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God is telling to you right now my dear

child get geared up to Upward post when

that storm over you are no longer going

to be defeated you’re going to Upward

push up healthy blessed and sturdy

you’re now not going to appear like what

you have got been

through nobody goes for you to inform

what you went through a problem what I

love approximately God he does not just

bring you through the typhoon he makes

the enemy pay for bringing the problem

in the Bible verses Isaiah who to

always says when you bypass via the

waters I can be with you and while you

skip through the rivers they’ll no

longer sweep over you like this video if

you have unwavering faith in the Lord my

darling kids I am continually watching

over you even whilst you sense afraid

and vulnerable I recognize your concerns

and your troubles and I want to Shield

you from harm and risk for your day


Lifestyles you aren’t uncovered to the

evil of the Arena however to my grace

and mercy which might be enough for you

I actually have heard your prayer for

divine safety and I am granting it I am

surrounding you with my angels who will

guard you in all of your approaches I am

supplying you with the protective

religion the helmet of salvation and the

sword of the spirit that are the guns of


struggle I am additionally supplying you

with the peace that surpasses all

information on the way to Shield your

heart and thought thoughts you are safe

and stable in my fingers my child but

you furthermore may have to do your part

my infant you must be alert and Vigilant

and face up to the devil and his schemes

you should obey my commands and follow

my w and no longer stray from the course

that I actually have set for you you

must agree with me and accept as true

with my promises and not be afraid of

whatever you need to keep in mind that

you are my toddler and that I love you

extra than

anything Lord says type yes if you want

to experience my presence it is written

my child I am with you watching over you

constantly I Am Em god with you my

presence enfolds you in radiant love

nothing such as the bright blessings and

the darkest trials can separate you from

me some of my children locate me more

examination in the course of dark times

our problems pressure them to rely upon

me others sense toward me are their

lives air filled with proper matters

they respond with Thanksgiving and

praise consequently stanging extend Ive

the door to my

presence I understand precisely what you

want to draw nearer to me go through

every day seeking out what I actually

have prepared for you accept each

occasion as my hand tailored provision

to your

Neds when you view your Lifestyles this

manner the most reasonable reaction is

to be thankful do not reject any of my

gifts Loc ate me in every state of

affairs Come Away with me for a while

the international with its non-stop

demands may be put on hold most humans

position May on maintain rationalizing

that at some point they’ll discover time

to Consciousness on me but the longer

human beings push me into the heritage

of their lives the tougher it is for

them to locate me you stay among folks

that glorify business they have got made

time a tyrant that controls their

lives even folks who understand me as

Savior tend to March to the tempo of the

sector they have sold into the fantasm

that extra is usually better extra

meetings more applications greater hobby

I even have referred to as you to

observe me on a solitary route making

Time by myself with me your highest

precedence and innermost Joy it is a

pathway in large part appreciated and


despised however you have selected the

higher thing in order to in no way be

taken far away from you moreover as you

stroll near me I can bless others via


type PS if you trust almighty God do not

let any set of occasions intimidate you

the more difficult your day the extra of

my power eye location at your disposal

you appear to suppose that I Empower you

similarly each day but this isn’t always

so your tendency upon Awakening is to

evaluate the difficulties before

forehand of you measuring them against

your average energy this is an exercise

in unreality I recognize what each of

your days will include and I Empower you

as a

result the degree to which I fortify you

on a given day is based totally

specially on variables the difficulty of

your instances and your willingness to

depend on for help try to view difficult

days as possibilities to acquire more of

my power than normal look to me for all

that you need and watch you look what I

will do as your day so shall your power

be typ PS and forward this video to

even people who believe in the Lord if

you’re ready God is saying every tear

you cried this this year watered next

year’s Harvest none of your ache

conflict sacrifice or heartache has

being wasted the intensity of the trial

turned into necessary for the magnitude

of your breakthrough you now have that

tractor to sustain you to your newsis

trust you had been through plenty this

year I recognize there are loads of

things for your mind on the moment your

own family your peace your finances and

your service you experience like you are

carrying the weight of the Arena to your

shoulders always bear in mind that you

are by no means by myself lay all of

your issues with me via prayer I will

make a manner for you Heavens sources

are in the back of you don’t worry I

have your returned type if you

trust God listen carefully someone

wishes to recognize that it would not

get simpler to AOW Cross of what you

love if you want to lay a Preserve of

what God has for you inside the next

season we regularly assume that paying

the prices at once and completed Factor

while it’s in real daily issue it’s not

not usually smooth to Yes to Jesus wow

those you like are saying no or no

longer but it’s hard to circulate on

from something that brings you high

quality Pride Joy consolation and safety

to comply with Jesus into the

unknown the assignment is to remain

obedient to the decision of God when it

feels just like the preliminary quick

term Val value some distance outweighs

the blessings if you look around and

examine your journey with a person

else’s you may probably get

frustrated if you evaluate your cost

with someone else’s you’ll in all

likelihood end up envious you ought to

fix your eyes on Jesus you have to

decide he by myself is worthy you have

to mention yes and now not second bet

yourself you cannot get to where he’s

taking you if you don’t cross put amen

here if you accept the blessings of God

and my God will meet all of your needs

consistent with the riches of his glory

incist Jesus Philippians

dear listeners let’s join our prayers

together and speak almighty God thank

you for grow growing me thank you for

preserving me and my circle of relatives

until this time I pray on your safety

towards spiritual and physical

enemies I pray for the energy to

withstand the devil’s assaults help me

placed on your complete armor and your

breastplate of righteousness protect me

once I sleep and when I awake please do

away with all the traps which have been

set for me that all cannot

see please guard me from the eyes and

snare soft the evil one order my steps

for me so I Dono not walk inside the

organization of thwi protect my circle

of relatives from many worldly cultures

with the intention to bring about them

dropping their

souls protect us from all evil attention

from strangers and from those clo to us

block anyone with terrific intentions

from getting into our lives be a shining

mild unto our toast so we may not stroll

in THS or slippery

slopes protect us from all evil such as

the ones we convey upon ourselves let us

no longer wander far from your safety

come what may additionally give us the

power to walk with you guide us from

Dawn until

Nightfall watch over us in the whole

thing we do be our associate anywhere we

pass thank you for spoke back prayer


amen we are grateful that you continue

to view our videos I hope the message

you received has given to Hope and

improved your spirits please click the

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