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said my dear son may the Abundant peace

and Grace of the Lord be richly present

with you in this unique and sacred

moment as I Turn to You My Heart is

filled with deep love and sincere

gratitude for your existence for your

diligence in seeking me and for your

generous willingness to surrender to my

sovereign will as your heavenly father I

desire to share with you words that not

only bring encouragement but also offer

comfort and a love that transcends

understanding gently guiding you through

the countless promises meticulously

engraved in my heart and revealed in the

inspired holy scriptures which you

mentioned in your prayer from the

sublime moment when I was shaping every

part of your being in your mother’s womb

my knowledge of you was profound and

intimate Your Existence is a poetry that

Echoes the love I emanate and the

sovereignty I exercise I thank you

deeply for lifting your voice in prayer

for seeking my presence with sincere

devotion and for recognizing the

importance of communion between us

father and child at every moment I am

ready to listen and respond to the cries

of my beloved child

by quoting the inspiring passages of

Psalm you revealed a deep

understanding of my faithfulness

protection and constant presence that

permeate your journey I want you to

understand that these words are not just

common promises they are Eternal

commitments of my love for you

meditating on these truths not only

strengthens your relationship with me

but is also a testimony that fills my

heart with joy throughout these words I

clearly perceive your sincere quest for

protection guidance and refuge in me

allow me at this moment to delve deeper

into each of these aspirations revealing

to you the vastness of my love and care

dedicated to you my precious child when

you choose to take refuge in my presence

I become your Shield as you wisely

mentioned Psalm proclaims that I am

not only a shield but also your glory

and the lifter of your head it is

essential to understand that my

protection is not limited to the

physical it encompasses fully every

sphere of your existence I envelop you

as an impenetrable shield guarding you

from the evils that try to reach you in

every battle you face I am by your side

fighting with you ensuring that Victory

is not just a possibility but an

unshakable certainty by consecrating

your dwelling in my name opening the

doors for my angels to surround your

home you are indeed extending a warm

invitation for my presence to dwell with

you if you allow me to be the solid and

unshakable Foundation of your Earthly

existence you will undoubtedly

experience a peace that surpasses any

human understanding remember the wise

words of Psalm verse where it is

declared the Lord is my rock my Fortress

and my deliver deliver my God Is My Rock

in whom I take refuge in me you will

find a security that transcends Earthly

limits providing an environment of

protection and unparalleled stability

when seeking guidance for your mind rest

assured that you can place complete

trust in me to guide each of your

thoughts I encourage you to immerse

yourself in my word for it is the light

that illuminates your path the wisdom

you earnestly desire resides in me and

if you seek you will find if you allow

me to be the constant guide of your

steps I commit to guiding every choice

every decision and every Journey

throughout your life trust in me for as

a loving father I only desire the best

for you as you cry out for Refuge under

the wings of my love understand that you

are more than a servant you are my

beloved child Psalm

to is a powerful Declaration of

my commitment to you because he loves me

I will rescue him I will protect him for

he acknowledges my name he will call on

me and I will answer him I will be with

him in trouble I will deliver him and

honor him with long life I will satisfy

him and show him my salvation one who

takes refuge in me finds not only a

hiding place but indeed an Embrace that

Comforts restores and strengthens in

every aspect of your life by anointing

your home with the presence of the Holy

Spirit you are dedicating every corner

to my Holiness allow my spirit to

permeate every room bringing an

atmosphere of Peace joy and love

understand that even in challenging

moments your home will become a Haven of

Serenity and worship grant me the

centrality in your family and you will

witness a communion that transcends


circumstances when you cry out for

deliverance in the face of tribulations

remember the wise words of Deuteronomy

be strong and courageous do not be

afraid or terrified because of them for

the Lord your God goes with you he will

never leave you nor forsake you your

strength and courage come from me in the

midst of tribulations I am by your side

holding your hand and guiding you

through the storms as for your pursuit

of a fulfilling life meditate on the

inspiring words of Psalm

with long life I will satisfy him

and show him my salvation in me you will

find not only satisfaction but also

purpose my desire is not only to free

you from tribulations but to lead you to

an Abundant Life filled with my grace

mercy and blessings dear child as you

absorb these words allow yourself to

feel the magnitude of my love for you

your quest for me resonates like an echo

of my voice calling you into a deeper

relationship in every season of life I

am by your side guiding you protecting

you and loving you

unconditionally imagine your home as an

altar where the presence of the holy

spirit is poured out enveloping every

wall piece of furniture and detail with

Divine Light as you allow my presence to

establish itself you will see

transformation occur family bonds will

strengthen worries will dissipate and

peace will become the guardian of your

home however understand that this

journey is not without challenges when

life presents its tribulations turn to

the truth that you are strong and

courageous for I the Lord am with you

the words of Deuteronomy remain a shield

against fear a promise that I will never

leave you nor forsake you beloved child

as you internalize these words let the

certainty of my love envelop you your

pursuit of me is a response to my call

for a deeper relationship in every phase

of your life I am present guiding you

protecting you and loving you

unconditionally may this journey of

faith and communion with you be a

constant source of joy and strength

strength for your entire family with

love God hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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