God wants you to remember one he will

make a way for you two he is fighting

your battles three prayer is the best

medicine four trust in his timing you

have a new morning a new day and a new

week provided by God don’t waste it un

chasing after this world the devil

wouldn’t be attacking you so hard if

there wasn’t something holy inside you

thieves don’t break into empty houses de

dear Lord I’m exhausted between my job

my family struggles politics World

unrest everything I am just so very

tired but I know that Isaiah says

that you will strengthen me and I

believe it I come to you today asking

for that strength in jesus’ name amen I

don’t wish I don’t have a genie I have a

God we need to stop arguing about the

rapture Bible translations spiritual

gifts in the shape of the earth and just

go tell somebody about Jesus thank you

for waking me up today thank you for my

blessings thank you for my family thank

you for my opportunities thank you for

my lessons thank you for my growth thank

you for my protection thank you for my

future thank you for my salvation if you

really want to be like Jesus be the one

that stays when everyone else walks away

I always thought that love was shaped

like a but it’s really shaped like a one

day soon U LL wake up in the wait of the

last few weeks or months will be lifted

off your shoulders you don’t know when

that day will come only God does all you

can do is trust him and have faith it is

coming he will lead you out of this

season he always does churches are great

for prayer but so are cars and offices

and back patios and long walks and

bedrooms and kitchen tables sometimes

God disrupts your entire life just to

talk to you dear Lord I trust you I will

not overthink I will not worry I will

not stress out I will rest in you today

in Jesus name amen four things to do

today one give your anxieties to God

Peter pray about it Philippians

rely on God’s strength Isaiah

for trust God’s wisdom not yours

Proverbs when the Bible says do not

lean on your own understanding the Bible

is being serious your heart is deceitful

your emotions fluctuate and your

understanding does not see the overall

big picture God never lies God never

changes and God knows all trust him God

is still in the miracle bu business keep

cring so dear Lord ASL lay down tonight

I am vended of how blessed am thank you

for wife fiend yam AMD my LF amen

nowhere in the Bible does it say worry

about it stress over it or lose sleep

because of it but it does tell us too

trust in God’s plan over and over again

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