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world God said my dear son it is with

Indescribable joy that I address you in

this moment of communion With Every Beat

of your heart with Every Breath You Take

I feel your presence and rejoice in The

Wonder of your existence as your

heavenly father the love I feel for you

transcends all boundaries and limits it

is a love that Embraces all creation

since the moment you came into this

world I have accompanied every step of

your journey with unwavering love as

your heavenly father I have witnessed

every moment of your life from your

first uncertain steps to your most

glorious triumphs I watch over you with

eyes full of tenderness seeing not only

your Triumph s and challenges but also

the Divine Essence within you that

shines even in the darkest hours I

remember when you were conceived every

detail carefully planned by my infinite

love since then I have been by your side

guiding and protecting you every step of

the way when you stumbled and fell I

reached out my hand to lift you up when

you cried I wiped away your tears with

my love and when you smiled my heart

overflowed with joy as it is written in


I have loved you with an

everlasting love therefore I have

continued to extend faithful love to you

these words resonate deeply Within Me

reflecting the nature of my love for you

it is an eternal and unconditional love

that transcends all barriers and

challenges you may face in life even in

the darkest moments when you feel alone

and helpless I want you to know that I

am always with you I will never leave

you nor forsake you my love for you is

eternal and unchanging and nothing in

this world can separate you from it

sometimes I know life can feel

overwhelming you may feel lost or

confused unsure of which way to turn but

I want you to know that you have a safe

refuge in my love you can always turn to

me for comfort guidance and strength I

am here to listen to you to guide you

and to help you find your way back home

no matter how far you may have wandered

or how dark the path ahead may seem

always remember that my light is shining

for you just open your heart and allow

my light to guide you back home as it is

written in Psalms

your word is a lamp to my feet and a

light to my path I want you to know that

you are precious and loved beyond

measure no matter who you are are or

what you have done my love for you will

never diminish it is a love that

transcends all limits and understands

all flaws it is a love that accepts you

exactly as you are without judgment or

condemnation as you Journey Through This

Thing Called Life I ask you to continue

to trust in me and my plan for you trust

that every challenge you face is an

opportunity to grow and evolve trust

that I am always with you even in the

toughest times times and above all trust

in the power of my love to sustain you

and guide you in every moment may these

words remind you of the Eternal and

unconditional love I have for you may

they strengthen you in times of doubt

and guide you in moments of Darkness

always remember that you are loved

valued and worthy of all the good this

world has to offer you are a

manifestation of my love a unique

expression of my light in this world

every fiber of your being is woven with

the sacred purpose that only you can

fulfill in every experience in every

encounter you are aligned with the flow

of the universe dancing the dance of

life with grace and beauty as you face

the challenges that cross your path

never forget that you are accompanied by

my loving presence with every obstacle

with every difficulty I am by your side

holding you with invisible hands guiding

you with wisdom and love the challenges

you face are opportunities to grow and

expand your Consciousness each obstacle

is an invitation to discover Your Inner

Strength your resilience your ability to

overcome adversity with Grace and

determination do not fear the moments of

Darkness for it is in darkness that the

light shines most brightly when you feel

lost when uncertainty grips your heart

remember that my light is always with

you waiting to illuminate your path back

home you are the master of your destiny

the architect of your own reality with

the gift of free will you have the power

to shape your destiny with every choice

you make may this responsibility inspire

you to act with wisdom to follow the

path of love and truth in all your

actions when you feel lost when the

voices of the world try to divert you

from your purpose listen to the voice of

your your heart the voice of my inner

wisdom that guides you home trust your

intuition your connection to the Divine

and you will always know the way forward

never doubt The Power of Love Love is

the most powerful force in the universe

the glue that binds all creation

together by cultivating love in all its

forms love for yourself love for others

love for life itself you become a beacon

of light in this world rad ating love

and compassion to all who surround you

it is important that you understand the

magnificence of your own existence you

are a masterpiece in constant Evolution

a Divine expression in progress do not

judge yourself harshly for your mistakes

and failures for they are what teach you

shape you and bring you closer to your

true Essence in every challenge in every

moment of difficulty I am with you

enveloping you with my unconditional

love give thanks for every blessing you

receive for every moment of joy and

happiness that fills your heart

gratitude is a powerful tool that

connects you with the abundance of my

grace when you acknowledge my blessings

you open the doors for my light to flow

freely into your life there will be

moments when you feel my presence

distant when the veil of Illusion seems

to obscure my light in those times close

your eyes and dive into the Silence of

your heart there you will find my

presence patiently awaiting your return

eagerly anticipating your warm embrace

that welcomes me back into your being

never doubt my love for you my dear

child it is a love that transcends the

limits of time and space a love that

sustains you strengthens you guides you

in every step of your journey let these

words remind you of your Divinity of

your Eternal connection to the the

sacred you are my beloved child a spark

of light in a world of Shadows a

reflection of my own Glory trust

yourself trust your journey and you will

always know that you are loved beyond

words with love God hope this message

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