?My Child I’m So Glad You Saw This…

Lord wants to talk to you

today my beloved ones when your religion

is shaken when others harm or abandon

you when you cannot see the manner when

you need to offer into the easier course

of temptation all around you when you

feel lost and on my own hand feels like

it will never get better hold on to Hope

always consider you have a promise I am

with you I am constantly for you and

could never go away you I am sufficient

for anything you are going

through sometimes you just must launch

your fears expectancies and hurts to the

one who knows higher the one who sees

past all of it that one as I am cast all

of your tension fear in fact the

entirety on me due to the fact that I

cares for you the identical god of the

Bible continues to be alive and shifting

today that continues to be I am I

recognize why you have query on occasion

whether or not I will come through for

you or now not LT is good enough my

grace is sufficient on your doubts I

will come through for you like this

video If You Believe In Lord and

wavering in the Bible vce Revelation to

always says do not be afraid of what

you’re about to go through be faithful

even to the point of loss of life and I

will come up with Lifestyles as your


Crown little kids I recognize that a

existence may be challenging at times

and it is simple to sense missplay stand

no overwhelmed but I want you to take

comfort inside the truth which you are

by no means alone I am usually with you

watching over you and guiding you toward

a better future I want you to trust in

me and trust that I will guard you from

damage and Lead You towards achievement

whether it is on your nonpublic or

professional life I might be there to

provide provide you with the guidance

and help that you need I need you to

understand that I am no longer handiest

right here to defend you however also to

help you develop and develop as an

individual I need to PE you thrive and

attain your full

potential so do no longer be afraid to

take dangers and pursue your goals I

will be there to make manual you every

step of the way remember my baby that I

am always here for you whenever you

sense misplaced or uncertain just call

out to me and I will be there to guide

you in the direction of the proper

direction may my benefits be with you

constantly and may you discover peace

and happiness no aspects of your life

God declar ERS please type on man if you

accept my grace airm L clever and clever

I am mastering from my mistakes and

developing into the person that I have

constantly dreamed I may be I realize my

failures and modify my moves moving

forward I be given that the simplest

manner to study and to grow is to make

mistakes I’m open-minded and excited to

keep to evolve as

someone my kids understanding will by no

means convey you peace that’s why I have

informed you to believe in me no longer

in your information human beings have a

voracious urge for food for trying to

parent matters out to be able to benefit

experience of Mastery over their lives

but the world presents you with an

endless series of troubles as quickly as

you master one set some other pops as

much as Mission you the remedy you had

predicted is brief lived soon your mind

is gearing up again trying tofen

expertise Mastery in place of searching

for me your

master the wisest of all guys Solomon

should never suppose his way through

through to peace his great understand

resulted in emotions of futility in

preference to in satisfying finally he

lost his way and succumbed to the will

of his wives through worshiping Idols my

peace isn’t an elusive purpose hidden at

center of a few complicated ma actually

you’re constantly enveloped in peace

that’s inherent in my presence as you

look to me you benefit cognizance of

this treasured

peace seek my face and you’ll find no

longer best my presence but additionally

my peace to receive my peace you should

trade your grasping controlling stance

to at least one of openness and believe

the best element you can hold close

without negative your soul is my hand

ask my spirit inside you to reserve your

day and manage your thoughts for the

thoughts managed by means of the spirit

is life and peace you can have as a

whole lot of me H my peace as you need

through hundreds of correct picks each

day the maximum persistence shows you

face is whether to consider me or to

worry you will by no means run out of

things to worry

approximately however you could choose

to agree with me no be counted what I am

an Ever gift assist in problem trust me

though there Earth provide Manner and

the mountains fall into the coronary

heart of the

ocean right I love you Jesus if you

believe you will not find my peace by

using carrying out a moderate planning


to control what will appear to you

within the destiny that is a commonly

practiced form of

unbelief when your thought spins with a

couple of plans te May additionally from

time to time appear to be inside your

draw close yet it constantly eludes you

just whilst you assume you have

organized for all

possibilities some things sudden pops up

and throws matters into

confusion I did now not design the human

thoughts to determine out the destiny

that is beyond your capability I crafted

your mind for chronic communication with

me bring me all of your wishes your

hopes and

fears commit the whole thing into my

care turned from the path of planning to

the direction of peace share this video

to help us spread the message the

scripture tells every day we’ve got

opportunities to get disillusioned annoy

or angry maybe you had plans that fail

to work out or someone become rude to

you at the

office maybe you were doing something

that must have taken one hour and ended

up taking three Liv is full of incon

conveniences even though we can’t

usually manipulate our instances we can

manipulate our

reaction they say life is % what takes

place to you and % the way you respond

we have to continually go out every day

with a highquality mindset full of wish

and expecting God’s favor but at the

equal time we should understand that

most days aren’t going to move precisely

as we

planned however we are created to stay

in peace peace is our role of strength

if you get confused because you

purchased off schedule or disappointed

due to the fact you’re toddler would not

eat his breakfast or frustrated because

somebody indates you

you’re giving away your power instead

use excellent feel make the decision to

release those offenses and

disappointments so that you can stay in

peace Overlook offense release offense

and flow forward within the power and

victory the Lord has for you right ouren

if you believe in

Christianity do now not be frightened of

unexpected Terror or of the break of the

depraved when it comes for the Lord

might be your

selief proverb

attention listener join this prayer

with me and say after saying me Divine

Lord father I come to you nowadays for

the power of the thoughts I worry

maximum of the time and this causes me

to have p Panic assaults often highly

worry the unknown and it causes me to be

anxious this breaks me down each day and

couses me to be afraid to stay my

Lifestyles I pray nowadays to your

divine power please make stronger my

coronary heart and my thoughts help me

to overcome any faces that give me

tension and panic attacks

when I began to worry about what I

cannot manage please take me back to the

fact which you are the one and manage

help me position my religion in you

constantly when I began to doubt myself

and the Panic starts off evolved to set

in please take me back to the fact that

myself belief is in you thank you Lord

for being my power and my sturdy to hour

amen thanks for continuing to watch and

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blessings in your life

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