to the weighty accumulation of my

intentions for

you my servant Daniel went through a

period of intensive fasting and seeking

my face through prayer and

consecration after days of denying

himself and focusing fully on my

purposes I dispatched a mighty message

from my throne in response to Daniel’s

humility and cries for understanding the

dispatching of that angel mirrored what

is transpiring in the realm of the

spirit on your behalf right now in the

same way Heavenly envoys have been

commissioned at the Inception of your

period of intense seeking carrying

Scrolls and Heavenly strategy for the

Breakthrough you

require the messenger said to Daniel

since the first day you set your mind to

gain understanding and to humble

yourself before for your God your words

were heard and I have come in

response this confirms what I desire you

to know also right from day one of

crying out to me in earnestness and

humility I heard and began to

respond the process has already been set

in Motion in the heavens the Covenant

guarantees have been invoked my ears are

finally attuned to the voices of my

righteous ones I immediately heard and

acknowledged the first Whispers of your

focused faith-filled prayers I am not

slow in hearing or responding as some

count slowness in fact same day answers

were dispatched with resounding

affirmations from my heavenly

Court although the manifestation has

taken time in the Physical Realm be

assured that breakthrough has already

been sanctioned from Heavenly

places the acral of blessings amassed

behind the scenes will soon burst

mightily upon the landscape of your

circumstances with irrepressible

momentum it will seem to happen suddenly

but you can rest in this profound truth

the prayers were heard and the answer

sent from day one you need only

persevere in patient trust to see the


overflow just as with Daniel stay the

course in expectant prayer and

consecration until the culmination is

revealed though invisible to human eyes

the cogs have been set in motion for

divine delivery of your heart’s desires

continue humbling yourself before my

majesty and believing for miraculous

manifestation soon your faith shall give

way to sight as my abundance crashes

over your life Divine strategists have

been authorized to assist you Legions of

angels stand armed and ready to clear

the path before you storehouses have

been tapped in preparation awaiting

release at the appointed hour therefore

lift your gaze to the hills of heavenly

promise from which your help comes lift

your Shield of resolute Faith against

the arrows seeking to dissuade your

anticipation The Siege is coming to an

end the period of lack closes as

invasion of my super abundant Supply

breaches enemy

limitations I have awesome plans to

prosper you my beloved giving you a hope

and future of increase I will give you

more than enough provision for every

demand that arises with Surplus

remaining so you can be a conduit of

blessing to many the table I am

preparing for you is lavishly supplied

to overflowing in the presence of every

limiting force and lack filled

expectation the enemy would place before

you I am anointing your head with the

oil of joy and gladness removing the

spirit of heaviness your cup of blessing

will eternally run over with the

tangible substance of Heaven’s abundance

indeed I am fully able to do infinitely

more than your highest thought or most

comp passioned request according to the

phenomenal potentiality of power on

deposit Within You by virtue of our

Eternal Union no expiration exists

concerning manifestation of your wildest

dreams ask largely think extravagantly

there are no caps on what I can perform

or boundaries on what you can believe to

receive from my hand I exhort you to

enlarge your vision to align with my big

dreams for you you have barely tapped

into the reservoir of potential within

your recreated

Spirit time spent with me expands your

horizons past prior limitations

Awakening Your Capacity to partner with

me in wonders you could never


comprehend this relational intermingling

empowers you to desire the caliber of

breakthrough I yearn to unleash into

your life therefore immerse yourself in

my word until my thoughts saturate your

Consciousness and overwhelm your wildest

imagination my truth shall set you free

experientially to receive every

extravagant blessing I planned for you

before time

began the ceiling of possibility shall

vanish as your mind continues its

renewal for I intend to do for you

immeasurably more than the greatest

exploits recorded in my

word the key to this increase is

unwavering time spent with

me as your eyes remain steadily fixed

upon my glory your desires will shift in

into alignment with

mine you will begin to

Crave my promises recorded in scripture

which up until now seemed

impossible Beloved the calibration of

your dreams is directly linked to the

depth of our

relationship the doorway to overflow is

first discovering the depths of my love

for you I am captivating your heart and

Awakening you to the reality of all that

I have prepared all my resources Es are

available to those who know me and carry

my purposes in their heart of hearts I

am expanding your vision than fulfilling

the very desires birthed deep within

you rest assured it

is my great Delight to bless my people

abundantly therefore arise in faith to

receive the inheritance prepared for you

before time began allow me to take your

mind and vision captive to the realm of

the spirit where Revelation outpaces

imagination set your heart fully on me

refusing all limitations stretch out the

hand of audacious Faith to embrace all I

intend for

you indeed shouts of Joy Victory and

abundance will soon ReSound within your

dwelling as you witness firsthand the

breaking forth of my

promise to all who dare to believe

nothing remains impossible when

calibrated to the power that raised

Christ Jesus from the grave

all that I have decreed will burst

mightily into the realm of visible

manifestation at my appointed hour

Rejoice my faithful one the dam is

bursting after years of standing in

faith and persevering prayer your

Harvest of blessings has come the

appointed time is upon you an outpouring

of all you have cried out for is here

Heaven’s windows are flung wide and

oceans of supply are flooding the

atmosphere over your

life Abundant Blessings are raining down

with kingly assistance to see it

established within your sphere open wide

your arms child to receive the Abundant

Life promised you victory is yours

breakthrough has arrived Divine

Alignment shall thrust you into postured

moments of Earthly possibility

intersecting Heavenly potential and my

kingdom shall Advance mightily through

you as my abundance overtakes you my

precious child as the dam of my

abundance bursts forth prepare your

heart to receive blessings beyond

measure the floodgates of Heaven are

opening wide releasing a deluge of

provision restoration and Destiny

altering favor upon your life every

dream every Vision every god- breathed

aspiration within you is about to be

saturated with the Limitless resources

of my

kingdom in this new season expect the


anticipate sudden turnarounds and


breakthroughs what once seemed

impossible will become your reality as I

move mightily on your behalf the delays

and setbacks that have plagued you will

dissipate like Mist before the sun as my

glory Rises upon you prepare to be

astonished by the swiftness of my

intervention I am unleashing a fresh

wave of my spirit upon you bringing

renewed strength Divine insight and

unwavering courage where you have grown

weary in the waiting I am infusing you

with Supernatural endurance where you

have battled confusion and uncertainty I

am imparting Crystal Clear Vision and


conviction rise up in faith for I am

empowering you to seize this Kos moment

as you step into this era of

unprecedented abundance I remind you

that true Prosperity flows from intimacy

with me the closer you draw to my heart

the more fully you will experience the

multifaceted blessings I have in store

prioritize our relationship Above All

Else and watch as every other area of

your life falls into Divine

Alignment I am calling you to a higher

level of partnership with me I am

inviting you to co- labor with me in the

expansion of my

kingdom as my abundance flows through

you be a conduit of blessing to those

around you use the resources I entrust

to you to bring bring hope healing and

transformation to the lives you

touch be a light in the darkness a

carrier of my love and truth in the

midst of this outpouring remember to

cultivate a heart of gratitude recognize

that every blessing every breakthrough

every answered prayer is a manifestation

of my goodness and faithfulness let

thankfulness be The Melody of your heart

and let your praise rise continually

before my

Throne as you maintain an attitude of

gratitude you will position yourself for

even greater measures of my favor I am

also calling you to a deeper level of

trust in this

season as my abundance manifests in ways

that surpass your understanding resist

the temptation to question or doubt my

methods my ways are higher than your

ways and my thoughts are higher than

your thoughts lean not on your own

understanding but acknowledge me in all

your ways and I will direct your paths

in the coming days expect me to stretch

your faith Beyond its current boundaries

I will present you with god-sized

opportunities and assignments that will

require complete dependence on

me embrace these challenges with

boldness knowing that I am with you and

for you step out of the boat of

familiarity and walk upon the waters of

impossibility keeping your eyes fixed on

me as you navigate this new landscape of

abundance be vigilant against the

schemes of the enemy he will seek to to

distract you discourage you and derail

you from the path I have set before

you but remember my child greater is he

that is in you than he that is in the

world arm yourself with the truth of my

word wield the weapons of righteousness

and stand firm in the victory I have

already secured for

you surround yourself with a community

of faith-filled believers who will stand

with you encourage you and hold you

accountable iron sharpens iron and as

you link arms with others who share your

kingdom Vision you will experience a

Synergy of purpose and a multiplication

of impact together you will be a force

for transformation in your spheres of

influence as you embark on this journey

of abundance trust the leading of my

spirit he will guide you into all truth

reveal strategies for success and

Empower you to make wise

decisions cultivate sensitivity to his

still Small Voice and be quick to obey

his promptings as you yield to his

guidance you will flow in a supernatural

rhythm of Grace and

productivity above all remember that my

love for you is the foundation of every

blessing i

bestow my abundance is not merely about

material provision it is a manifestation

of my heart for you I Delight in you and

I desire to give you the very best

receive my love aresh each day and let

it be the Wellspring from which all your

actions and attitudes flow so arise my

beloved child and step into this new era

of abundance with unwavering faith and


expectation I am with you I am for you

and I will never leave you nor forsake

you together we will accomplish great

things for the advancement of my kingdom

together we will see the impossible

become possible get ready to be amazed

by the extravagance of my goodness get

get ready to experience the fullness of

my promises get ready to live the

Abundant Life I have destined for you

the dam has burst and the floodgates of

Heaven are open

wide receive all that I have for you and

watch as your life becomes a Living

testament to my

faithfulness I love you with an

everlasting love and I am committed to

your every success trust me follow me

and watch as I exceed your wild

dreams The Best Is Yet To Come my child

Embrace this new season with open arms

for it is a season of unprecedented

favor unprecedented fruitfulness and


abundance my faithful

child as you step into this new era of

abundance I want to remind you of the

power of sewing and

reaping just as a farmer plants seeds in

anticipation of a Bountiful Harvest so

too can you seow seeds seeds of Faith

generosity and obedience knowing that I

will multiply them beyond

measure in this season I am calling you

to a deeper level of trust and surrender

in your giving I am inviting you to seow

sacrificially not out of obligation or

fear but out of a heart overflowing with

gratitude for all that I have done and

all that I have promised to do remember

I love a cheerful giver and as you seow

with joy and expectation you will

position yourself to receive an abundant

Harvest I want to encourage you to sew

into the good soil of my kingdom seek

out Ministries missions and individuals

who are actively advancing my purposes

in the earth as you partner with them

through your giving you are not only

supporting their work but you are also

investing in your own future for every

seed you sew in faith I will multiply it

back to you pressed down shaken together

and running

over as I declared give and it will be

given to you A good measure pressed down

shaken together and running over will be

poured into your lap for with the

measure you use it will be measured to

you this is not a mere suggestion but a

spiritual principle that I have woven

into the fabric of my kingdom as you

give generously I will respond with

generosity towards you but my abundance

goes beyond mere Financial

provision as you seow seeds of kindness

compassion and and love you will reap a

harvest of favor Divine connections and


doors as you seow seeds of forgiveness

and Reconciliation you will reap a

harvest of healing restoration and peace

as you seow seeds of prayer and

intercession you will reap a harvest of

answered petitions and spiritual

breakthrough I am a god of

multiplication and I Delight in taking

the seeds you sow and causing them to

produce a harvest that far exceeds your

expectations just as I multiplied the

Loaves and fish to feed the multitudes I

can multiply your seeds of Faith to

impact countless lives and bring glory

to my name in this season of abundance I

am also releasing a double portion

anointing upon your life where you have

experienced lack I will give you double

for your trouble where you have faced

setbacks and delays I will accelerate

your progress and give you twice as much

as you lost where you have swn in tears

you will reap in joy and your Harvest

will be double what you

planted I am the god who restores the

years the Locust has eaten I am the god

who takes what the enemy meant for harm

and turns it around for your good I am

the god who gives Beauty for Ashes joy

for mourning and praise for the spirit

of heaviness trust in my ability to

redeem every situation and to bring

forth a double portion blessing in your

life as you navigate this new landscape

of abundance keep your heart aligned

with my purposes use the blessings I

pour out upon you to be a blessing to

others be a wise Steward of the

resources I entrust to you and seek my

guidance in every decision you make

remember the abundance I give is not

just for your own consumption but for

the advancement of my

kingdom finally my child know that the

double portion blessing I am releasing

is not just for you but for generations

to come as you walk in obedience and

faithfulness you are setting a precedent

of blessing that will flow to your

children and your children’s children

you are establishing a legacy of

abundance that will impact lives far

beyond your

own so step forward with boldness and

confidence knowing that I am with you

and that I am working all things

together for your good soow generously


extravagantly and watch as I pour out a

double portion blessing upon your life

the seeds you plant today will yield a

harvest of abundance tomorrow and my

favor will rest upon you in

unprecedented ways trust me follow my

leading and watch as I multiply your

seeds and release a double portion

blessing upon you the best is yet to

come my faithful child with all my love

your abundantly blessing Heavenly Father

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