🔴SKIP ME NOW AND THEN YOU WILL BE FOREVER WITHOUT ME । God message for you #god #godmessage #jesus

God is saying to you today

oh Divine Creator may your soft hands

reach out and cares the body of whoever

reads these words

bringing out a recovery of health and an

immense peace to their existence

revealing the keys to open new doors of

opportunity and unlocking the

possibilities of their financial future

One Touch at a time

watch the entire video to reduce the

chance of losing your special someone

God wants you to say this things



I am constantly attracting wealth and

success into my life . I exude positive

energy and I am at peace with myself and

the world around me

. I am grateful for the energy I feel

because my body is solid and fit


I am worthy of all the good that enters

my life

and I welcome it with open arms


I am open to receive the benefits of the


and I trust it to Lead Me in the

direction of my highest good

. I let go of all negative feelings and

thoughts and I embrace joy and happiness

if you love Jesus Christ share this

video with five people right now

it’s a force that drives you ahead and

gives you the ability to overcome any

obstacle in your way

therefore speak with conviction and have

trust in your heart

for it is through faith that you may

access the Miracles that are waiting for


God is saying to you today

so set aside your concerns and have

trust in me I have got a genuinely

outstanding results for you

you should feel the excitement again


since I am about to provide a happy

ending that will completely change your


type thank you God if you believe

God claims he is dead and now that your

competitor has been eliminated

you may stop praying because your

petitions are being heard

it is going fantastic

stop the anguish sorrow and stagnation

it is no longer there because the

individual who was responsible for all

those events in your life is no longer

able to do those wrongdoings

by the power of the name of Jesus that

foe has been destroyed

by the conclusion of this month you will

be sleeping in your new home with your

soul mate receiving funds into your bank

account and living on the new house

your life is now undergoing significant

improvements as the Lord

your God works to fulfill your desires

and build amazing memories with the

people you cherish

the benefits that are in store for you

in the years to come will make you smile


and whatever it was that caused you to

cry in the past is nothing in comparison

to them

according to God’s intentions there is

something more fulfilled and wonderful

in store for you

type amen if you believe I will

accomplish the seemingly

insurmountable for you the Lord has

promised get ready for the miracle that

is coming in your way

as well as for your blessings

instead of working for the good of other

people work for the good of God your

greatest strength should come from God

not from your job

God states that as long as you have

faith in me and put your best effort

forward you don’t need to worry about

the next phase of your life

I’ll strong

I’ll surround you with friends and

allies who will help you along the way I

have been watching you and will keep

watching you in the future

your good fortune continues today there

is no chance that this was a coincidence

your life is going to improve and you

will soon receive an endless number of


type I mean if you believe in God


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