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said my dear son May the grace and peace

flowing from my infinite love Encompass

your heart at this moment as your

heavenly father my love for you is

eternal and transcends the barriers of

time time and space it envelopes you in

a warm embrace of love and mercy

offering comfort and hope amidst life

storms no matter how distant it may seem

I am always by your side ready to guide

you with love and wisdom trust in me for

I have plans for you plans for

prosperity and not for harm to give you

a future full of Hope keep your faith

firm in me for I will never forsake you

amidst life storms know that I I am with

you in every moment every tear you shed

does not go unnoticed by my eyes and

every sigh of Anguish is heard by my

Compassionate Heart your pain is my pain

and I am present to sustain you with the

power of my right hand you are never

alone for my love for you is eternal and

unwavering trust in me for I have the

power to calm the Raging SE and bring

peace to your heart maintain Faith and

Hope for together we will over come all

adversities life presents remember the

words of comfort and hope I have left

recorded in my word for I know the plans

I have for you declares the Lord plans

to prosper you and not to harm you plans

to give you hope and a future Jeremiah

this passage is a reminder of my

unconditional love for you and my

concern for your well-being although you

may face challenges and uncertainties

you can trust TR in my plans for your

life I know every detail of your days

and am working for your good therefore

do not be discouraged by difficulties

for I am with you every step of the way

keep your faith and trust in my goodness

and faithfulness the future I have

prepared for you is full of Hope and

wonderful promises move forward with

courage for I Am with You guiding and

sustaining you in love even in the

darkest moments of your journey I I want

you to know that my eyes are upon you

and my ears are attentive to The Cry of

your heart you are not alone in this

journey I walk beside you illuminating

your path with my Divine Light with

every step you take I am present guiding

and sustaining you with my unconditional

love may this certainty bring you

comfort and hope strengthening your

faith and renewing your strength trust

in me for I am with you in every moment

and together we will overcome all

adversities remember that my love for

you is eternal and unwavering even when

the darkness seems suffocating my light

will shine to guide your path when you

feel overwhelmed by life’s trials

remember that my power is infinite and

my grace is sufficient for you trust in

me with all your heart and do not rely

on your own understanding for I will

guide your steps on the path of

righteousness I am with you in every

step step illuminating your path with my

Divine Light therefore do not fear for I

am with you trust in me and I will

strengthen you yes I will help you and I

will uphold you with my righteous right

hand keep your faith firm for my love

for you is eternal and unwavering always

remember my promises for they are

anchors for your soul just as I have

intervened powerfully on behalf of my

people throughout history I am ready to

act on your behalf my love for you is

unconditional and my faithfulness

endures forever nothing in this world

can separate you from my love when you

face trials and oppression know that my

righteous anger against evildoers

intensifies but my patience persists

giving time for repentance your

Liberation will come with judgment for I

am the god of justice and mercy the Lord

is slow to anger but great in power

power the guilty will not go unpunished

the Lord has his way in the Whirlwind

and the storm and clouds are the dust of

his feet nahem

therefore keep your faith firm in me

for I am working behind the scenes to

bring Redemption and Justice trust in my

perfect timing for in due time your

Victory will be manifest always remember

my love for you which is constant and

unwavering even in the most difficult

moments this is indeed a pivotal moment

in your journey my precious child I want

you to understand the depth of my love

and the Assurance I provide fear not the

battle that rages around you for I your

Almighty father am fighting on your

behalf Victory is not a distant dream

but a present reality for you are

securely positioned within My Embrace

stand Resolute in your faith knowing

that the dawn of your Liber ation draws

near trust not only in your own strength

but in the unwavering might of my power

and the steadfastness of my faithfulness

remember the words spoken in Isaiah

a Beacon of Hope amidst the

darkness fear not for I am with you be

not dismayed for I am your God I will

strengthen you I will help you I will

uphold you with my righteous right hand

let these words resonate within your

Spirit filling you with courage and

fortitude take heart in the Assurance of


in all these things we are more

than conquerors through him who loved us

feel the surge of strength coursing

through your veins empowered by my

boundless Grace and mighty power let not

the Spectre of adversity daunt you for I

am your constant companion guiding you

uniring towards Triumph Place your trust

in me and walk boldly in the certainty

of your victory for my love for you

transcends time and

Circumstance with unwavering

determination and unshakable Faith press

on along the path I have laid out for

you remember always that you are

cherished beyond measure and I will

forever Stand By Your Side leading you

into the fullness of life that awaits

you in me May the incomprehensible peace

that flows from my presence envelop your

heart and mind anchoring you you

securely in Christ Jesus continue to

Lean on Me my beloved child for I am

orchestrating a magnificent work of

transformation in your life even amid

the swirling uncertainties of this world

hold fast to the knowledge of my

unwavering love and my solemn promise to

watch over you in every moment do not

allow yourself to be disheartened by the

challenges that confront you for I am

your refuge and your strength though the

trials may seem insurmountable my power

far surpasses any obstacle that stands

in your way trust in my Divine guidance

and the Flawless blueprint I have

crafted for your life remain steadfast

in your faith for the journey ahead

holds great promise and boundless

blessings with Everlasting Love I your

heavenly father will sustain and

strengthen you each and every day

leading you towards the Fulfillment of

my Divine Purpose for your life

with love

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