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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son may peace and Grace be

with you always as I contemplate your

journey I see a courageous heart facing

life’s challenges as a loving father my

desire is for for you to feel the warm

embrace of my divine presence

surrounding you with a love that

transcends all adversities amidst the

vastness of time and space I see you as

a bright light a unique expression of my

love and purpose your path at times may

have strayed but it does not Escape my

notice for I am the one who sees beyond

appearances and knows the innermost

corners of your heart remember the

parable of the Prodigal Son just as the

father welcomed his lost son with open

arms so do I welcome you into my

Celestial Embrace even if you have

deviated your journey is not irreparable

the love I have for you surpasses any

mistake or distance there is no distance

my love cannot cover no deviation I

cannot straighten in my heart there is

no room for condemnation only

celebration when you return to my arms

at times I know that the paths I have

laid out for you may seem obscure nearly

invisible but trust me dear son as you

walk through the valley of Shadows my

hand is always extended guiding you with

care and Assurance even when you cannot

see know that I am actively composing

the Symphony of your life harmonizing

each note and pause to fit perfectly

into the Divine Melody that is your

existence I see the struggles you face

now the judgments that seem to weigh on


shoulders however I want you to know

that I grant you the strength to

withstand every challenge stand firm in

my guidance breathe deeply when waves of

sadness threaten to overcome you and

rise with the certainty that you are not

alone my Angelic Guardians surround you

ready to guide and protect fear not the

shadows for my secure Embrace is a

shield for you and your loved ones

receive with confidence the promise that

no weapon formed against you will

penetrate the sanctuary of your home

remember who walks beside you I am the

king above all Kings the Lord above all

rulers I am your heavenly father

watchful caring and steadfast on my

Throne my presence gives you the power

to advance victoriously and fearlessly I

am your Shepherd your guide your source

of strength and success when adversity

threatens to block your path do not

succumb to fear in your darkest hour

cling to my words for they are a light

that will guide your steps through the

dark valleys Cast Away your worries for

this day brings the answers you sought

in prayer I grant you wisdom and

capability to face each challenge

proceed with caution following my plan

shaped by a love that transcends all

understanding avoid Hasty and ambitious

Pursuits that exceed proper bounds be

thoughtful and Discerning in executing

my will for diligence begets Prosperity

while recklessness plunges into

adversity embrace your power with wisdom

and discernment you attempted to

navigate without my guidance but know

that your experience attests to my

wisdom there is still time to correct

your course for you have heeded my

advice my timing is impeccable neither

too early nor too late but precisely

when needed trust in the words I share

with you as a father guides and loves

his child believe dear son that behind

every judgment lies a profound blessing

in disguise let me transform your

perspective and Empower you as an

instrument of my love an ambassador of

peace and Reconciliation to the world if

you love me proceed with faith and

courage knowing that even those

considered your enemies will witness my

my power as I will overthrow any

malevolent plan against you know that I

possess supreme authority to affect

changes and am with you regardless of

circumstances leave behind past regrets

for I will never let you waste what I

have reserved for your future fix your

eyes on the good promises ahead and

maintain your course with firm steps

your blessings await you for I have

brought you into a new life and complete

transformation do not revert to old ways

for That season is behind you now you

have been purified and set free no

longer to walk alone but in communion

with me as you advance always remember

the importance of love and compassion in

your interactions with others love is

the perfect bond that unites all virtues

practice it at all times so you may

reflect my image on Earth you have the

power to overcome any adversity my

strength flows through you and you are

more than capable be a Beacon of Hope a

vessel of my love and a testament to the

transformative power of unwavering Faith

sharing my love with everyone around you

is not just a mere act but a profound

manifestation of my Divine Kingdom on

Earth as you continue to embrace

humility and engage in selfless service

you become a vessel for the expression

of my boundless love in the world your

actions filled with compassion and

kindness reflect the essence of my

teachings spreading the light of my

kingdom wherever you go persist in

seeking me through prayer for it is in

this ongoing communion that the bonds of

our connection strengthen recognize the

constancy of my presence knowing that I

am the god who never abandons you

walking alongside you through every

Twist and Turn of life in moments of

solitude or chaos my unwavering love

surrounds you providing Solace and

strength in every decision you make

consult the Divine source and I will

Faithfully guide your steps on the path

of righteousness trust in the unfolding

of my plan for you for it is one crafted

with love purpose and a vision for your

ultimate well-being Embrace courage dear

child for within you lies a strength far

greater than you can fathom the depth of

your resilience mirrors the profound

connection between our hearts confide in

me sharing your Joys sorrows and

aspirations for in our Unity we find the

strength to overcome the adversities of

life together we will face each

challenge with unwavering resolve and

the assurance that my love is a Beacon

Lighting the way trust that in our

partnership you are equipped to triumph

over any obstacle continue to be a

beacon of love compassion and

understanding in the world as you walk

confidently with me know that the

journey is not one of solitude but of a

shared Adventure filled with my

Everlasting Love and Guidance with love

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