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In This Moment Lord speaks unto you my

darling child sometimes people will say

that in case you want to recognize your

motive appearance within but what you

must do not forget is that you cannot

inform you what your cause is due to the

fact you failed to create you only the

one who created you could say what

motive you have been created for you

will never ever understand the motive of

your Lifestyles until you trust in me

due to the fact I created you today so

many people are pressured approximately


identification and their motive they say

I do not know who I am and I don’t know

what I am purported to be doing with my

life that’s because they may be

searching Within in the wrong

locations there is best one location to

find your identity and cause in

Lifestyles and that’s through a

relationship with me always keep in mind

it’s far in me which you discover wou

and what you are dwelling for in the

Bible verses Psalm

to one always says I carry up my

eyes to the mountains where does does my

assistance come from my help comes from

the Lord the maker of heaven and Earth

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upbeat my dearest child I need you to

know which you are not alone and you’re

not forgotten you are my treasured

introduction and you’ve a completely

unique and valuable position to play in

my plan you have a Divine spark inside

you which could light up the darkness

and Inspire others you have a

compassionate coronary heart which could

heal the wounds and comfort the broken

you have a brave spirit that could rise

for the fact and fight for the proper

you have a motive and you’ve a wish your

purpose is to like me and to love your

neighbor as yourself your desire is to

consider me and to comply with with my

will I actually have a vision for you

and for this world a vision of Peace

Justice and Harmony a vision of pleasure

grace and mercy imaginative and preent

of beauty goodness and

Glory I am working to make this

imaginative and press at a truth and I

invite you to enroll in me I will

provide you with the power the awareness

and the steering you want I will never

leave you nor forsake you I will

constantly love you and bless you you

are my infant and I am your God do not

be afraid do not be discouraged be

hopeful be devoted be comfortable for I

am with you

always God says click your ass if you

want my

blessing my

sweetheart I am able to do some distance

past all which you ask or imagine come

to me with wonderful

expectancies knowing that there’s no

limit to what I can

accomplish ask my spirit to manipulate

your mind so you can suppose outstanding

mind of me do now not be discouraged age

with the aid of the fact that a lot of

your prayers are yet unanswered time is

a teacher teaching you to wait upon me

to believe me within

starish the extra sever your

circumstances the more likely you are to

peer my power and Glory at paintings in

the situation instead of letting

problems draw you into disturbing

attempt to view them as putting the

scene for my glorious intervention

keep your eyes and your thoughts huge

open to all that I am doing for your

existence let me prepare you for the day

that stretches out before you I

understand precisely what this day will

include while you have simplest vague

ideas about it you would really like to

peer a map displaying all the twists and

turns of your

adventure you’d feel greater prepared if

could come what may visualize what is on

the street in advance however there is a

higher way to be prepared for something

you will come upon these days spend

excellent time with

me I will now not show you what’s on the

road beforehand but I will very well

equip you for the adventure my dwelling

presence is your companion each step of

the manner stay in persistent verbal

exchange with me whisper my name each

time you need to redirect your

thoughts thus you may stroll via

nowadays with your cognizance on me my

abiding presence is the great street map

available right I love dearly you father

God says I am going to open doors for

you which have been locked for for a

long term suddenly Miracles will

manifest to your life healing and

Recovery are being launched your finest

day of productivity and prosperity are

at the

Horizon I am the god of electricity and

courage when you face demanding

situations and boundaries do not be

afraid I Am with You empowering you to

conquer take braveness for I am your

stronghold and your

defend if you agree please say so

amen listen carefully so often it is

easy to get caught up in hour to do list

of life you might actually have a

nonsecular tick list so that you could

speak of all the things you watch you

need to do in order to Delight

God and we should have the preference to

please him and observe his commands

however luring him starts with our heart

circumstance scripture tells us in one

Corinthians that best religion hope and

love will final into

eternity the factor is that we have to

modify our recognition and ensure that

we aren’t just going through the motions

in our spiritual walk we can do load of

accurate matters but if we do not have

love they won’t count number in

eternity we could have loads of

understanding however if we don’t have

love it won’t do us any excellent and

love is the foundation for the whole

thing we do it’s a one-of-a-kind tale

love honors God and opens the door for

the existence of Victory and blessing he

has in store to express agreement type I

trust the divine plan let us then method

God’s throne of grace with self-belief

in order that we may also receive mercy

and find Grace to help us in our time of

want Hebrews

for dear listeners let’s join our

prayers and pray together heavenly

father as I bow my head and heart and

prayer I reward and worship you for

being my loving Creator I thank you that

you realize who I

am God you understand my hopes my fears

my strengths and my

shortcomings thank you which you

lovingly invite me to convey all of me

into a dating with you with the aid of

meeting you at the move I do not have to

have it all collectively I want to

fulfill you there and you may help me I

do not should cover or from you because

you long for in genuine courting with me

and ask your forgiveness for my sins I

want to live a life that is captivating

to you and oy grow your Holy Spirit

well-known show areas where still need

to trade for something that I even have

done thought or said that become now not

right please forgive me and help me to

make the corrections father you provide

me the lose World to Change and when I

ask you shall assist the enemy attempts

to convince me to be rebellious but I

want your way an will for my Lifestyles

so I make an apology and steering from

you my father have asked for religion

and power to assist me face the Giants

in my

Lifestyles father whether I struggle

with addiction strongholds or even

unhealthy consuming practices I believe

that you want to help me I even have

attempted to alternate myself however

and I failed the enemy encourages me to

try to hide or excuse my mistakes but

you see

them Father as of proper now I foresto

making excuses and I humbly come to you

as my father asking for your assist I

want to exchange I need each region of

my existence to mirror my love for you

please help me do there is not any room

for anything that might exalt itself

over you and me

existence I actually have accepted Jesus

as my savior and I recognize that except

giving me Everlasting existence he can

set me loose from anything that has me

sure I trust that it isn’t always your

will that I remain confused by our sins

or past

troubles please show me the way to

Freedom deliverance and in enduring

change I ask in religion believing that

you pay attention me when I

pray your life can be drastically

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