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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son pause for a moment and

give me your full attention I have

something very important to share with

you the challenges you face are nearly

over and the blessing you have longed

for is about to unfold before your eyes

your time of reward is almost here

remember none of my children are ever

left behind whenever you call out to me

with true faith and a sincere heart I am

always listening our bond is strong you

have kept your faith strong in difficult

times even when things became tough and

you felt weak tempted to give up but you

did not give into those

Temptations instead you chose to move

forward on my path showing patience and

determination with each step I have been

with you all along helping you to get to

this point now you are about to enter a

place of Peace where you and your loved

ones will find everything you need and a

happiness that is new and refreshing you

will be equipped with A New Perspective

new goals and a Divine desire to

continue and succeed I am here to

support you as well as your family

helping you to rid yourselves of any

harmful habits or negative thoughts that

weigh you down together we will remove

all spiritual chains harmful thoughts

and any feelings of bitterness or anger

that persist if you emerge in the Living

Waters of my Holy Spirit your lives will

be supernaturally transformed even your

adversaries and relatives will be amazed

by your

metamorphosis they will approach you

intrigued and ask what you have done

what happened because you radiate so

much happiness after undergoing such a

profound change therefore I reaffirm

that your struggles and anxieties are

not Perpetual you will not face the same

problems indefinitely you have entrusted

your heart to me and embraced my word

and my Commandments with innocence faith

and sincerity recognizing me as your

heavenly father who loves you thus I am

freeing you and your entire family your

unwavering Faith pleases me greatly you

are learning the virtue of patience to

await my perfect will and to trust me

fully you do not demand signs because

you understand that my word is

sufficient for your healing it Delights

me when you believe in my sincere desire

to bless you every morning I have

visited to uplift your soul giving you

the courage and strength you need to

face the day I have spoken of my love

incessant and gradually you have

realized the immense value you and your

family hold in my eyes in recent months

you have demonstrated immense faith and

unwavering loyalty however you recognize

a persistent need within you despite the

strength I have granted the work I

undertake in your life cannot be

completed in a day nor can it bear fruit

if your family is excluded I know that

sometimes your children may seem to

ignore what you have taught them about

me they may appear disinterested and

reluctant to engage this disinterest

deeply saddens me because I miss their

faith and joyful Expressions I fondly

remember when they were young full of

songs and Praises for me which brought

me immense happiness my dear child trust

in my faithfulness I have heard your

prayers seen your hopeful gaze and

witnessed your unwavering faith I

appreciate your gratitude ude in a world

full of complaints I assure you that the

blessing you have been waiting for is

coming soon removing any concern or fear

you have relied on my word since the

first moment you cried out to me in your

need what you desire will soon be

fulfilled many become disheartened

seeking quick answers to their prayers

but they should realize that I love to

respond to them however I need to work

in their lives first my goal is to

refine your character teach you wisdom

and prepare everything so that the

blessing you receive does not become a

burden sometimes you ask for what I do

not always plan to give you but

considering the future yours and your

families I seek to bring you not sadness

or tension but only peace and joy I have

established joy in a covenant with you

inscribing my Commandments in your heart

and mind I forgive your transgressions

no longer holding them in memory I

remind your soul that in my presence

lies comfort and upon my altar lies

healing and an inexhaustible strength

for those who have faith and can

patiently await the Fulfillment of my

promise remove from your heart the

bitter complaint cast away from your

mind all doubts and mockeries do not

heed the tongues that mock your faith if

weariness assails you and anxiety

returns simply call out to me and I will

Grant you perseverance to endure I will

give you the gift of patience ensuring

that your emotions remain Serene you

will receive wisdom to govern your

tongue so that foolish words that offend

my heart never Escape your lips if you

are willing to receive this into your

life with open arms and good will write

I receive Lord in the comments I will

pour Abundant Blessings upon your life

with love and tenderness like a loving

father caring in for his children I ask

only for your gratitude never

presumptuous demands born of pride and

arrogance prepare your mind and heart

for I tell you now people you thought

had departed will come back into your

life your faith has grown now it’s time

to help those who come broken be

prepared for when the doors open and the

locks click the chains blocking your

blessings will be broken everything

becomes possible when you believe in my

word words for nothing is beyond my

reach prepare yourself for what is to

come is beyond anything you have ever

dreamed of the opportunity to rebuild

family connections is closer than you

imagine forgiveness and healing are

knocking at your door waiting for you to

let them in those who have hurt you in

the past will return to your life show

them forgiveness and give them a second

chance do not withhold your love I

promise to give you you not only a

better job but also true wealth in every

sense be grateful and Trust for I am

causing a transformation in your life I

am preparing you for a season of

abundant opportunities you have swn

seeds of faith in your heart for a long

time enduring countless trials and

tribulations but never doubting my power

never doubting my presence by your side

therefore you have emerged Victorious

because you believed in me and thus I

have helped you my grace and mercy have

been poured out upon you and now with my

mighty hand I will make those seeds you

planted flourish abundantly in your life

and in the lives of those around you the

time is near to reap the rewards of your

faithfulness what I will bring to your

home is infinitely greater than you

imagine you deserve the best and even

more your faith is invaluable and your

humble posture will take you far prepare

yourself for I will open new doors show

you New Horizons and bring abundance to

your home I love you fear not for your

life is in my hands with love God hope

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