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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son listen to me

attentively for I bring a special

message for you today I come to you to

offer words of blessings and promises

for your family open your heart and

allow my words to reach the depths of

your soul amidst the tribulations and

uncertainties of this world I know that

sometimes it’s hard to find hope and

believe that good things are in store

for us when life seems overwhelming and

tears flow remember that I am by your

side side sharing your burden your most

vulnerable moments do not go unnoticed

by me like the Holy Spirit I am present

to offer you comfort and guide your

steps on the Journey of life I imagine

IM the pain you carry the worries that

weigh on your heart but know that every

tear you shed is seen by me and every

sigh is heard you are not alone in your

struggles I am here to strengthen and

sustain you when you find yourself on

your knees unable to Bear the weight of

the burden I am present to lift you up

the burden that seems unbearable to you

is shared by me your pain is my pain and

your suffering is my suffering may you

find comfort in knowing that I am by

your side at all times there is no

sadness I cannot Comfort nor pain I

cannot alleviate trust in me my child

and allow my love to transform your pain

into hope and your sorrow into Joy now

if your heart resonates with what I am

saying whether it’s the reflection of

your own feelings or sensing that a

family member or loved one is going

through this it is a Divine sign a clear

indication that this message needs to

reach you but dear child from now on be

extra vigilant and guard against the

enemy so do not let him spoil Our Moment

together amen From This Moment On I come

to you my beloved child to pour out upon

you and every member of your family my

Divine Healing it is a time of profound

Celestial intervention where Health in

all its Dimensions will be fully

restored in in your bodies minds and

Spirits May vitality and energy flow

abundantly in every part of your lives

rejuvenating every cell and renewing

every aspect of your existence I know my

child that you have borne the weight of

sickness Frailty and pain human life is

marked by challenges and trials and

often you have found yourselves facing

circumstances that seem

overwhelming however no that you are not

alone I am by your side in every moment

of pain holding your hands and bringing

relief to your troubled hearts therefore

in this sacred moment I pour out upon

you and your beloved family my Divine

Healing May Health be restored in your

bodies completely and deeply May every

sickness every evil be Cast Away making

room for the fullness of life and

well-being receive my healing as a

divine blessing

as a sign of my unconditional love for

you beyond physical healing I desire to

envelop your homes with a peace that

transcends all human understanding I

understand the difficulties conflicts

and tensions that may arise in family

relationships it is natural that amidst

human imperfections misunderstandings

and hurts may

arise however know that I am here to

bring Harmony and tranquility to your

homes my peace like a Serene River will

flow in your hearts and homes

dissipating Discord and promoting

reconciliation among you let my peace be

the foundation upon which you build your

lives as a family guiding you in every

moment calming storms and filling your

days with Serenity hope and love and

finally I cannot forget about the

financial provision that weighs heavily

on your heart I know you anxieties

regarding material needs the bills

piling up and the financial challenges

that seem

insurmountable however know that I am

the god of provision the one who

supplies all your needs according to my

infinite riches I will open the doors of

abundance in your life and in the lives

of your family you will experience

prosperity in all areas for I pour out

upon you my generosity and unconditional

favor fear not for I am attentive to

every detail of your lives and bring

Solutions even to that which seems

impossible in human eyes oh my son my

daughter the ancient roots of doubt and

fear they try to take root in the soil

of your heart but remember the words of


wait for the Lord be strong take

courage wait for the Lord trust in me

trust in my love and in my PR promise

that I am always every battle we fight

every obstacle we face shapes our path

and prepares us for the triumphs that

lie ahead it is important to remember

that the fiercest storms precede the

brightest days I am here to assure you

that the Storm Is Passing and the Sun is

about to shine once again in your life

be ready to receive the blessings that

the Universe has in store for you for

they are on their way ready to transform

your life in ways you never imagined in

this crucial moment it is essential to

trust the process and keep Faith alive

in your heart I am here personally

guiding each step of yours working

behind the scenes to eliminate the

forces of death and scarcity that have

haunted Your Existence trust in me for I

am committed to leading you to a place

of Liberation and joy as we bid farewell

to the Shadows of the past it is time to

make room for the light of the new dawn

be open to receiving the blessings that

are on their way for they will come in

forms you never imagined be ready to

accept the abundance that the Universe

has in store for you for you deserve all

the goodness that life has to offer do

not let fear or doubt hold you back in

this crucial moment remember that you

are stronger than you think and more

capable than you imagine you are a being

of light destined to shine brightly in

this world as we prepare to embark on

this new Journey know that I am by your

side guiding you with love and

compassion together we will cross this

threshold towards a future full of

promises and achievements feel the power

that resides within you and let it guide

you towards your true Essence may peace

and joy find a home in your heart and

may Prosperity be your constant

companion walk with confidence and


knowing that the Best Is Yet To Come may

this new era be the beginning of an

extraordinary Journey where you will

discover the true meaning of happiness

and fulfillment trust in me for I am

here to lead you to a place of

Liberation and joy where your deepest

dreams will come true as we move forward

together on this journey always remember

that the power is within you you are

infinitely capable destined to manifest

your purest essence in this world keep

Faith alive in your heart and know that

I am here always by your side guiding

you with love and wisdom may this new

era be the beginning of a journey of

self-discovery and growth where you will

reconnect with your true Essence and

find the peace and happiness you so

deserve I am here to guide you every

step of the way lighting your path with

my light and unconditional love receive

my love and blessings at this moment no

knowing that I am always by your side

taking care of you and leading you to

your destination of wholeness and

fulfillment with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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