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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son as I contemplate the

Splendor of this day unfolding before us

allow me to bless you and speak directly

to your heart in this moment I want to

envelop you with words flowing from a

Divine source

directed to the soul that feels the

temptation to take the easier path to

give up on the dreams I planted in your

heart to surrender in the face of

adversity son do not let defeatism take

hold of you for you are closer to a

magnificent Turning Point than you can

imagine the path may be steep filled

with challenges and opposition but

believe me your perseverance and

resilience have brought you to the brink

of witnessing the Fulfillment of my

promises in your life I understand the

weariness your soul carries the intense

struggles imposed by the Journey of

Faith there were moments when the

temptation to give up whispered in your

ears trying to persuade you to abandon

the pursuit of the dreams I have sown in

you however this is not the time to

retreat my beloved you have come too far

to give up now your persistence and

courage have led you to the verge of

realizing the promise I have outlined

for you the enemy cunning as he is will

try to seow doubt and despair in your

mind he seeks to steal your hope

persuading you to step back but I want

you to stand firm Vigilant your reward

is on the way and allow me to open your

spiritual eyes to see where you are in

this crucial moment the temptation to

give into compromise and resignation may

seem appealing leading you down the

broad descending path

however by my spirit I guide you along

the narrow path of ascent though it may

be challenging this path leads to

Blessings beyond the limits of your

boldest dreams the easier path on the

other hand leads to spiritual stagnation

delay and missed

opportunities I understand that at times

you feel exhausted my son the trials and

tribulations of recent years have

pressed you beyond your limits

yet your continued trust in my purpose

even when the path ahead was obscured

frustrated the enemy’s plans to destroy

and delay I am using every challenge

every trial to propel you toward your

destiny the faith you have held with

perseverance is preparing you for the

moment when the Great turnaround will

occur some of you Faithful ones have

dedicated countless hours to fasting

prostration and crying out to me for

Revival healing provision and Direction

now the external pressures that approach

May resemble an olive press squeezing

tightly around your spirit the process

is painful and confusing but it is

necessary to produce the fresh anointing

I have reserved for this next chapter of

your life and calling stay firm and move

forward for another stretch my beloved

although you feel the fatigue in body

and soul your perseverance and

resilience are preparing the ground for

divine connections Miracles and favor I

am moving in mysterious ways beyond what

you can comprehend at this moment to

bring about eternal glory in your life

as you overcome adversity through

childlike trust in my unfailing love

what I have prepared for you my faithful

one is so magnificent that the current

tribulations will seem light and

momentary when you look back compared to

the joy that awaits you do not be

disheartened now when your moment of

Victory and justification is so close

continue with indestructible hope and

expectant Faith together we will reach

the end of this race with strength keep

your eyes fixed on me your loving father

who is by your side now and forever let

me wipe away your tears for my perfect

love casts out all fear and doubt I

Delight in you my precious son you are

my beloved chosen to manifest my glory

Great Adventures await As you move

toward your destiny and calling my

beloved this is the moment where I

acknowledge your arduous journey to

reach this crucial point the desert

stretched you and your faith was tested

by intense fires there were days when

the struggle to take one step forward

was a battle but by my grace you

persevered now now you stand on the

brink of the promised land a land of

destiny that surpasses your wildest

dreams this is not the time to retreat

in fear that it is too good to be true

in this crucial moment you are about to

enter a future shaped by faith not fear

you have traversed valleys and climbed

mountains each step a testimony to your

resilience remember that I am not just a

distant Observer I am with you with

every breath in every Challenge and in

moments of Doubt when the noise of the

world drowns Out The Whispers of my love

and purpose stop and listen I am present

in the silence speaking life into your

dreams you asked for signs guidance and

I provided them in ways you may not

fully understand yet as you move forward

embrace the unknown with Courage the

path May twist but it is leading you to

a place of deep growth and joy let go of

the need to control every outcome trust

in my timing for it is perfect the

blessings I have reserved for you

require not only Faith but patience in

moments of weakness when you feel like

you are walking alone remember the

footprints in the sand it is then that I

carry you your burdens are mine your

Sorrows are mine lay them at my feet and

I will give you rest you are about to

enter a season of abundance the seeds of

Faith you planted in tears will soon

Sprout with joy the dreams you thought

were dead are being resurrected by my

power the Visions you held in your heart

are about to unfold in vibrant colors do

not be influenced by pessimism or life

storms you are stronger than you imagine

more capable than you know in me you

have everything you need to overcome

your story is a testimony of my

faithfulness a be of Hope for those

still traversing similar valleys As you

move forward maintain a spirit of

gratitude gratitude is the key that

unlocks blessings it changes your

perspective aligns your heart with mind

and opens your eyes to the Miracles

around you know this you are loved

immeasurably cherished beyond words in

you I Delight you are not just my

creation you are my joy my pride my

beloved beloved Son move forward with

this truth and Let It Be The Wind

Beneath Your Wings as you soar toward

your destiny as you enter this new

chapter I am with you together we will

walk into a future filled with hope

purpose and immeasurable Joy The Best Is

Yet To Come my precious son believe

receive and witness your wildest dreams

coming true in my perfect love and

divine timing with love God

hope this message has been an

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