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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son just as the dawn brings

a new day my voice resonates in the

depths of your spirit calling you from

the night to the radiance of my light I

have watched every step of yours Like a

Shepherd caring for his flock warming

and protecting every moment of your life

with Divine intention you are more

precious than the rarest gems kept close

to my heart warmed by my love ready to

blossom into the destiny I intricately

designed for you I have witnessed your

journey every step stumble and firm

stride the path was rough filled with

the debris of battles fought and storms

faced yet in these trials a profound

transformation unfolded the incubation

of your spirit a preparation for what is

to come the adversary in his folly

sought to entangle you to obscure the

vibrant echo of your faith with the

shadow of Despair but his efforts are in

vain for no weapon forged against you

shall prosper my protection over you is

impenetrable a fortress that no evil can

breach now a new chapter begins the veil

of dark Darkness lifts revealing the

stage on which you will stand I am

calling you not as an untested one but

as a bearer of my light refined and

ready the gifts I placed in you are now

awakened for the time has come you are

about to step onto the stage of your

life the lights ready to illuminate your

path this is not a moment of beginning

but a culmination of every step Guided

by my hand I have led you through Joys

and trials to this ele elated point you

should no longer dwell in the shadows

but shine brightly witnessing my

faithfulness the enemy tried to use your

adversities to break you but no more the

wounds of the past and The Echoes of

Doubt are being healed replaced by

confidence purpose and divine mandate

rise my child From the Ashes of

yesterday the deserts of your despair

are blooming for I am doing something

new can you perceive believe it the

scars you carry are testimonies of my

unfailing love proof of my power to

redeem and restore I call you to bring

life to dead places to prophesy to dry

bones and see them dance with life your

inheritance held back by the schemes of

darkness is now released the riches of

my kingdom the abundance of my grace are

yours every promise I made stands firm

for I am not a God Who Lies

the stage is set fear not for I am with

you be not discouraged for I am your God

I will strengthen help and uphold you

with my righteous hand the battles you

face are not only yours but mine and

victory is assured your faithfulness

even in adversity has prepared you for

this moment of divine commission The

Authority I grant you is not For Your

Glory but for mine therefore walk in


knowing that without me you can do

nothing seek my face continually draw

near to me in the secret place and I

will reveal the mysteries of my will the

journey ahead is marked by my promises

illuminated by my presence the valleys

and mountains you will encounter will

testify to my goodness and faithfulness

Rejoice for The Best Is Yet To Come the

greatest chapters of your life are

unfolding a story written by my hand

Guided by my spirit You Are My Chosen

vessel equipped for every good work I

have prepared for you as you stand on

the threshold of this new era I call you

to gaze upon the Horizon with eyes of

Faith the journey so far has been

challenging marked by trials that tested

the essence of your being however it is

in these deep struggles that true

character is forged the resilience and

courage you have shown do not go unknown

noticed they are the qualities that

equip you for the path ahead in this

next chapter I invite you to embrace a

deeper level of trust in me it is easy

to Proclaim faith when the waters are

calm and the path is clear but true

faith is revealed in the midst of storms

do not see these storms as obstacles but

as opportunities to witness my

unwavering faithfulness I ask you not to

see only obstacles but opportunities OPP

opportunities to witness my unwavering

faithfulness for it is in the darkest

nights that stars shine brightest and so

it will be with the light I have placed

within you now I speak of community and

connection for no one is an island and

the journey I have called you to walk

should not be traversed in isolation

Forge deep connections sharing the es

and flows of Life grasp the profound

nature of my boundless and unconditional

love of Force both tangible and

immeasurable confront challenges with

unwavering courage led by The Guiding

Light Within illuminate the world with

your Radiance dispelling Darkness

through the transformative Power of Love

extend prayers for those entrenched in

resistance and snared by the shadows of

hatred and fear in moments of solitude

discover Solace beneath my protective

Wing seek out Community recognizing the

strength derived from Unity cultivate

and maintain humility offering yourself

in complete surrender acknowledge that

your unique gift is a tool for service

not a means of pursuing status as you

venture forth draw upon my Divine

Authority advancing boldly yet with the

grace of gentleness within my realm all

things are possible and the vast

resources of Heaven stand at your

disposal embark on the journey journey

into the fullness of your Divine calling

ever mindful that Victory is a foregone

conclusion fear not for my comforting

presence accompanies you find strength

in adversity knowing that the battles

you face are ultimately mine and Triumph

is assured your steadfast commitment

even amidst trials has meticulously

prepared you for this Divine mandate

embrace the overflowing abundance of my

grace and generously share the

inexhaustible Riches of my kingdom

consider your commissioning as a

clandestine divinely engineered weapon

the grand stage is set March forward

with Intrepid courage for this is your

sacred juncture to fulfill the entrusted

Mission with love God hope this message

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