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today you have a strong message from God

my Christian kids you are blessed you

are tailored you’re sturdy talented

treasured and loose you have greatness

in you you are destined to make the

world a higher region you’re about to

shine and you are about to see my Tavor

in extra ways you’ve celebrated THS

however you’re about to be is celebrated

you’re going to return out of the

background you will pass from being

ignored to being in charge you are

approximately to stroll into the best

season of your

existence if you have faith in Lord

please watch this video till the

end my little child I have heard your

prayer for the restoration of lost

opportunities in travel or

exploration and I actually have now not

deserted you I even have created you

with a completely unique motive and

passion and I will open new doors and

paths for you I will in no way depart

you nor forsake you and I will give you

the braveness and the joy to pursue your

desires you are valuable and valuable to


and I love you more than you may imagine

you are my toddler and nothing can

separate you from my love you have a

desire and a future and I will Pride to


happiness do not be afraid for I Am with

You do know longer be disappointed for I

am your God I will inspire you and

surprise you I will protect you and

provide for you trust trust in me with

all of your coronary heart and lean not

in your very own information and all

your ways acknowledge me and I will make

your paths

immediately I am the Lord your maker I

am the GD all introduction is something

to difficult for me I even have made the

heavens and thear I will make a way

inside the Wilderness and rivers within

the barren region I will do a brand new

thing in your existence and you may see

it and be

surprised Lord says enter our man if you

accept my

grace in the Bible verses job to

always says but it’s far the spirit in a

person the breath of the almighty that

offers them

information affirm L am so proud out of

how alwayss I have come I am evolving

growing and typical becoming a better

character even with the instances that

oh felt like giving up I saved

Goen I strongly believe I became

position on this Earth for a cause I

will retain to give myself credit score

for how robust and capable I am I am

worth of reaching something I need on


existence typ PS if you trust

God my dearest kids peace is my

continual gift to you it flows

abundantly from my throne of grace just

because the Israelites could not shop up

mana for the destiny but had to gather

it every day so it’s far with my peace

the day by day amassing of manic kept my

human beings aware about their

dependence on me similarly I come up

with sufficient peace for the present

when you come to me by using prayer and

petition with

Thanksgiving if I gave you Everlasting

peace independent of my presence you may

fall into the lure of

self-sufficiency May that by no means be

I have designed you to need me Moment by

second as your attention of your

neediness increases so does your

realization of my plentiful efficiency I

can meet each certainly one of your

wishes without draining my Assets in any

respect approach my throne of grace with

formidable confidence receiving my peace

with a grateful heart thankfulness opens

the door to my presence though I am

usually with you I actually have long

gone to notable measures too hold your

freedom of preference I actually have

located a door among you and me and I

even have empowered you to open or near

that door there are many approaches to

open it however a thankful attitude is

one of simplest thankfulness is built on

a substructure of consider when thankful

words stick to your throat you want to

test up on your foundation of

consider when thankfulness flows freely

out of your coronary heart and lips let

your gratitude draw you towards me I

want you to analyze the art of giving

thanks in all circumstances see how

generally you may thank me every day

this can awaken your focus to a

multitude of benefits it can even

cushion the impact of Trials while they

arrive in opposition to you practice my

presence by means of practicing the

subject of

thankfulness type I trust the divine

plan to

agree as you listen to birds calling to

each other pay attention also my love

call to you I speak to you conton

usually via sights sounds thoughts

Impressions scriptures there isn’t any

restriction to the variety of ways I can

communicate with you your element is to

be attentive to my messages in whatever

form they arrive when you got down to

find me in an afternoon you discover

that the arena is vibrantly alive with

my presence you can discover me now not

simplest in splendor and bird calls

but additionally in tragedy and faces

filled with grief I can take the private

sorrow and weave it into a pattern for

top search for me and my messages as you

go via this day you will be looking for

me and find me whilst you are trying to

find me together with your complete

being type PS if you trust God listen

carefully never return the evil for evil

we simply double the evil that manner

what a person does simply indicates who

there our reaction indicates others and

shows God Who We rise above don’t be

manipulated into joining in the dust

slinging no one wins whether they

deserve it or not everybody’s now

covered in dust choose to permit it

cross stroll way let them be hurtful

inconsiderate demeaning rude but they

choose to be we select distinct and no

longer for them for ourselves for

God and no we’re not being walked

throughout we are now not excusing their

conduct we nonetheless get to select who

we Supply our time energy and sources

too when we do react get upset try to

prove a point then we are giving them

our time and strength let’s no longer be

better let them be stroll ahead happy

with who we

are if you have confidence in Lord

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individual God has a message for you

stop complaining stop overthinking you

are stressing yourself an excessive

amount of end as an alternative you

ought to be trusting me where is your

trust in me I love you might not allow

you to

down they said you would not make it

they said you fail to deserve it they

attempted to prevent you from receiving

my Pleasant know that each one of yours

advantages come from me what El prom

pred you no one can take block and smash

stay in faith your step forward is right

here when you go through deep Waters I

could be with you when you undergo

rivers of trouble you will now not drown

when you walk through the fireplace of

Oppression you may no longer be burned

up the Flames will now not devour you

typow man if you trust in God dear

listeners let’s join our prayers

together and speak omnipresent Lord

thank you that I’m alive today I bless

your holy name thank you to your power

via this fasting duration I have been

disobedient for your

phrase I actually have fallen in which I

ought to had been strong I had been

corrupted by way of the pleasures of

This Global I pray now to you who has

the electricity to forgive sins please

cleanse me of all my

wrongdoing my offenses to my fellow man

to myself and to my circle of relatives

I lay bear under your toes with my

senses and my thoughts I even have sent

an opposition to you and my neighbor I

pray in your forgiveness

today your word says although my sins

are pink as Scarlet you may make them as

white as wool make me pure again pricey

Lord help me protect my coronary heart

and opposition to sinful goals to be

able to break me help me remain centered

on your phrase so I can resist

temptation let me now not keep business

Enterprise that is quick to sin let me

be with people who are eager to your

word bless my soul these days and help

me discover ways to please you dear Lord

thank you for an answered prayer

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