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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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manifestation offer in the world my dear

son in a moment of profound silence I

sent a revelation directly to your heart

a message that flowed from me your

father the almighty to you when that

message reached your soul it stirred up

a whirlwind of emotions within you

echoing not only the yearnings of your

own heart but also the cries of my

precious sons and daughters and the Holy

Spirit one God in your most vulnerable

moments Envision those times when the

trials of Life weigh so heavily upon you

that you collapse to your knees the

burden on your shoulders seems

unbearable and your heart aches with a

sadness so deep that words cannot

describe it is in moments like the these

that you often find yourself in Intimate

communion with me your father your soul

is laid bare seeking comfort and

understanding in these moments of

weakness remember the words of Jesus in

Matthew to come to me all you

who are weary and burdened and I will

give you rest take my yoke upon you and

learn from me for I am gentle and humble

in heart and you will find rest for your

souls for my yoke is easy and my burden

is light allow the Holy Spirit to

comfort and guide you through the storms

of life for he is the comforter promised

by Jesus who will never leave you alone

in times of Affliction seek refuge in

his presence and find peace for your

soul now if your heart resonates with

what I am saying whether through your

own feelings or because you sense that a

family member or loved one is going

through this it is a divine sign a clear

indication that this message needs to

reach you but dear child from now on be

vigilant against the enemy you know that

he does not want you in communion and

unity with me on the contrary he wants

to separate you from me and he begins by

doing so in small things trying for

example to divert your attention and

make you close the video or feel a false

sense that this message will not add

anything to your life

do not be deceived the messages in which

I communicate with you need to be heard

in their entirety so that you can gauge

their importance I communicate in

various ways it may be through a

complete stranger on the street the

Baker at the Corner Bakery a child a

video like this one in Short in ways

that escape your human understanding

therefore do not let him ruin our moment

together Amen Let Me in this sacred

moment Express the Eternal truth about

our connection God is faithful and so am

I I have poured out upon you an endless

stream of Inspirations Visions messages

and dreams like a generous father

delighting in showering his beloved

child with gifts I have guided your

steps revealing to you the paths and

even the minutest details of my plans

for you surely there have been moments

when you recognize these Divine

manifestations perhaps as you listened

to a sermon meditated on scripture

watched a video or even as you delved

into the depths of your own dreams and

then in a flash of clarity you thought

yes this is the guidance for which I

have prayed but despite verbally

embracing these gifts I know that

something within you remains resistant I

refer to that sensation of excitement

mixed with hesitation like someone

approaching the edge of a vast ocean

merely dipping their toes into its

infinite expanse it is the inner voice

that Whispers yes God I hear you but am

I truly worthy can I really achieve what

has been revealed to me is this Vision

not too grand for someone like me the

dreams I nurture for you are Limitless

in their potential however I understand

the doubts and fears that assail you

preventing you from fully embracing

these gifts perhaps you believe that you

lack sufficient skills adequate wisdom

or deservingness for the great things I

have planned for you but let me assure

you my dear child my doubts about you

are mere shadows in the face of the

grand plan I have reserved for your life

I do not a in my judgment if I believe

you are capable it is because you truly

are my belief in you is unwavering and

so should yours be for you are loved

beyond measure empowered Beyond

Comprehension and worthy Beyond any

doubt this is your moment across roads

before you will you remain on the

exciting Shore or will you dare to

plunge headlong into the sea of

abundance I have prepared for you it is

not enough to merely recognize the gifts

and ideas I grant you you must also

embrace them with every fiber of your

being believing not only in my vision

but also in your own dignity

remember the words of Psalm

I will instruct you and teach you

in the way you should go I will counsel

you with my loving eye on you for I know

the plans I have for you declares the

Lord plans to prosper you and not to

harm you plans to give you hope and a

future Jeremiah

these words are like a light in

the darkness of uncertainty trust in me

for I am always by your side ready to

strengthen and uphold you let your faith

surpass any doubt for I am your God the

faithful guardian of your life do not

hesitate at the door of Destiny open it

boldly for I am with you remember I am

faithful amid the storms of life I am

the solid rock upon which you can stand

surrender to me and together we will

face any challenge that arises in your

path trust in my faithfulness and move

forward with determination for my love

for you is eternal and unshakable may

these words strengthen and guide you on

your journey it is vital to remember

that the journey is never promised


challenges however with faith each

obstacle becomes a stepping stone each

setback a lesson and each criticism a

testimony of your resilience and Inner

Strength therefore my beloved Son my

beloved daughter do not settle for half

measures embrace your purpose with all

your soul take the leap with unwavering

conviction knowing that you are

supported by a supreme power that can do

all things believe in the power of your

own being for you are stronger than you

imagine awaken to the greatness that

lies within you for you are a reflection

of the Divine endowed with unlimited

potential to manifest your deepest

dreams do not let uncertainty obscure

your vision or let fear prevent you from

reaching for the Stars you are part of a

greater plan a sacred design that calls

you to the fullness of your expression

therefore embrace the challenge that

awaits you with courage for it is

through overcoming obstacles that you

will find true fulfillment move forward

with determination with the confidence

that I am with you every step of the way

witness the Wonders that await you when

you fully surrender to Your Divine

Purpose when you allow your light to

shine brighter than ever before May

these words resonate in your heart and

strengthen you on your journey for I am

with you I love you and I am faithful

amen with love God hope this message has

been an inspiration to you if you liked

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