?”GOD SAYS” WILL YOU SCROLL PAST ME । God’s message today । God message

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear child I am pouring

unimaginable blessings upon you it is

time to prepare yourself to embrace

everything that life has to offer when

you feel the gentle breeze on your face

remember that it is the whisper of my

love encourage encouraging you to move

forward I am by your side guiding your

steps and illuminating your path never

doubt my Divine love and care Embrace

this new phase with gratitude in your

heart for you are worthy of all the

blessings that are coming your way

remember that you are stronger than you

imagine I am always by your side present

in every stage of your life when you

look back you will realize that all the

difficulties were essential in shaping

the incredible person you have become

prepare yourself to receive the

blessings that are on the way your life

is about to overflow with love joy and

achievements trust in me believe in

yourself and stay open to embracing The

Wonder of living each day with purpose

and passion may this exciting Journey

inspire you never to give up and never

lose faith for the future is full of

promises and you have a special role in

this Grand Grand Story believe receive

and share my love with the world you are

loved you are blessed move forward with

hope and confidence for The Best Is Yet

To Come I have reserved something much

greater than you can imagine count on me

and my strength do not try to face the

challenges alone I Empower you seek my

presence I have already written the end

of your story from the very first step

believe in the process and let it flow

nothing and no one will be able to stop

what I am about to accomplish in your

life feel the excitement of this promise

I Jesus will help you overcome this

battle focus on me and believe that I

will do the impossible in your life I

say that you are not a mistake you have

a purpose and were created for greatness

the more you trust in me the more I will

surprise you for those who are listening

to these words words now I convey a

message of Hope and Faith the stressful

situation you are going through is

coming to an end and I can feel peace

and satisfaction approaching I am

sending financial help transformative

blessings and miracles your way do not

stop praying even when I have already

started answering your prayers maintain

your faith for victory is within your

reach I believe that you will succeed

because I am giving you a fresh FR start

I possess a power that goes beyond your

imagination capable of accomplishing

much more than you can conceive I have

the ability to change circumstances at

the last moment when everything seemed

impossible the doors that were once

closed will open before you this is the

moment to enter a new season in your

life full of promises and

accomplishments I declare this with all

the emotion and faith in my heart amen I

Jesus Christ am the same yesterday today

and forever seek me in my strength seek

my presence continually when you feel

fear trust in me trust in the Lord do

good dwell in the land and be a friend

of faithfulness the spirit I have given

you does not make you timid but provides

you with power love and

self-discipline believe in the Lord

Jesus and you will be saved you and your

family today I am saying that I

understand the difficult phase you are

facing I know you have many

responsibilities and challenges around

you and you are experiencing great

emotional pain write thanks to God and

share this message with five people who

trust in me I want to send you magical

words whispered in your ear words that

will help you face situations the right

way sometimes I slow down the pace so

that evil passes in front of you before

you reach it my delay can mean your

protection remember that I am good and

what I have plan for you no one can

prevent move forward with confidence

recognizing difficulties as steps on

your path to Victory right I never give

up if you are hearing this now I pray

that I heal your pain alleviate your

concerns and resolve your problems

replacing them with complete and renewed


You are not alone and wonderful things

are on the way believe in this there are

special moments in your life when you

will experience a unique chapter a

chapter in which I strengthen you and

become the reason you believe in my

goodness feel the emotion surrounding

this singular Journey a new Force

flowing into your life bringing

incredible changes and

Transformations the winds are blowing in

your favor believe me great blessing

blings are on the way there are not

enough words to describe the joy that

will invade your heart at this moment

it’s as if a light is shining brightly

dissipating all the dark clouds that

have ever tried to obscure your path

this revitalizing energy is Flowing

within you think about all the

difficulties you have overcome so far

every obstacle every challenge was an

opportunity for growth and learning at

this moment close your eyes and feel my

presence around you renewing your

strength and filling your heart with

immense Joy believe receive and prepare

to witness my glory manifested in your

life trust in me surrender all your

burdens and problems that have weight on

your heart I am here to help and offer

the solution you need thank me for

everything my child today I say with a

loving voice stay strong and Believe In

The Miracles that are to come

Surrender Your Dreams desires and fears

into my hands for I am ready to guide

you on the path to fulfillment and

happiness never forget that you are

loved unconditionally precious and

deserving of a life full of joy and

prosperity today is the day to leave

worries behind and embrace confidence in

the divine plan believe in your

abilities your skills and the

transformative power within you with

faith and Det determination there is no

limit to what you can achieve always

remember that I am with you taking care

of you every step of the way trust in my

love and guidance and you will witness

the Wonders I have reserved for you keep

your gaze fixed on what you want to

achieve as all things are aligning in

your favor prepare for an incredible

positive change that is on the way

covering your finances love career

health and relationships with love God

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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