🔴Lord Will Fulfill Your 1 Wish today..

today Lord wants to tell you something

from Heaven my cherished child I

understand loads of things aren’t going

nicely to your life right now there

appears to be nobody there to help you

hold on I’m approximately to satisfy my

promises to you hold tight to me and I

will take you where you want ahe I will

take you in addition than you can ever

consider I did not carry you this far to

fail you now it can be hard but I

nevertheless have a

plan in the Bible verses Psalm to one

always says the Lord is my mild and my

salvation Whom Shall I worry about the

Lord is the stronghold of my existence

of whom shall I be

afraid if you firmly believe in God

please like this

video my dear child you who walks the

Mortal path I hear The Whispers of your

coronary heart your plea for

perseverance echoing through the Realms

know that my presence envelops you

imparting Solace and moments of

weariness and power whilst the journey


arduous perseverance and fatigue is a

noble quest one which tests the metal of

your spirit in the face of weariness

while your steps falter and the burden

feels heavy

remember it Smiles in those very moments

that your willpower shines brightest you

possess a resilience that surpasses the

pains laid before you press on my light

each step you are taking even amidst

exhaustion draws you toward the

aspiration ation you cherish embrace the

weariness as a companion for it tempers

your resolve and fortifies your spirit

your dreams stand as beacons

Illuminating the path ahead guiding you

through the shadows of doubt and

fatigue hope like a mild flame within

your coronary heart flickers and dances

refusing to be extinguished let it your

steadfast companion infusing your being

with its and wavering light for in wish

lies the sustenance that nurtures your

endrance casting aside the cloak of

weariness and unveiling The Power Within

God declares please bless others by

sharing this

video affirm I am at peace with myself

and Miss surroundings and I pick to stay

with with compassion and kindness I

understand the interconnectedness of all

things and strive to make a fine impact

on the world I technique every situation

with an open mind and a willingness to

research Lord speak to you I am

preparing you for what is on the road

ahead simply around the band take time

to be still in my presence so that I can

toughen you the busier you emerge as the

more you need this time apart with me so

many humans suppose that time spent with

me is a luxurious they can’t find the

money for as a result they live and work

in their personal energy until that

turns into depleted then they either cry

out to me for assist or pull away in

bitterness how how lot higher it’s far

to stroll near me depending on my power

and trusting me in each state of affairs

if you stay in this manner you may do

much less however accomplish a long way

greater your unhurried pace of residing

will stand out on this Rush crazed age

some people can also deem you lazy

however many extra may be blessed by

means of your your peacefulness walk

within the light with me and you may

replicate me to the looking

World take time to be holy the word holy

does now not imply goody goody it we set

aside for sacred use that is what those

Quiet Moments in thy presence are

engaging in inside you as you awareness

your mind and coronary heart on me you

are being converted recreated into the

only I designed you to be this season

requires blocks of time set aside for

communion with me the advantages of this

practice are Limitless emotional and

bodily recuperation are greater VI your

soaking inside the light of my presence

you experience a harness to me that

strengthens your religion and fills you

with peace you open yourself as much as

acquire the many advantages that I

actually have organized for you you end

up a cleansed Temple of my Holy Spirit

who’s able to do and and VY you

immeasurably extra than you ask or

imagine these are just some of the

benefits of being still in my

presence typ how man if you receive this

when many things seem to be going wrong

consider me when your Lifestyles feels

increasingly more out of control thank

me these are Supernatural responses and

they can carry you above your

situations if you do what comes clearly

inside the face of difficulties you may

additionally fall prey to negativism

even a few proceedings set you an our

path that is a downward spiral with the

aid of darkening your attitude and

thought set with this mind set

controlling you lawsuits flow more and

more comfortably out of your mouth each

one actions you step by step down the

slippery spiral the lower you pass the

faster you slide that it’s for

nevertheless feasible to use

breakes cry out to me in my name of

affirm your accept is true within me

regardless float you sense thank me for

the whole lot though this seems

unnatural even irrational gradually you

begin to ascend getting better your

misplaced floor when you’re back on

ground level you could face your

circumstances from a humble angle if you

pick out Supernatural responses this

time trusting and thanking May will

Revel in my in fact enable peace typs if

you concur then forward this video to

nine individuals who believe in God you

are being told by God you will should

combat to hold on in your confidence in

Christ it will be assaulted maximum

fiercely at the eve of your Leap Forward

you’ll be blindsided by using something

with the intention to knock the wind out

of you you’ll be bombarded by using fear

doubt and negativity like you have by no

means acknowledged you’ll begin second

guessing yourself questioning your

reasons or doubting that you ever heard

from God in the first

location you’ll need to run back to

wherein you have been what you knew or

live in which you’re you’ll suppose that

if it changed into God main you it would

be less complicated less demanding or

less steeply pric the enemy is

Relentless he will use all an sunry or

anything to rob you of your peace joy

and braveness you must repair your eyes

on Jesus with laser

cognizance you must maintain onto his

promises like your Lifestyles Rel lies

upon on it then you must step out in

faith in order to discover that it was

God leading you all along you might

sense as although you in

thert however God is set to ship rain

there is an area he’s going to carry you

to and this location is a long way from

your aan Beyond theirs this area is new

this fac ities you might be a you

included in his love and unfailing grace

you can have the desires of your

coronary heart and the pain could be

overshadowed through heavy shouts of

pleasure this is your component stunning

Soul he might not depart you want this

to agree type I trust the divine plan

for I am the Lord your God who takes

care care of your right hand and says to

you do no longer worry I will assist you


– dear listeners join me in prayer

and speak loudly heavenly father thank

you for the paintings I do thank you for

giving me something to achieve this that

I am no longer Idol thank you for the

whole thing you’ve got given to me

through my paintings

I pray to your ever Presence at my

administrative Center be by my facet in

each activity that I do there grant me

your wisdom and understanding in the

course of my workday save me from any

errors or catastrophes so one can put my

work in danger help me put up to

Authority and now not rebellion and

opposition to my superiors Grant me the

grace to be accepting and well mannered

to all who require my offerings defend

me from the evil eyes of colleagues who

can also need my

downfall let the whole lot accurate

which you have plan for me come to me

let me be rewarded when I deserve to be

let me be promoted after I need to be do

not allow all people to my

progress in my place of work help me be

respectful and graceful at ttings let me

be a very good instance to people who

follow me thank you Father for answering

my prayer

amen we strive to bring happiness and

Devotion to God into your life therefore

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