🔴If You Choose To Disregard God’s Message…

In This Moment God is saying to you

today my lovely child your creativeness

is either going to be ruled by worry or

it’ll be ruled by faith that’s your

preference if you allow your imagination

be ruled by using worry you will pass

around being careworn out and worried

all the time when you allow fear to

govern your creativeness you live a

miserable existence instead decide that

you’re not going to permit worry to

dominate let your faith Dominate and

additionally trust in me then you may

flow ahead in religion and allow your

imagination to be crammed with all kinds


possibilities due to the fact all

matters are feasible with

me in the Bible verse vers Isaiah

says but those who hope in the

Lord will renew their power they will

jump on wings like eagles they’ll run

and no longer grow weary they’ll walk

and not be faint if you believe in Lord

then you should like this

video my child I need you to recognize

that I am your corporation Foundation I

am the rock on which you May build your

life I Am The Anchor that holds you

consistent I Am The Refuge that protects

you from the

hurricane I am the castle that defends

you from the enemy I am the Shepherd

that courses you through the valley I am

the daddy that loves you

unconditionally you can trust me my baby

because I am faithful and proper I never

exchange and I byy no means fail I am

the equal the day gone by today and for

all time I am the Alpha and the Omega

the beginning and the end I am the

creator of all things and the sustainer

of all things I am the Lord of all and

the King of Kings you can rely upon me

my infant because I am powerful and

robust I can do all all matters and

nothing is impossible for me I can calm

the Raging Sea and silence the Roaring

Thunder I can flow the mountains and

shake the heavens I can heal the ill and

raise the useless I can save the

misplaced and redeem the

damaged you can rest in me my child due

to the fact I am gentle and

compassionate I care care for you and I

consolation you I understand you and I

empathize with you I Aid you and I

encourage you I bless you and I want you

I provide you with peace and I provide

you with joy Lord says type on man if

you’re looking for my

guidance God has spoken I want you to

learn to be comfortable always with the

aid of connecting your joy to me first

and most important one manner of doing

that is to take into account that I love

you at all instances and in all

circumstances though the mountains be

shaken and the hills be removed my

unfailing love for you may no longer be

shaken so do not provide in to the

temptation to doubt my love when things

do not pass as you would like or when

you have failed in some manner my loving

presence is the stable rock on which you

could constantly stand understanding

that in me you are endlessly are am the

Lord who is compassion on you another

way of growing your joy is to give thank

you in all

occasions ask my spirit that will help

you view your life through the lens of

gratitude search for it advantages

scattered along your path wav and all

through your toughest times and thank me


everyone I encourage you to look step by

step through your lens of gratefulness

by means of considering things which

might be brilliant worth of

Praise I want you to know how secure and

service Ray in my presence that is a

truth absolutely and pendent of your Fe

feelings you are in your way to heaven

not anything can prevent you from

reaching that

destination there you’ll see me face to

face and your joy will be off the charts

VI any Earthly standards even now you’re

in no way separated from me though you

ought to see me through eyes of faith I

will stroll with you till the cease of

time and onward into

eternity all though my presence is a

assured promise that does not

necessarily exchange your feelings when

you forget a am with you you may enjoy

loneliness or worry it is through

attention of my presence that peace

displaces negative feelings practice the

discipline of taking walks consciously

with me through each

day type I Love You Lord to affirm be on

guard and opposition to the pit of

self-pity when are weary or unwell this

demonic lure is the finest danger you

face don’t even go close to the edge of

the pit its edges collapse without

problems and before you comprehend it

you’re on the manor down it is ever so

much more difficult to get out of the

pit than to keep a secure distance from

it that is why I let you know to be

unshield there are numerous ways to

Shield yourself from

self-pity when you’re all in favor of

praising and thanking me it is not

possible to experience sorry for

yourself also the closer you stay to me

the more distance there is among you and

the pit live inside the light of my

presence by way of fixing your eyes on


then you’ll be capable of run with

endrance the race this is set before you

without stumbling or falling write yes

to claim this

blessing listen carefully I cannot

specific simply how excited I am in my

spirit approximately all God’s doing and

is set to do I’m sensing a clean wind

blowing there’s a desperation for the

presence power and works of God I have

now not seen in yours many are

surrendering their lives to the lordship

of Christ people are praying fasting

repenting devouring the word hungering

and thirsting after righteousness and

stirring up the present of

religion they’re done with religious

systems formulation methods and outside

conduct modification packages is they

need the real aspect and are willing to

contend for it there’s a choice to get

unstuck and move forward into the

promises and functions of God I wasn’t

completely positive I might see it once

more in my lifetime now I haven’t any

doubt where on the edge over Top Notch

outpouring and all which means for

transformation in us and for the best of

this world I’m here for it it’s time

it’s a brand new day typ P ass if you


Lord God is saying I can pass all those

roadblocks in your life I can take you

to new heights and to new places I am

capable of do fairly and abundantly

principally that you may ask or suppose

don’t give up do no longer BL blame me

for the terrible matters happening for

your existence I do no longer reason bad

things to show up this International

isn’t always perfect there may be issues

but I am here that will help you through

all of it child whilst you look at the

destiny Through The Eyes of religion do

you see bad grades you see traumatic

work perhaps people who hurt you

that’s right they’re now not there the

future I have prepared for you is vivid

and exquisite so do not permit the

concerns of nowadays have an effect on

your imaginative and preent of the

Dominion focus on me not the hurricane

my little warrior I love you type

if you trust God and we recognize that

in all things God works for the best of

those who love him who have been called

according to his purpose Romans

dear listeners join me in prayer

and pray together thank you for sending

your son you adore dearly to die for my

sins every time I fall brief of your

glory and your ideal preferred you’ve

got renewed my spirit by your selfless

sacrifice I’m so sorry how I now and

again degree myself towards the Arena’s

trendy and forget about exactly how in

crack selfish and unbelievably imperfect

L I’m sorry for taking your

unconditional love for me for

granted and I’m so sorry for no longer

usual liiving that region in my life

Lifestyles that you so deserve I pray

that you may light up my path and manual

my steps for all the days of my

Lifestyles I give up all that I am to

you so that you can treat me like clay

and build me up too be the Beloved

daughter of yours which you have

constantly meant me to be create in me

easy heart that goals are Lifestyles

that glorifies you our perfect Creator

and loving father type thank you Jesus

if you consider me Lord Jesus bless you

all today your life will uplift mentally

spiritually financially may you get

success and possibly even click the

super thank button to make gift we would

really appreciate it

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