In This Moment Lord speaks unto you my

beloved child you are a Survivor and

most human beings don’t know what you

have long gone through very few know but

I continue to pick you up each time you

fall I have no way failed you and I will

not fail you understand you do not even

look like what you have been through and

the good news is I’m now not through

with you but I’m about to bless you saw

a whole lot it’ll blow the minds of

folks who wrote you off in the Bible

verses Isaiah – always says for to us

a toddler is born to us a son is given

and the government could be on his

shoulders and he will be known as

wonderful counselor Mighty God

Everlasting father Prince of Peace like

the video if you have faith Supreme

Lord My Sweet Child I understand that

you feel sad guilty or indignant about a

number of the matters which you have

carried out or now not done for your

life you can also wish that you may pass

back and trade them you might imagine

which you have wasted your time your

possibilities or your ability you can

also blame yourself or others to your

scenario but I want to guarantee you

that I actually have a plan and a cause

on your life I actually have created you

for a cause and a season you have a

unique function and a special Challenge

and my state you have a future and a

hope that I actually have prepared for

you I additionally want to assure you

that I actually have the

electricity and the desire to help you I

am the god who redeems I can flip your

ashes into Splendor your mourning into

pleasure your weak spot into

strength I can use your trials on your

precise your ache for your boom your

scars for your testimony I can restore

what become misplaced heal what changed

into damaged and create what turned into

now not all you want to do is to

consider me and to comply with me trust

me that I could make all things work

together in your desirable and that I

will in no way let you down follow me

with the aid of repenting of your sins

forgiving yourself and others getting to

know out of your reviews and shifting

ahead with brave Gess and

confidence Lord claims write y yes if

you want to follow my will daily

affirmation I am always seeking out and

locating New Opportunities I am

Innovative and creative which lets in me

to fend specific answers unseen by using

others my capability is unrivaled once I

really observe myself to something when

I turn out to be obsessed on something

my achievement is

inevitable cling to me beloved for my

proper hand support you when you keep on

to me in childlike dependence you are

demonstrating your dedication to me I

use difficult instances to refine your

religion and show that it is

genuine as you dangle to me in the midst

of adversity your faith grows stronger

and you’re comforted having continued

various trials you Advantage self

assurance that you could cope with

Destiny hardships with my help you

comprehend more and more that I will

always be available to help you in the

middle of the night or inside the midst

of hard instances don’t forget that my

right hand support you this hand that

holds you up as powerful and righteous

there’s no limit to how plenty assist it

is able to offer so while you’re feeling

beaten don’t give up instead appearance

to me and my strength be confident that

my effective hand is likewise righteous

what it gives is ideal do now not fear

for I will improve you and assist you I

will uphold you with my righteous right

hand Proclaim my salvation each day you

want to bear in mind the reality of the

Gospel each single day by Grace you have

got been stored via faith and this isn’t

always your own doing it is a gift now

not to end result of works this reality

may be very

countercultural the world tell knows you

that you have to work at being properly

sufficient your very own Fallen mind and

coronary heart will accept as true with

these messages unless you’re Vigilant

that’s why scripture warns you to be

alert the devil is the accuser of my

followers his accusations discourage and

defeat many Christians so remind

yourself of gospel truth frequently the

first class response to the wonderful

present of Grace is a thankful heart

that Delights in doing my will it is

vital to proclaim the gospel no longer

only to yourself but to the world

declare my glory to the international

locations seek to proportion this True

News both near to circle of relatives

Pals co-workers and a ways to the

Nations all peoples want to recognize

the truth about me let your thankfulness

motivate you energize you and fill you


joy type I love dearly you

father the scripture always says if you

are going to pursue greatness in case

you’re going to be a super business

person a brilliant instructor

outstanding discern a topnotch leader

you have to rec recognize that no longer

everybody goes to cheer you

on I’d love to tell you that your family

friends and co-employees will have a

good time you but it truly is no longer

always the case some people genuinely

cannot take care of your fulfillment as

you grow and boom as God pours out his

prefer on you a person will get

jealous someone will begin finding fault

don’t be amazed if a relative attempts

to belittle or discredit you you can’t

be aware of making all people around you

glad or you may begin changing and lose

sight of what God has located in your


heart remember your destiny is to

awesome to be distracted by way of folks

who are never going to confirm you won’t

take it in my view it’s no longer

approximately you it’s their problem

Shake It Off run your race and be high


anyway having greatness inside the midst

of criticism starts off evolve with

forgiveness don’t hold the gudge bless

folks that curse you pray for

individuals who spitefully use you as

you keep doing what’s proper God will

honor you he’ll sell you and you’ll be

Splendid inside the midst of

complaint type our man if you believe in

Lord God is saying I know it’s hard the

demanding situations you have been going

through were overwhelming I’m with you

through it all I’ve heard your prayer

I’m running to your behalf I’m

continually to your Nook you should

accept AP is true with me even when you

do not apprehend what I am doing my ways

are higher than your methods just to

accept is true with that everyone

matters are operating collectively in

your right your faithfulness in me and

the manner I pick out too get it done

will be rewarded live a life of faith.

trust me I got you don’t surrender don’t

lose Lo hope you’re so close to your

Leap Forward I heard your prayer my

angels have been set to help you healing

is coming your way monetary assistance

is coming your manner new opportunities

are coming your manner your season of

lack has ended your season of abundance

and overflow has all started be

advocated today

type thank you Lord if you believe in

Christianity to them God has selected to

make known the various Gentiles the

wonderful Riches of this thriller that

is Christ in you the wish of Glory


dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together heavenly father thank

you for maintaining us this year thank

you with your have fed us clothed us and

giving us refuge for our

households today we commit human beings

without households and houses for your

care no rely where there we pray which

you provide them houses provide them

with an area to put their heads find

safe haven for them and their families

today we don’t forget in

prayer those dozing on sidewalks beneath

Bridges and abandoned buildings they are

your children additionally please Supply

them from those hardships open new doors

for them let their children develop up

to your loving care and safe

haven remove them from the dangers

accessible save them from the snares of

the cold comfort and cowl them along

with your Divine blanket guard them with

your holy angels protect them from

diseases available and be their safe

haven in Jesus call

amen We Appreciate You viewing our

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