my precious child in this pivotal hour I beckon you to draw near and attune your

spirit to The Whispers of Heaven for I the Eternal one am unveiling the

mysteries of this age Illuminating the path before you with the radiant light

of prophetic understanding in the sacred chambers of my heart there lies an

Urgent Message a Divine dispatch that must be heralded across the Earth

in this season of colliding realities where the veil between the seen and

unseen grows thin I am inviting you to step into the realm of the

miraculous to be a conduit of my glory in a world enshrouded by

Darkness for even as Shadows lengthen and the forces of evil conspire my hand is moving mightily

orchestrating a symphony of redemption that will reverberate Through the Ages

beloved do not be dismayed by the turbulence of the times for I have

forewarned of the birth pangs that would precede the coming of my kingdom in its

fullness the Earth groans beneath the weight of sin’s curse and the adversary

rages with renewed intensity knowing his time is short yet in the midst of the Tempest I

am raising up a Remnant a company of burning ones who will carry the torch of

my presence into the darkest corners of the globe as the fabric of society unravels

and the foundations of Nations crumble I am orchestrating a profound

transformation revealing the infinite depths of my love the very atmosphere is pregnant

with Destiny heavy with the weight of my glory waiting to be Unleashed Upon A

desperate and broken World in this hour of convergence where

the natural and Supernatural Collide I am releasing a fresh wave of my spirit a tsunami of power that will

sweep across the Earth leaving an indelible mark on the sands of time the

Winds of Change are blowing carrying the fragrance of Revival on their wings and

the heartbeat of Heaven is pulsing with anticipation do you feel it my child the

stirring in your spirit the unquenchable longing for more of me it is the echo of

Eternity reverberating in your soul The Whisper of my voice calling you to rise

up and take your place in the unfolding story of redemption for I have destined you for

such a time as this as the veil of deception grows thicker and the enemy’s

schemes more Insidious I am equipping my chosen ones with eyes to see and ears to

hear with discernment to navigate the treacherous Waters of a world gone

mad for in the days ahead there will be a great sifting a separation of the

wheat from the chaff as the fire of my spirit purifies and refines my bride

beloved do not be conformed to the patterns of this age but be transformed

by the renewing of your mind that you may discern my perfect will let your

roots sink deep into the soil of my word drawing sustenance from the Living

Waters that flow from my throne for it is in the secret place of

intimacy in the sanctuary of my presence that you will find strength for the

journey ahead the road before you may be steep in The Valleys deep but do not fear for

I Am With You Always even to the End of the Age my rod and my staff they will

comfort you guiding you through the darkest of nights and the fiercest of storms trust in my unfailing love for it

is your anchor your sure Foundation when all else gives way in the days to come the Earth will

tremble and the mountains will quake as the birth pangs of a new era

intensify wars and rumors of wars will abound and pestilence will stalk the

land as the enemy seeks to steal kill and destroy but do not be dismayed for these

things things must come to pass as the stage is set for my glorious

appearing even now I am releasing my Angelic hosts to do battle on your

behalf to push back the darkness and make way for the coming harvest the

fields are ripe and the laborers are few but I am raising up a new breed of

Warriors those who will wield the sword of the spirit with skill and precision tearing down strongholds and setting

captives free beloved fix your eyes on the Eternal for

the things which are seen are temporary but the things which are unseen are Eternal do not be distracted by the

clamor of the world or the siren song of compromise but keep your gaze steadfast

on the prize of the upward call for I am coming soon and my reward is with me to

give to each one according to their deeds in this hour of Divine Alignment I

am orchestrating Divine connections and strategic alliances for it is in unity that my

power is made perfect as each member functions in their god-given role

contributing to the edification of the whole do not despise the day of Small

Beginnings for I am at work in the midst of the mundane every trial every testing every

tear is being used to shape you into a vessel of Honor fit for the Master’s use

embrace the process for it is in The Crucible of Affliction that character is forged and Destiny is birthed beloved I

am calling you to a life of radical obedience to walk in the footsteps of the Lamb wherever he leads for the path

of the righteous is like the light of dawn shining brighter and brighter until the full day do not shrink back in the

face of opposition or persecution but count it all joy when you encounter various trials knowing that the testing

of your faith produces endurance as you yield to the gentle Whispers of my spirit I will lead you

into the fullness of your destiny Unlocking The Hidden Treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are stored up for you

for in my storehouses are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and it is my good pleasure to give you the keys

to the kingdom that you may unlock the mysteries of the ages do not be content

with a shallow faith or a superficial understanding of my ways but press in to

know me more deeply to experience the width and length and depth and height of

my love that surpasses knowledge for it is in the intimate place of communion that transformation

occurs as you are changed from glory to glory reflecting the image of the one

who created you beloved I am calling you to be a carrier of my presence as you abide in

me and my words abide in you you will bear much fruit fruit that will remain

For Eternity for it is not by might nor by power but by my spirit in the days

ahead there will be a great shaking as I sift the Nations and purify my church

but do not fear for I am with you in the fire and I will bring you forth as gold

refined and purified for my purposes trust in my unfailing love for it is

your shield and your exceeding great reward as you navigate the uncharted

waters of this new era keep your eyes fixed on the horizon for The Best Is Yet

To Come I am doing a new thing behold I am making all things new the former things

will pass away and I will create a new heavens and a new Earth where righteousness dwells beloved do not grow

weary in doing good for in due season you will reap a harvest if you do not give up keep pressing forward keep

running the race with endurance for the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory

that will be revealed in you as you align your heart with mine and walk in

obedience to my commands I will pour out my spirit upon you in unprecedented

measure equipping you with power from on high to be my witnesses to the ends of the Earth for I am not willing that any

should perish but that all should come to repentance and it is my desire that

the Earth be filled with the knowledge of my glory as the waters cover the sea so rise up my child and take your

place in the ranks of the redeemed for I have called you by name and you are

mine let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and

glorify your father in Heaven for you are the Sal of the earth and the light of the world a city set on

a hill that cannot be hidden do not be afraid to step out in faith to take risks for the sake of the

gospel for I Am With You Always even to the End of the Age trust in my unfailing

love for it is your anchor in the storms of life your sure Foundation when the

world is shaking for I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand

and says to you do not fear I will help you beloved I am calling you to a life

of wholehearted Devotion to love me with all your heart soul mind and strength

and to love your neighbor as yourself for it is in laying down your

life that you will find true life and it is in giving that you will receive the

abundance of my blessings as you fix your eyes on the Unseen realm and walk by faith not by

sight I will open doors that no man can shut and close doors that no man can open for

I am the lord of the Breakthrough and I will make a way where there seems to be no way parting the waters and leading

you into the promised land of your destiny so take heart my child for I have overcome the world and in me you

will have peace let not your heart be troubled neither Let It Be Afraid for I am with you always your everpresent help

in time of need trust in my unfailing love for it is the anchor of your soul

the sure Foundation upon which you can build your life as you surrender your plans and your dreams to me I will

direct your steps and guide you into the fullness of your destiny for I know the thoughts that I think toward you

thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope trust in my timing for I am working all things

together for your good and my glory beloved I am calling you to be a carrier of My Hope and a world that is

gripped by fear and despair let your life be a living testimony of my

goodness and faithfulness a beacon of light in the darkness for it is in the midst of the

darkest night that my glory shines the brightest and it is in The Crucible of suffering that my grace is made perfect

in weakness so do not lose heart my child for though the world may rage and

the enemy May roar I am the Lord of hosts and I am mighty to save I will

fight for you and I will give you the victory for no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that

rises against you in judgment you shall condemn as you abide in my love and walk

in my ways I will pour out my spirit upon you in unprecedented measure

equipping you with power from on high to be my witnesses to the ends of the Earth

for I am not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance and it is my desire that the

Earth be filled with the knowledge of my glory as the waters cover the sea so

rise up my beloved and take your place in the ranks of the redeemed for I have

called you by name and you are mine let your life be a Living Sacrifice holy and

acceptable to me which is your reasonable service for you are a chosen

generation a royal priesthood a holy nation a people for my own possession

that you may proclaim the Praises of him who called you out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light trust in my unfailing

love for it is the anchor of your soul the sure Foundation upon which you can build your life my child in times of

profound transition I seek to rewire the fibers of your being trading stagnant

patterns for vibrant renewal the Wilderness beckons with its Stark Beauty and unadorned

Landscapes a place to shed old skins and realign with the Cadence of my

Holiness do not resist this appointed journey of reshaping for it unlocks Dimensions

crucially tied to your destined inheritance as you Traverse this sacred terrain I will provide a consecrated

Feast of pure sustenance Mana shimmering like fresh powder on Dawn’s dewy

grass this bread from Heaven’s ovens nourishes far beyond the physical

attuning every cell to resonate with my eternal frequencies eat deeply and let its

Essence recalibrate your spirit scouring away residues of the world’s spoiled

banquet that once poisoned your soul I understand the pangs of

familiarity that tempt you to glance back longingly at the world’s corrupt Pleasures that seemed so satisfying in

the dens of bondage but resist that decep my beloved what was consumed under

oppressions Shadow can never truly nourish or liberate each illusory Delight only

strengthened the shackles enslaving you to the dictates of sin’s

appetite no you must Embrace this encompassing reset with open hands and a

ravenous Spirit as layers of former Cravings dissolve you will awaken to the perfumed

complexity and sustaining power of the Mana I Reign upon your journey partake of its invigorating

Essence and let it reshape your discriminating pallet to recognize and Savor only that which leads to Abundant

Life this holy bread of my word unlocks Mysteries coded into your very

biology let it course through your veins amplifying your sensory perception of unseen

Realms as you absorb my word a profound transformation will occur from within

just as purified Waters cleanse toxins so will this spiritual nourishment counteract the corrosive effects of

spiritual ailments that have disrupted many aspects of existence feel it restore Divine Harmony to the rhythm of

your heartbeat and regulate the flow of Life Energy through your nerves embedded within each particle of

this Divine sustenance are processes to activate dormant energy unlocking latent

potential and enhancing fun functioning your hunger will gradually shift from heaviness to a spirit to a

refined Vitality a purifying Essence that will heighten your awareness of the presence

burning at the core of all existence from this purified State the

light of your Soul’s Essence will shine with brilliant Clarity in the days to come many will

feel disoriented as established systems falter and structures fracture under increasing pressure pressure but you my

beloved will remain grounded and guided by an innate Compass tuned to my eternal coordinates while confusion grips those

clinging to outdated paradigms you will move forward with unwavering Clarity

intuitive Solutions Illuminating the path through chaos disruptions will dismantle

human-made strongholds breaking down constructs weakened by ego and

pretense yet do not fear this necessary unraveling for I am simultaneously

releasing creativity to forge new vessels capable of containing the forthcoming

renewal From the Ashes of Fallen systems will emerge a Renaissance blueprints

embedded within the grains seeding Divine architectures you and many others will

serve as conduits for these Revelations channels to receive integrate and manifest prototypes to

rebuild the world according to Heaven’s design these upcoming days hold Myriad

possibilities to witness my sovereign hand reshaping reality to reflect my

divine plan trials will refine you transforming limited perception into panoramic

spiritual vision do not dwell on what has decayed or dissolved Focus instead on the

nourishment gracing your journey a Celestial infusion

transforming you into a radiant possibility Beyond imagination

let eternity’s light continually renew your essence rewiring you to receive

Revelations directly from my heart with impurities dissolved and Divine Essence

kindled by these Heavenly words you will pierce through veils obstructing your

sight While others long for satisfaction in lifeless substances you will Feast on the Eternal

Fountain of Deliverance inhaling Liberation with every breath

assimilate the essence of my provision flourishing as a unique Bloom in The Garden of this new

Eden this Sanctified inheritance flows from my cup of renewal ever

overflowing drink deeply and let it revive you with each New Dawn my beloved child a great shaking is

coming upon the earth a shifting of foundations that will test the strength and stability of every structure both

physical and spiritual in the days ahead you will witness unprecedented

disruptions to the economy beyond anything seen in recent memory do not be deceived by the veneer

of prosperity and growth promoted by those who control the narrative beneath the surface fault

lines are spreading ready to fracture under mounting pressure a silent recession has already

taken hold largely unnoticed by the masses who are lulled into complacency by soothing words and manipulated

metrics but I see the truth that lies behind the curtain the seeds of instability have sprouted and taken root

and their bitter fruit will soon be impossible to ignore to those who have Place their

trust and treasure in the world systems thinking themselves secure a rude awakening

awaits the institutions and Investments once thought unassailable will prove

vulnerable even fickle as the ground shifts beneath them fortunes amassed through avarice and

Injustice will dissipate like Mist under the Searing light of my

judgment but you my child need not fear this great

unraveling for you are a citizen of an unshakable Kingdom one that knows no

recession or scarcity when the world convulses and heaves spewing out its

false wealth you will stand on a sure Foundation my unfailing love and

provision as this shaking commences resist the urge to Panic or hoard out of

self-preservation instead attune your heart to my voice and follow my leading

I will direct you in wisdom showing you how to allocate your resources and when to make strategic moves some of you will

hear my prompting to stock up on Essentials not out of fear but as an Act of Faith and obedience others will be

called to share generously becoming conduits of my abundance in a time of

need remember true wealth is not measured in Earthly currencies or possessions but in the currency of

heaven love compassion generosity and Service as the world’s facades of

prosperity crumble revealing the rotting foundations beneath my light will shine

ever brighter through my people you will become beacons of Hope reflecting my heart and drawing the

desperate and disillusioned to the unshakable security found only in me in the coming days keep watch for

signs of Shifting Tides you will hear of the wealthy and Powerful quietly

repositioning themselves to insulate their interests from the Gathering storm some will seek shelter in far-flung

Havens hoping to escape the consequences of their avaris and deceit but no corner of the earth lies

beyond the reach of my righteous hand amidst the tumult refuse to succumb to

the spirit of fear that will grip the hearts of many fear is a virent contagion more

Insidious than any physical plague it weakens the spirit erodes faith and

obscures the truth of my faithfulness when fear knocks at the door of your heart meet it with the

fierce resistance of Faith declare my promises over your life and stand

Resolute in the face of adversity in the corridors of power Panic will

rise as events unfold beyond the control of those who fancy themselves the masters of Destiny behind closed doors

the looming Spectre of exposure will haunt those who have built their Empires on foundations of Deceit and

manipulation as the facade begins to crack a frenzied scramble to maintain the illusion of control will

ensue but their efforts will prove futle in the face of my sovereign hand for I

am the one who sets up Kings and deposes rulers who exalts the humble and humbles

the proud no scheme devised in secret can thwart my purposes No Lie pedal as

truth can stand before the piercing gaze of my spirit as my people you have a vital

role to play in this hour you are called to be agents of Truth exposing the lies

and half-truths that have lulled the masses into spiritual Slumber with

boldness and compassion speak my words of warning and invitation urging the

lost and deceived to seek shelter in me before the full force of the storm hits

ground yourself in the unshakeable truth of my word for it will be your anchor in the tumultuous days

ahead when fear and confusion swirl around you threatening to overwhelm cling to my promises with

unwavering faith remembering that I am your refuge and strength and everpresent help in times

of trouble now more than ever you must prioritize communion with me above all

else in the secret place of my presence I will renew your strength sharpen your

discernment and impart to you the strategies of Heaven for this hour as you lean into me I will fill you

with my peace a peace that surpasses understanding and guards your heart

against the onslaught of the enemy’s lies as the birth pangs of this new era

intensify do not lose sight of the Glorious destiny that awaits my faithful

ones even as the world groans under the weight of sin’s consequences I am at

work weaving together the strands of my Redemptive plan what the enemy intends

for Destruction I will use to display my power and Grace drawing multitudes into

my loving Embrace so fix your eyes on me my beloved and do not be distracted by

the swirling chaos around you trust in my unfailing love and unshakable

faithfulness for I will never leave you or forsake you as the world’s foundations crumble you will find in me

a rock of Refuge a strong tower that withstands every storm take heart and be of good courage

for I Am With You Always even to the end of the age when fear assails you remember my

promise do not fear for I have redeemed you I have called you by name you are

mine when you pass through the waters I will be with you and through the rivers

they will not overflow you when you walk through the fire you will not be scorched nor will the flame burn you as

the shaking intensifies so too will my grace and power be ped P out upon my

people you will experience a fresh outpouring of my spirit empowering you

to stand firm and shine brightly in the darkness the gifts and callings I have

placed within you will come alive in new ways equipping you to minister my love

and truth to a world desperate for Hope do not underestimate the power of your

prayers in this critical hour as you intercede for your communities and loved ones you are

engaging in a mighty work of spiritual warfare your prayers are Not Mere words

cast into the void but potent weapons that tear down strongholds dismantle

principalities and release the transforming power of my spirit that is why I am calling my

people to unite in unprecedented levels of prayer and intercession as you gathered together I

will move mightily in your midst the Synergy of your combined faith and fervor will create a spiritual force

field that pushes back the darkness and releases my Kingdom’s advance I am

raising up a company of Prayer Warriors those who will stand in the Gap and contend for the destiny of

Nations they will be marked by a Relentless pursuit of my presence a deep

hunger for righteousness and an unwavering commitment to see my will done on Earth as it is in heaven through

their travailing intercession ancient strongholds will crumble and new wells of Revival Will Spring forth so heed my

call to prayer my child and take your place on the wall of intercession allow

my spirit to pray through you aligning your heart with my own in the days ahead the distinction

between those who walk in my ways and those who do not will become

increasingly Stark as the shaking intensifies the true state of every heart will be

revealed those who have built their lives on the solid rock of my word will stand firm while those who have erected

their identities on the shifting Sands of self-will and compromise will find themselves cast a

Drift But even in the midst of judgment my heart is always to redeem and

restore I take no pleasure in the downfall of the wicked but rather long

for all to come to repentance and find life in me as my people intercede and

demonstrate my love in tangible ways countless prodigals will come home

trading their Rags of Shame for the robe of righteousness so do not grow weary in

doing good my child for in due season you will reap a Bountiful Harvest if you

do not give up continue to seow seeds of kindness compassion and truth even when

the ground seems unyielding for I am the lord of the Harvest and I will cause

your labor of love to bear fruit that remains as you navigate the challenges

and opportunities of this hour remember that you are not alone you are part of a

vast invisible network of Believers spanning the globe each one a vital Link

in the chain of my purposes when you feel isolated or overwhelmed tap into the strength and

encouragement of your spiritual family bear one another’s burdens pray for each

other fervently and spur one another on on to love and Good Deeds do not allow

the cares of this world or the deceitfulness of riches to choke out your passion for me seek first my

kingdom and righteousness trusting that all else will be added unto

you as you abide in me and my words abide in you you will bear much fruit

and prove to be my disciples so let your light shine brightly in the darkness my

beloved be a bearer of My Hope joy and peace to a world gripped by fear and

despair speak boldly of the unshakable Kingdom that is your true home inviting

the lost and broken to find refuge in me as you do you will store up for

yourselves Treasures in Heaven that will endure long after the kingdoms of this world have faded

away take courage my child for I have overcome the world though the road ahead may be

marked by Tri and tribulations remember that your story ends in Victory I am the

Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end I hold your future secure in the

palm of my hand and nothing can snatch you from my loving grasp so trust in me

with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding acknowledge me in

all your ways and I will make your path straight when the storms of life rage

around you rest in the shadow of my wings and let my perfect love cast out

every fear for I am your God and you are my treasured possession I have engraved

you on the palms of my hands and will never forget you though the mountains May depart and the hills be removed my

steadfast love for you will never be shaken my precious child I see the

trials that assail you the darkness that seeks to envelop your soul in this time

of tribulation cling to me as your unshakable refuge for I Am With You

Always A steadfast anchor amidst the Raging tempests of this Fallen World the

enemy prowls about weaving a tangled web of Deceit sowing seeds of fear that take

root in the fertile soil of uncertainty lies and misinformation

Fester spreading like a noxious blight choking out truth and wisdom the very

air you breathe is thick with Dread a smothering fog that clouds judgment and

drains Vitality yet even as these malevolent forces Marshall against you know that

their power is but a flickering Shadow before the radient glory of my love I am the unquenchable light that no

Darkness can overcome when you abide in me my perfect love drives out every Last Remnant of

fear it is the bomb that soothes your weary Spirit the healing salv that binds

up the deepest wounds inflicted by the enemy’s cruel attacks in me you will find the clarity

to discern between truth and falsehood my wisdom freely given to all

who ask is a beacon piercing the haze of confusion it illuminates the straight

and narrow path guiding your steps through treacherous Terrain

partake of it liberally and you will not be led astray by the duplicitous Whispers that swirl on every side the

spirit of infirmity that Insidious weapon of the enemy seeks to sap your

strength and erode your faith it strikes at Body and Soul a two-pronged assault

designed to leave you reeling yet I declare to you this day that no weapon formed against you shall

prosper for I have imbued you with my own Divine strength an inexhaustible

Wellspring that empowers you to stand fast against every Onslaught when the spirit of infirmity

assails your physical frame I am the great physician tenderly ministering to

your every need my healing flows through your veins like a cleansing River

restoring what has been ravaged making whole what has been broken and when your soul is left raw

and bleeding I am the bom Al of Gilead gently binding up your wounds with cords

of loving kindness and faithfulness remember dear one that your

weakness is but an invitation for my strength to be made perfect for when you come to the end of

your own frail resources that is when my power manifests in its fullness lean into me

with your whole being and I will uphold you with my righteous right hand the

chain that have held you captive the cycles of sickness and oppression that have defined Your Existence these have

no claim on you anymore for I am shattering those bonds breaking the power of that three-fold

cord of fear ignorance and infirmity where once you were enslaved

you will now walk in glorious freedom for I have proclaimed Liberty over your life even now I am releasing Divine

strategies imparting insight for the days ahead for the shaking that has

begun will only increase in intensity the very foundations of the world systems are crumbling the illusion

of stability Stripped Away to reveal the rotting core beneath the facade economies will convulse and

collapse like Grand edifices built on shifting Sands what has been hoarded will be lost

in a moment The Wealth of Nations will turn to dust and Ashes

yet in the midst of this great upheaval I am your unshakable

provider I will lead you to Green Pastures and Still Waters a place of

Supernatural abundance and soul deep peace do not be like those who blindly cling to false hope deceiving themselves

even as the world unravels around them for I have not called you to denial but

to cleare eyed faith faith that beholds the storm and yet remains rooted in the

certain cty of my goodness faith that endures Through Fire and flood knowing

that I am an everpresent help in times of trouble some would counsel you to disregard the urgency of the hour to

anesthetize yourself with Hollow platitudes and empty reassurances they mistake spiritual

Tranquility for willful ignorance passivity for trust yet true peace is

not found in avoidance but in the very heart of my presence it is is the fruit

of an unbroken communion with me even as chaos rages on every

side my child I am not a God who is distant or

aloof unmoved by your struggles and Sorrows I am the father who meets you in

the very midst of the Flames the one who stands with you in the face of the fiercest adversity when

you pass through the rivers they will not overwhelm you when you walk through the fire you will not be burned

for I am the faithful one and my every promise to you is yes and amen I will

never leave you nor forsake you I will shield you from the onslaught provide

for your every need and fight on your behalf though a thousand may fall at your side and , at your right hand

no evil shall befall you so fix your gaze upon me the author and finisher of

your faith tune your ear to the freak quency of my voice letting it rise above

the clamor and cacophony of this age Feast upon my word allowing it to

nourish your spirit and fortify your mind for it is your very life the source of your strength and the anchor of your

soul as you do my peace will Mount guard over your heart and mind an impenetrable

bulwark against the enemy’s assaults my joy will be your constant

companion and eff for vent spring bubbling up from the depths of your being and my love will cast out every

last shred of fear enfolding you in its Fierce and tender

Embrace in the days ahead I will make you a blazing Beacon of Hope amidst the

Gathering Darkness you will be a courier of my truth a Herald of my coming

Kingdom through you I will break the power of the enemy’s lies dispelling the

choking fog of deception with the piercing light of my revelation

yours will be a voice of clarity and conviction speaking forth my words in due season so Stand Fast my beloved one

Stand Fast in the evil day girded with the whole armor of God Stand Fast in the

power of my might rooted and grounded in my unfailing love for I am your rock

your Fortress and your deliverer and I will cause you to Triumph in every battle though the Earth gives way and

the mountains be cast into the midst of the sea though the Nations rage and kingdoms totter I Am With You Always

even to the End of the Age my plans for you are good plans to prosper you and

not to harm you plans to give you a future and a hope as you fix your eyes on things

unseen as you set your mind on things above I am filling you with my Divine

strength I am renewing your youth like the eagles causing you to run and not

grow weary to walk and not faint in me you will Mount up with wings

like the dawn soaring high above the storms and strife of this world so do

not fear neither be dismayed for I am the Lord your God I will uphold you with

my Victorious right hand and lead you forth in Triumph no matter how dark the night

grows no matter how Fierce the battles you face I will be your light and your

salvation my precious child I speak Destiny over your life this

day I call you by name beckoning you into the Glorious future I have prepared

for you walk boldly into the unknown secure in the knowledge that I go before

you beside you and behind you I am your shield and your exceeding great reward

the one who will never let you go so let my love be the lens through

which you view the world the plum line by which you measure every circumstance let my truth be the sword

with which you Vanquish Every Lie the standard you raise against the flood of the enemy’s attacks and let my peace be

the unshakable foundation upon which you stand now and forever more take heart my beloved one for I

have overcome the world and in me you too are an overcomer my victory is your

victory my Triumph your inheritance though Darkness may endure for a night

Joy comes in the morning and I am the dawn that even now is breaking ushering

in a new day for all who put their trust in me

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