???? ALERT ???? “IN JUST 3 DAYS” – JESUS | God’s Message Today

my precious child today I want you to look deep within

yourself and listen closely to my voice Let My Words touch the very core

of your being I know that life can be hard sometimes and it might make you question

the faith that once burned so brightly inside you but I want you to know that I’m always here for you no matter

what I want your faith to shine like the sun filled with with love and passion I

want you to treasure the gifts I’ve given you your spirit Your Enthusiasm

and your love for life these are the things that make you special and

unique right now it’s time for you to step back into the light of hope it’s

time to nourish your soul with my promises and my truth even when times are tough you don’t have to be afraid

because I’m right there with you I’ll guide you through the challenges protect your dreams and help you reach your

goals life might be difficult sometimes but remember I’ve already faced the

toughest battles for you I want you to live a life filled with joy and happiness I want your life to be

overflowing with victories and blessings I don’t want you to experience defeat or

failure remember the things you’ve learned because as you become happier and more blessed there might be people

who get jealous and want to see you fail that’s just a part of life some sometimes but know this I lift up the

people I love even if it means others might not like it some people might not

be happy to see the joy and faith in those I bless but don’t be scared because as

long as you follow my guidance no one can truly harm you I’m not expecting you

to be perfect I know you’re human and you might make mistakes sometimes what I really care about is your heart and your

dedication to my teaching ings your commitment to me is what matters most

you turn to me when things are going well and you also reach out to me when times are hard don’t ever stop doing

that keep moving forward and pray with all your heart your tears are like seeds that you

plant whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling keep going no matter

what I will calm the storms and steal the waves for you I’ll solve your

problem s and take care of your worries but what I really want is to see you consistently loving me and making me the

most important thing in every part of your life you’ll discover that this kind of

faith is a powerful tool it can push away evil help you overcome your

weaknesses and give you spiritual and Supernatural strength to face Temptations fears and any challenges

that come your way before you leave your house each day take a few moments to Bow your head and

dedicate your plans and everything you do to me pray for your loved ones and speak words of faith and peace be happy

because I am your Shepherd and you will never be in need to me you are my

daughters my sons and my precious little lambs I will lead you to Green Pastures

and guide you beside Peaceful Waters in your home there will be no more yelling

or confusion the fights that hurt your heart will stop I will keep away the

people who want to harm you the ones who steal your love and ruin your peace I

will get rid of all the hidden sin and mistakes that try to weaken your faith and happiness I will take away your sadness

you will not see misery or lack at your table the time will come when you’ll experience abundance like bread

appearing just when you need it new opportunities for growth and learning will appear I’ll clean your home of any

negative things or bad habits that harm your character and your belief in me remember I’ll always be there holding

your hand no matter what focus on the good the pure and the amazing things I

plan to do in your life don’t look for friendship in the wrong places or go back to people who bring you down and

never get better I’m not just the one who provides for you I’m also here to

bring you happiness so you don’t need to look for approval or acceptance from anyone one else I don’t need anyone’s

permission to bless you so you shouldn’t ask if you should love and serve me the

answer is always yes in me you find a love that is pure unbreakable comforting

and healing remember I’m the only one who died and came back to life for you

so you could have salvation and eternal happiness with me now tell me my beloved

to give you this Everlasting Love find your strength today stand tall and ready

because Victory is near the battle might be hard and the journey might be difficult but I’m here to help you don’t

be afraid to fight and keep going for your dreams when the world tries to stop

you when the enemy makes plans against you to knock you down stand strong like

a solid rock get rid of negative thoughts and feelings of fear that block your way don’t let anything or anyone

put out the dream dreams inside you don’t change your plans don’t give up if

I ever made you dream it was to show you that I have the power to do anything trust in me I’m right there with you

fighting for you that’s how it will always be face your responsibilities

with passion and determination strong and steady faith can make amazing things happen things

that are beyond what anyone could imagine faith Faith especially when you

obey me is so important for doing things that seem impossible your faith makes me

happy but remember there will be people who are jealous and say bad things about

you don’t worry if they call you crazy or extreme for following my teachings

keep going forward like a winner the people who say negative things will eventually give up confused ignore any

words that try to pull you away from this journey you’re so close to receiving big blessings it would be so

sad to quit now I didn’t choose you to be defeated

with me you’re meant to be a winner the sacrifice I made was for your Victory on that cross I was thinking of

you if you’re listening to me now know that I see your struggles I am your all

powerful God and I’ve chosen you to receive my favor because of your belief and

loyalty your life is a present for me never forget that I will never leave you

or desert you and Trust everything you do on this day first into my hands with

a humble and thankful heart and wherever your feet walk there you will be

blessed my presence and power will go with you and your family saving you from

dangerous enemies and fights what worries you I have already taken care of it

I listened carefully to the prayer you brought to me get rid of any thoughts of losing or

being afraid celebrate and be patient you might find it hard to wait

and stay calm at the same time but now trust in your faith find rest and peace

in me like a child trusts close those tired eyes the ones that have cried so

much and rest your head on my shoulder that catches every tear and hears every cry my child I love you so much it’s not

what I want for you to go through so much hurt I don’t want you to keep worrying I’m filling your spirit with

clear and bright water from my NeverEnding River of Love I’ve made this blessing for you and

into your heart I’ll pour this blessing that makes you new and cools you to make

your faith stronger day by day each day is a new beginning yesterday brought

hurt and tears prayers and hard times but today brings peace happiness and

calm leave your hurt in the past live one day at a time your future is safe

with me don’t worry about problems and situations that are for me to fix do

your part trust pray and have faith don’t stop living because you’re dealing

with troubles don’t hide away because others make fun of you say my name out

loud when you feel afraid the enemy of your peace PE wants to tie you up with invisible chains and make you think he’s

stronger than me no curse or magic has power over your life and lies or mean words can’t

separate you from my love I washed away your sins with My Precious Blood I saved

you from a deep hole and now I want to surround you with safety I want you to live without heavy

loads and regrets instead of sadness may your mind be filled with my Holy Spirit and a big

unbreakable Joy fill your heart No More Tears no more pain no more thoughts of

sickness unhappiness or death let’s move forward so you can receive your Victory

and accept your blessing with faith you’ve told me before that you think you don’t deserve anything but now

you must trust me and believe I bless you because I love you I don’t judge you

or punish you for you there is forgiveness understanding support and a

love that comes from God no one can beat you because I lift you up no one can

defeat you because I protect you no one can curse you because I bless you no one

can make you lose hope because you have my Holy Spirit which lifts your spirit every morning and fills you with

confidence excitement and joy if you completely trust in my love

and care if you believe with all your heart that I will always be with you

if you remember these words I am giving you today when times of sadness come if

you give everything you are your mind your soul and your heart to me the

painful moments will stop when the attacks of the world make you fall into a deep pit of discouragement and

confusion listen carefully for it is I your all powerful God the creator of the

universe your father your guide your friend the Lord of your life who reaches

out a hand to help you when you need me my beloved child I am here reaching out

to you with a love so vast and deep it’s unlike anything you’ve ever known even

when you stumble and fall unsure if you can get back up I am right beside you

ready to lift you up no matter how many times you lose your way my mercy and kindness will

always be there to guide you back home you see my love for you is endless like

an ocean without a Shore when you truly embrace my teachings and walk with me

that love will never run dry so don’t let yourself get tangled up

with those who say one thing but do another they might look shiny and perfect on the outside but their hearts

are far away from what really matters keep your eyes wide open and your feet on the right path remember when you come

to me with an open and sorry heart ready to start over I will always welcome you

with open arms my forgiveness wraps around you like a warm hug no matter

what you’ve done but I’m also strong and fair I watch over my loved ones like a mighty eagle making sure no one leads

them astray with lies and tricks so today I’m talking straight to your heart

deep down where it matters most listen up because I want you to be truly free

and whole come spend time with me each and every morning talk to me listen to

my words and trust me with your whole life and your whole family don’t let

anyone tell you that your future is hopeless or that your past mistakes are like chains you can’t break they

couldn’t be more wrong you are mine and I will stick with you through thick and

thin I see the goodness in your heart and your honest desire to keep growing and getting stronger on this journey

with me you’re not going back to your old ways or hanging out with people who pull you down instead surround yourself

with friends who cheer you on and help you stand tall I want to get to know you in a whole new way so you can feel my

love for you and your bones I’m not mad at you not one bit I just want to see

you change and Blossom into the amazing person I created you to be I’ll give you

the courage to stay calm and kind even when little things try to ruffle your

feathers as you spend more time with me you’ll transform form so much that people might do a double take when they

see you Joy will beam from your face like sunshine and fear won’t boss you around

anymore you’ll walk with purpose and speak with love your faith will be

unshakable like a Mighty Oak tree with roots that go down deep each morning when you open your

eyes my promises will be right there waiting for you you’ll hear my voice in

your heart showing you the good paths to take and keeping you safe from any danger I’ll be your Shield against those

who play tricks and try to copy you if anyone spreads lies about you I’ll put a

stop to it faster than you can blink you’ll rest easy at night knowing that

even if Trouble Is All Around you’ll have my peace health and strength wrapped around you like a cozy blanket

all I ask in return is for you to trust me with your whole heart and stick by my side I’m not trying to squash your

dreams or steal your goals I just want to be the most important thing in your life even more than your own plans when

you put your adventures in my hands you’ll be amazed at how I make every step full of blessings and happy

surprises I’ve already given you so much and I’m just getting started come close

and listen carefully so you can understand what’s true my love for you is is unbreakable

never ending always faithful and % real it’s yours to keep forever and no

one can ever snatch it away let these words soak into your mind

and fill you with peace say it out loud my God I love you I put my life and my

loyalty in your hands and I will love you with every ounce of my strength forever and

ever wow you blow me away I told you to be brave but you went

above and beyond beond you fought with all your might and proved just how loyal and faithful you can be it makes me so

happy to see that every little seed I planted in your heart has grown into something

beautiful from now on good things are headed your way you’re zooming past your wildest

dreams Unstoppable until you reach that place overflowing with blessings and

joy I know that sometimes you see things in a way that makes you

uneasy especially when others make you feel left out or not good enough even

people who say they care about you might try to bring you down by reminding you of your past mistakes but right now as

you listen to my words make the choice to stay as strong and full of Faith as you’ve been during the tough times don’t

let anyone talk you out of doing what’s right or make you doubt yourself keep your eyes on me and let my promises be

your guide you you belong to me and I will always protect you with my love if

someone tries to mess with you I’ll be right there to stop them I won’t let

anyone sneak in and steal your peace or make fun of what you believe so let go

of those negative thoughts that try to drag you down when problems pile up and you feel

exhausted or overwhelmed come to me and find rest in my presence you’ll find

comfort and hope no matter how big your trouble seem they won’t defeat you because my

love is like a shield around you remember I didn’t cause your struggles

and I don’t want you to be crushed by them right where you are I promise to rescue you with my mighty power I never

meant for you to feel lost and alone I will lift those heavy weights off your shoulders it’s not my plan for you to

live in sadness and isolation your future is bright and amazing aming but there are some who

want to ruin the good things I have in store for you in this battle the choice

is yours your faith is like a sword that can slice through any obstacle if you

listen to the negative thoughts and feelings that your enemies try to plant in your mind you might stumble but if

you let my spirit guide your life and fill your heart you will come out on top I’ve done everything I can to help you

succeed I’ve given you a fresh start and set you up for a life full of victory and blessings now it’s up to you to stay

strong just like you’ve been doing I want you to know that you’re so close to reaching New Heights in your

relationship with me where Miracles become a normal part of your day don’t slide backward after coming so

far all the tears you’ve cried and the hard work you’ve put in matters stay

focused on the incredible prize that’s waiting for you your faith and determination are like like steel they

can’t be broken keep pushing forward with courage While others give up and

complain about their lives you’re on a different path one that shines bright

with hope and happiness my spirit surrounds you and fills every room in your

home get ready because I’m about to shower you with so many blessings and Gifts your whole family will be jumping

for joy those who walked away will come back to you wanting to make things

right a season of fixing what’s broken and coming together is just around the corner don’t be scared because I am with

you every step of the way don’t get discouraged because I am your God and I

will make you strong I will help you and hold you up with my powerful

hand I have so many wonderful spiritual blessings ready to pour out on you so

that my glory can shine through your family and and spread to your friends relatives and

neighbors you will be the one to help heal the hearts of many people you know

but this amazing work starts right here right now that’s why I want you to come

to me each morning and listen to my voice think about all the Miracles I’ve already done in your life and how my

words have come true in situations that seemed hopeless I’ve been there for you every

step of the way don’t turn back now or lose the progress you’ve made from this

moment on an Avalanche of blessings is headed straight for you but I still want

to see you every single morning with a thankful heart that welcomes my words with

joy my blessings are with you surrounding you with my love filling you

with peace and holding you close I love you so much and I’m showing you that

love right here right now even when you haven’t said the words out loud I’ve heard the R of your heart

when you felt hopeless and poured out your pain to me in prayer I caught every

word and held your concerns in my hands I feel what you’re going through

and I’m listening to you even if it seems like your prayers are trapped inside your own

room I want you to know that I’m real and I’ve heard every word you’ve said I

will answer your prayers and that problem that’s been weighing on your mind it will be taken care of in a way

that works out the best for you trust me it’s as good as done so today come to me

with complete confidence I know we talked yesterday but life keeps moving and you and I are still the best of

friends never miss a chance to share your heart with me and don’t try to tell me that everything is perfect and you

don’t need me anymore or that you’ve reached all your goals and have nothing left to dream

about when times are good Don’t Drift Away From Me life is full of twists and turns and I

want your faith to be Rock Solid for the moments when you need me most I know that deep down you still love me and

even when you’re happy your heart yearns for me true Joy can only be found by

walking with me if you push me away your spirit will grow cold and empty that’s

why I keep coming back day after day knocking on the door of your heart I’ll

keep gently B in you until you realize that even if you try to run I will never

stop chasing after you my hand will hold you tight and no matter what I will love

you forever these words I’m sharing with you today come from a place of pure love

they are a gentle warning wrapped in affection let’s keep walking together you and me follow my lead look for me in

everything keep talking to me and watch as your worries melt away I will take away your anxiety if

you let me in put aside your distractions for a moment and open your heart wide to receive what I’m telling

you I am here right by your side even if those who claim to love you have left

when you face bullies and feel alone I am with you protecting you and loving you through it

all I am your father your God and your closest

friend it might be hard for you to understand how anyone could love you this much a love so big it’s beyond your

wildest dreams a kindness so real it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced you

might think you don’t deserve this kind of love because of your mistakes but please don’t be so hard on

yourself you are worthy you are precious and you are mine forever and

always my beloved child I see the Shadows that cloud your spirit and the

heaviness that burdens your heart in this moment I invite you to release the

pain and disappointment you carry within do not diminish your worth or succumb to

the darkness that threatens to engulf you instead allow my love to penetrate

the depths of your being Illuminating the path to healing and wholeness I am

here to lift the veil that obscures your vision to remove the barriers that prevent you from recognizing my presence

in your life open your heart to me and I will transform it enabling you to

embrace the truth of my unwavering devotion when the weight of the world

presses upon you and exhaustion overwhelms your soul seek Solace In My

Embrace in the sanctuary of my love you will find the peace and rest your weary

Spirit craves I yearn for your days to be filled with Divine Joy not weighed down

by sorrow and discouragement My Sacrifice on the cross and triumphant Resurrection stand as an

eternal Testament to the immensity of my love for you through this ultimate Act

of Grace I shatter the chains that hinder your growth and liberate you from

the bonds that impede your progress today those shackles that once held you

captive are forever broken as you step into the future I have prepared for you you resist the

temptation to seek validation from those who once imprisoned you the decision to

follow me and embrace my love is a choice that rests solely in your hands I

am deeply invested in your well-being Desiring nothing more than your happiness and inner

Tranquility be aware however that there are those who seek your downfall eagerly

waiting for you to stumble in the face of adversity stand firm in your fa Faith armed with courage

and confidence trust in the promise of the blessings that await you on the

horizon soon you will witness the manifestation of my goodness in your

life rather than dwelling on past mistakes or allowing them to Define you

fix your gaze upon the future I have in store when weakness and weariness

threaten to overwhelm you remember that I am your loving father ready to support

you in your time of need reach out to me and I will provide

the strength and guidance necessary to overcome any obstacle your Gentle Spirit and Noble character shine through even

in the midst of trials and tribulations your humility and gratitude are a testament to the beauty of your

soul always eager to extend compassion and lend a helping hand I recognize the

weariness that can set in as the struggles persist but your unw in faith in me brings great joy to my heart in

moments of overwhelm do not suffer in silence I love you

unconditionally accepting you just as you are when it feels as though your

efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated remember that I see the intentions of your heart and feel the

depth of your emotions this is an invitation to open up to me to pour out the anguish and

disillusionment that weighs upon you I understand that your desire to share

your burdens does not stem from a place of complaint but rather a longing for connection and

understanding in a world where loved ones are often consumed by their own struggles and feelings of isolation I am

the one constant source of love and acceptance turn to me for I am always

ready to listen revealing your authentic self to me will never result in rejection or

anger your selfless nature and capacity for love are inherent parts of who you are but as a human being your heart

yearns for the nourishment of holy affection the love and attention that others can provide will always fall

short of the profound spiritual connection your soul craves it is only in my eternal

unchanging love that you will find true fulfillment I am here steadfast and

unwavering in my devotion to you my cherish child I recognize your need for rest and

respit for your heart is full of compassion and desires to love deeply however I do not want your

vulnerability to become an opening for the adversary to exploit as my beloved child I bestow

upon you a supernatural strength banishing every trace of loneliness from

your being I envelop you in the warmth of my Divine and everlasting love

ensuring that you will never again feel isolated or alone your faith and

grateful Spirit bring me immense Delight in this moment I ask you my dear

child do you love me lift your voice in prayer once more for the sound of it is precious to

me when you call me father and express your love it touches the very depths of my

heart remember the challenging circumstances from which I rescued you how I reached out and saved you when you

were on the brink of despair it was through my grace and faithfulness that you emerged Victorious not by Your

Own Strength alone every Triumph every deliverance from harm was a testament to

my unwavering presence in your life I want you to fully comprehend and embrace

this truth only in my presence will you find the profound happiness your soul yearns for today in your posture of

gratitude and humility you hold the key to unlocking abundance

Blessings by staying close to me and seeking my guidance you will avoid the pitfalls and setbacks of the past when

the adversary exploited your weaknesses and led you into hardship I was with you then and I am

with you now as you reflect on your journey I see the depth of your gratitude and your

recognition of your need for me your yearning for my presence and your desire to seek me out

stem from the understanding in that I am the source of all blessings in your

life take a step back onto the path of Freedom the very path that led you away

from disaster and into my loving Embrace reach out and take my hand

remembering how I once delivered you from Peril and ruin with your hand in mine wrapped in the shelter of my love

and protection no harm will befall you hold fast to the truths I have spoken over you for they are your anchor in

times of uncertainty I long to hear your soft prayers and heartfelt conversations with

me the fervor in your voice and the love woven into your words bring me immense

Joy knowing that I hold the highest place in your heart fills me with

delight when I witness you turning away from Disobedience arrogance and spiritual apathy and instead feeling the

Divine warmth growing within you my heart over flows with

happiness allow yourself to be filled with my presence as you face the challenges that lie ahead for today

expect to see my wonders unfold in your life declare your belief in me and your

deep love for me in moments when sadness threatens to overwhelm you cry out to

me when fear casts a shadow over your faith call upon my

name engage in open and honest dialogue with me sharing your innermost thoughts and

concerns when you utter the words Jesus I trust in you I will come swiftly to

comfort your heart I will Infuse you with my spirit imparting strength and

reassurance of my unwavering love rest in the knowledge that your life and the

lives of your loved ones are securely held in the palm of my hand in those moments when you find

yourself facing situations that you cannot share with anyone else when

doubts Cloud your mind and you seek answers that no one else can provide turn to

me take a moment to pause and find Solace In My Embrace listening

attentively to my voice as you absorb my words I will gently guide you to a place of

Tranquility where the light of my gaze penetrates your soul and illuminates the

hidden recesses of your heart I see the burdens you carry the secrets you long

to share but find no one else trustworthy enough to confide in pour out your heart to me for I

understand you completely release all your secrets at once entrusting them to

me together we will cast them into the depths of the sea never to be remembered

again and when the weight of your struggles becomes too heavy to Bear find

rest in my arms I will take take up your battles and fight on your

behalf my desire is for our relationship to deepen with each passing day for you

to know me more intimately and to have complete confidence in my presence surrounding you and accompanying you

wherever you go I long to help you break free from the painful thoughts and memories that continue to wound you to

silence the voices of those who doubted your abilities and predicted your

failure feel the Gentle Touch of my hands upon your head and experience the

flow of my strength coursing through your being allow my voice to calm the storm

within you commanding it to be still and cease its turmoil I am bringing healing to your

mind and soul liberating you from the torment of worry fear doubt and stress I

am restoring your joy reigniting your confidence and rekindling your zest for

life I am renewing your love for your family and empowering you to embrace my

word with unwavering faith in its Pages you will discover the depths of my power

and the vastness of my affection for you for now set aside your tasks and

responsibilities and simply bask in my presence find Refuge In My Embrace for I

love you more than you can fathom your sorrow is fleeting and today marks the

end of its hold over you I will fill your being with peace and your heart with joy answering your prayers in ways

that surpass your expectations you will witness how the very things that once opposed you will work together for your

good and those who stood against you will Marvel at the manifestation of my love in your

life my presence will permeate your home and your family will stand in awe of the

miraculous works I will perform on your behalf I do all this because of my boundless love for you recognizing your

fervor the sincerity of your faith and your determination to seek me and follow my guidance even in the face of

challenges that remain unclear your unwavering belief and refusal to surrender your faith even in

the darkest of times have not gone unnoticed you have carved out a Sacred Space for me in your life and in your

home teaching your loved ones the importance of pursuing me through faith and

perseverance as you stand on the cusp of overcoming the obst obstacles that once caused you to retreat remember the

moment when you dared to believe in my love and infinite grace even in the face of fear you embraced my forgiveness and

clung to my promises and that has made all the difference from this day forward

I am removing every hindrance every adversary every sickness and every form

of evil from your path in their place I will pour out blessings upon you in abundance Shout

emping you with my favor and provision attune your heart to the sound of my voice for I am speaking directly to you

my love surrounds you and my spirit beckons you to draw near I see the courage and profound

wisdom that reside within you and I encourage you to remain steadfast in your faith casting aside any feelings of

discouragement or doubt open your eyes to the blessings I have prepared for you and extend your hands to receive them

I’m fully aware of the weariness that comes from bearing the weight of trials and tribulations the anguish of witnessing

your loved one struggle and the strain of financial burdens and emotional turmoil but I assure you the solution to

all these challenges lies within my power I am able to break the chains that bind you and alleviate the pain that

weighs heavy upon your soul you may be tempted to believe that the hardships you face are a result of my withdrawal

due to your Miss steps and poor choices but nothing could be further from the

truth I know you intimately and there is nothing you can do that would cause me

to abandon you I’m acutely aware of your every need and I understand the depths

of your worries in the midst of your struggles I am right there beside you offering my

unwavering support and comfort I am intimately acquainted with

every aspect of your life the intensity of your pain and the rivers of Tears you have

shed but through it all I have never left your side consistently extending my

love and compassion to you my child I see you I hear you I feel your pain and

I here to walk with you every step of the way guiding you towards a future filled with hope healing and Abundant

Blessings Trust in my love for it is the unshakable foundation upon which you can

build a life of purpose joy and unending peace my cherished one in the fabric of

your life I have integrated my presence into every part even when the direction

seemed uncertain and the brightness dimmed I stayed unwavering a consistent

companion on your path your pain has not gone unnoticed and today I come to remind you that hope

is not lost it is found in me your loving Creator who has known you before

the dawn of time itself your dreams desires and aspirations are etched upon

my heart I do not define you by your past mistakes or missteps for my love

transcends all my deepest longing is to restore wholeness to your being to mend

the shattered pieces and guide you towards a brighter future in me you will

discover the Wellspring of blessings and the path to true success as you navigate

the twists and turns of Life trust that I am orchestrating every step even when

you feel alone unseen or unheard know that I am always near ready to uplift

and support you my presence may not always be tangible but it is

unwavering a steadfast anchor in the storms of life to unlock the fullness of

the blessings I have in store for you it is essential to release the burdens

that weigh upon your soul negative thoughts doubts and the

Allure of sin can create barriers between you and the Abundant Life I desire for you do not allow The Whispers

of the enemy to overshadow the truth of who you are in me when the voices of the

world seek to diminish your worth remember that your identity is found in me

alone bring your worries your fears and your struggles to the foot of the cross

lay them down and Trust in my ability to transform your life in surrender you

will find the strength to rise above the challenges and step into the destiny I have crafted just for you your obedience

and courage do not go unnoticed I Delight in rewarding those who seek me wholeheartedly the blessings I have

prepared for You Are Not Mere droplets but an overflowing river of provision

and favor your dreams your heart’s desires are not too big for me to handle

trust in my intentional plan for your life knowing that no obstacle can hinder

the outpouring of my goodness the trials you have faced were not in vain they

have served as a refining fire purifying your faith and shaping you into the

person I created you to be embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth

for in them you will discover the depth of your resilience and the power of my sustaining

Grace in moments of fear or uncertainty pause and turn your gaze towards me I am

here eagerly waiting to listen to your heart’s cry and respond with love and

wisdom lean into my presence and allow my strength to infuse every fiber of

your being remember you are never alone for I

am the god who upholds you with my righteous right hand the enemy may attempt to distract

you with lies convincing you that your life lacks purpose or that your dreams are

unattainable but do not be swayed by these deceptions when you abide in me your

prayers become powerful and your desires align with my perfect

will ask boldly and Trust in my ability to bring the impossible to

life in the face of adversity let Faith be your Shield take hold of my hand and step

forward with confidence knowing that I am leading you towards a future of unimaginable

possibilities the blessings I have in store for you are not reserved for a select few but for all who seek me with

a sincere heart make prayer a constant companion on your

journey engage in continual conversation with me whether in the quiet of the

morning the busyness of the day or the Stillness of the night as you seek me wholeheartedly I

will honor your dedication and pour out my blessings upon you in abundance move forward with unwavering

conviction my beloved child trust that I will provide for your every need both physical and spiritual

you are a Priceless treasure in my eyes crafted with love and purpose my affection for you knows no bounds and my

commitment to your well being is unshakable when the storms of life rage around you and the waves of adversity

threaten to overwhelm lift your eyes to the heavens there you will find the source of your strength the same

strength that has carried countless others before you do not cower in fear

for I am your Refuge your protector and your unwavering support you are a

warrior my child equipped with the power of my holy spirit let its fire ignite

your PA passion and its wisdom guide your every decision embrace the greatness that lies within you not for

personal gain but for the impact you can have on the lives of others rise up as a

Beacon of Hope a conduit of love and healing in a world desperate for light

dream boldly and pursue those dreams with unshakable faith trust in my

perfect plan for your life knowing that I am directing your every step Embrace

gratitude as a catalyst for transformation finding joy in the simplest of moments and the most challenging of

circumstances in thankfulness you will discover a peace that surpasses all

understanding what may seem insurmountable to you is merely an opportunity for me to display my power

and Grace Embrace change for it is through change that growth and

transformation occur let your heart overflow with love extending it freely

to all those around you in loving others you will experience the depth of my own

love for you lay your burdens at my feet and Trust in my Tender

Care my plans for you are plans of Hope prosperity and

purpose greet each day with a heart filled with gratitude and the Assurance of my all-encompassing

love allow me to be your anchor in times of uncertainty and your Guiding Light in the darkest of

nights today today I declare Abundant Blessings over every area of your life

may your dreams take flight your desires find fulfillment and your unique gifts

be used for my glory Stand Tall in the face of challenges knowing that the

power of my spirit resides within you Embrace humility acknowledging that

apart from me you can do nothing let your successes be a testament to my love and grace inspiring others to seek me

draw near to me and I will draw near to you in your Solitude find comfort in my

presence in your doubts seek my guidance and in your Joys share in my

delight at every turn you will encounter my steadfast love and unwavering

commitment to your well-being my love for you is a vast ocean immeasurable and unending immerse

yourself in its depths finding peace and Security in its Embrace carry these words in your heart

allowing them to be a constant source of strength and encouragement as you navigate the Journey of

life I love you deeply my precious child today I wrap you in my arms of

Love guiding you towards a future overflowing with blessings purpose and

unshakable joy though the road ahead may be marked with challenges know that I am

with you every step of the way working all things together for your good I have

called you by name and you are mine do not let discouragement or defeat

overshadow the truth of who you are in me keep pressing forward giving your all

and trusting in my ability to ignite within you a passion for life and a determination to

persevere as you walk in obedience to my will your perspective will shift you

will experience erience A Renewed sense of strength and vitality as every lie of the enemy is consumed by the power of my

truth Stand Tall in my name knowing that Victory and blessing are your Birthright

as my beloved child like a tree planted by streams of Living Water you will Thrive and bear

fruit in every season what once seemed lost will be restored and your life and

the lives of those you hold dear will be transformed by the the Abundant Blessings I pour out upon you so rise up

my child and leave behind the chains of fear and deception that have held you captive listen to my voice and allow my

truth to set you free from Every Lie of the adversary his tactics have only served

to hinder your progress and fill you with self-doubt but today I invite you

to take my hand and step into the fullness of the life I have destined for you dream again dream big and know that

with me all things are possible your fears will dissipate in the light of my love and you will

achieve every purpose I have planted within your heart trust in my guidance and watch as

I lead you step by step into a future filled with promise and

possibility as you embark on this new chapter remember that I am your constant companion your unwavering support I will

direct your path leading you to a place of abundance where my love surrounds you

and my grace sustains you all I ask is that you trust me completely and believe

in the words I speak over your life today so take heart my precious one and

know that I am with you always allow my love to be the foundation upon which you build your life and watch as I transform

every trial into a testimony of my faithfulness you are loved beyond

measure and in me you will find the strength to soar on wings like eagles to run and not grow

weary to walk and not faint my beloved child I am here to guide you on a sacred

Journey Through the Lush Gardens of Grace keep your heart open and your spirit ready for when the appointed

moment arrives the golden gates of opportunity will swing wide prepare yourself to receive the precious gifts

and divine appointments I have in store for you as you embrace them the deepest

desire s of your heart will blossom into reality place your unwavering trust in

me and hold fast to the promises I whisper to your soul even in moments when the path ahead

seems uncertain do not allow discouragement to take root persevere

with faith knowing that I am with you in every step in every

breath though the world around you may fall silent I am always at work remember

my timing is perfect and precise orchestrated with a love that knows no

bounds when the tempter comes to seow seeds of Doubt stand firm in the truth

of who you are my beloved Son my cherished daughter I have created you in

my image endowed with the power to overcome every obstacle and emerge

Victorious do not be swayed by the fleeting Allure of Earthly Treasures for

they will fade like Mist in the morning sun set your heart on the Eternal riches

found in my unchanging word and in the lives of those who walk in obedience to

my will as trials and challenges arise do not shrink back in fear face them with

courage knowing that each struggle is an invitation to grow stronger to rise

higher I have placed within you a resilient Spirit a heart that beats in

rhythm with mine lean into my strength and I will Empower you with the wisdom

and fortitude to navigate every storm when the weight of worry threatens to overwhelm you hand those burdens to me I

am your everpresent help your unshakable refuge in The Quiet Moments tune your

heart to The Whispers of my spirit for I am speaking words of life and peace over you though the future may seem uncertain

rest assured that I hold every moment in My Loving Hands doubt may come like a

thief in the night seeking to steal your joy and sever your connection to me but

I remind you today that you are mine Chosen and cherished before the foundation of the world the pain you

experience now is but a stepping stone to the Glorious victory that awaits you

press into my presence in the early hours pouring out your heart before me I

see every tear every longing and I am moved with compassion for you as you

walk with me I will lead you beside Still Waters restoring your soul my love

will chase away every fear and my Grace will be your constant companion I will lead you into the spacious places of

abundance and purpose where every dream planted in your heart will come to

fruition remember my child that I am the god who hears your every

prayer I am intimately acquainted with your Joys and your Sorrows your triumphs

and your struggles when you cry out to me I answer with a love that knows no bounds I am here to

Breathe new life into your weary soul to mend every broken place and make you

whole as you navigate the twists and turns of this Earthly Journey Keep Your

Eyes fixed on me I am your true north your Guiding Light No matter how Fierce

the storms may rage my peace will be your anchor I will shield you from harm and silence every voice that seeks to

diminish your worth hold fast to the promises I have spoken over you for they

are your heritage and your hope when you feel weak lean into my strength when you

face the unknown trust in my faithfulness I will never leave you nor

forsake you and I will move Heaven and Earth to fulfill my good purposes in your life so take heart my precious one

though the path may be Steep and the journey long I am with you every step of the way I

will lead you into a spacious place a land flowing with the milk and honey of my goodness keep your heart open and

expectant ready to receive the Bountiful blessings I have in store for you in the

face of adversity do not be dismayed I have equipped you with a spirit of resilience and the armor of

righteousness you are more than a conqueror through my love that surpasses all understanding when the enemy

Whispers lies lift your voice in Praise declaring the truth of who you are in me

I have seen your faithfulness in the secret place the way you have sought me in the quiet hours your prayers are

precious to me and I am working behind the scenes to bring forth the Harvest of joy and

restoration as you surrender your fears and uncertainties into my capable hands

I will fill you with a peace that transcends circumstance my love will be your Refuge my strength your portion I

will direct your steps along the path of purpose and Destiny remember my child that I am the

god of the impossible no dream is too big no mountain too high for me to move

on your behalf I Delight in doing immeasurably more than you could ask or

imagine according to my power at work within you so lift your eyes to the

hills for your help comes from me the maker of heaven and Earth as you walk in

obedience to my word I will open doors that no one can shut I will make a way

where there seems to be no way parting the Seas of impossibility before you my

favor will surround you like a shield and my grace will Empower you to accomplish great things in my name when

the storms of life rage remember that I am your anchor I will be your shelter in the time of trouble your strong tower

against the eny enemy I will fight for you defending you from every attack and silencing every

accusation you are safe in the shadow of my wings covered by my unfailing love as

you press into my presence I will reveal the Hidden Treasures of my wisdom I will

give you eyes to see beyond the temporal and ears to hear The Whispers of my

spirit my word will be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path guiding

you into the the fullness of life that I have designed for you so take courage my beloved though

the journey may be marked by valleys and mountains I am with you in every high and low I will use every trial to refine

you like gold shaping you into a vessel of Honor for my glory trust in my

goodness for I am working all things together for your ultimate good as you fix your eyes on me I will

fill you with a hope that does not disappoint my love will cast out every fear and my joy will be your strength I

will lead you beside Quiet Waters restoring your soul and renewing your passion for life in my presence you will

find the peace that surpasses all understanding remember my child that you are never

alone when you feel weak lean into my strength when you face the unknown trust in my

faithfulness I will be your rock your Fortress and your deliverance leading you into the spacious place of

my Abundant Blessings so take hold of the promises I have spoken over you for they are your

inheritance and your hope declare them over your life speaking life and Truth into every

situation as you align your heart with mine I will bring forth a harvest of righteousness and peace in your life

keep your heart open and expectant ready to receive the good gifts I have prepared for you I will surprise you

with moments of joy and grace reminding you of my constant presence and

unfailing love trust in my timing for I am orchestrating every detail of your life

according to my perfect plan as you walk in step with my spirit I will Empower you to be a light in the

darkness a Beacon of Hope to those around you your life will be a testament to my goodness a living Epistle of my

love and grace so take heart my beloved child you are chosen cherished and

deeply loved I am always guiding you protecting you and leading you into the

fullness of life that I have ordained for you rest in my love trust in my

faithfulness and watch as I unfold the beautiful story of your life one chapter

at a time remember my precious one that nothing can separate you from my love

no trial no Struggle No enemy can snatch you from my hand I will be your strength

and weakness your peace in the storm and your joy in the journey Lean Into My

Embrace and allow my love to heal every wound and restore every broken

place as you fix your eyes on the Eternal the temporary Troubles of this world will fade in

comparison I am preparing a place for you a home where every tear will be wiped away and every longing

satisfied until then I will walk beside you leading you in Paths of

righteousness for my name’s sake so take courage my child you are never alone

never forgotten never forsaken trust in my love rest in my grace and watch as I

bring forth Beauty From the Ashes of your life keep your heart open to my Whispers your eyes fixed on my promises

and your steps aligned with my word I provide for you and Empower you to live

a life of abundance and purpose you are loved with an everlasting love and my goodness and mercy will follow you all

the days of your life so take hold of the hope that I have placed within you the assurance that I am working all

things together for your good embrace the journey knowing that

every step is ordered by my loving hand I will lead you into the place of my

blessings wherever dream will come to life and every promise will find its

fulfillment remember my precious child that you are forever mine my love for you knows no bounds and

my grace is sufficient for every need rest in my presence and Trust in my

faithfulness lean into my strength rest in my love and Trust in my perfect plan

I will guide you guard you and lead you into the Abundant Life that I have prepared for you you are cherished

Chosen and deeply loved now and forever more

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