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God’s advice today God is sending many

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world God said my dear son it is with

immense love and tenderness that I

approach you for you are my precious

treasure molded in my image and loved

with a love that transcends all

understanding I want you to know that

with every step you take on this Earthly

journey I Am with You guiding you with

my Divine Light and enveloping you in my

eternal love in the Sacred Scriptures

you find words of promise and comfort

and today I desire to share with you

truths that form a solid foundation for

your life allow me to reveal to you the

way of Escape that I have provided

through an intimate relationship with

you amidst adversities you will find

refuge in me your heavenly father I want

you to to firmly grasp the words of the

psalmist you will Tread On The Lion and

the serpent you will trample the great

Lion and the serpent these words are

more than a promise they are an

assurance of my constant protection in

your life picture this scenario a fierce

lion a treacherous serpent all threats

will be subdued under your feet

understand my beloved that the path I

have laid out for you is a path of

Victory not just a occasional Triumph

but continuous Triumph my angels are

tasked with protecting you keeping you

steadfast so that you do not stumble

over the stones on your path I am with

you in every difficulty ready to set you

free and reward you with a long life

this is the promise of my salvation of

my divine intervention in your Earthly

Journey let me tell you with all my love

you are not alone when you call out to

me I respond

I am present in your difficulties

listening to your prayers ready to

intervene the promise is not only one of

Deliverance but also of rewards a long

life is reserved for you filled with the

blessings I prepared before you even

came into existence I will satisfy your

heart and reveal my salvation the

Redeeming Grace in action this path of

Escape is offered through a relationship

with me as you abide in me and I in you

we build a shield of protection we walk

together in Daily communion and my

presence is like a wall of fire keeping

away the darkness that seeks to envelop

you the Corruptions of this world need

not stay in your garments for as you

hold on to me you are wrapped in my


Grace understand my beloved that this

communion is not a distant connection it

is an invitation to an intimate partner

ship to walk together on this Earthly

Journey you are my son and I am your

loving father together we will achieve

victory over the forces that oppose you

this Victory is not just personal it

resonates in the spiritual realm and

impacts the world around you always

remember the plans I have for you

beloved for I know the plans I have for

you plans to prosper you and not to harm

you plans to give you hope and a future

these words are more than a promise they

are an expression of my love and my

desire for your life I am holding

adventurous plans Grand purposes and

Abundant Blessings in my hands ready to

unfold throughout your journey nothing

can thwart these plans for I am the Lord

over all things no matter what you have

faced in the past I will redeem the

years that were consumed opportunities

that may seem lost will be rest restored

in my sovereign Providence fear not that

time has slipped away for with me it is

never too late my mercies are new every

morning and my faithfulness is endless

there is no limit to what I can do in

your life just hold on to me with

unwavering faith for the promises I made

to you are Eternal like Abraham who

embraced the promise even when it seemed

impossible trust in my words and see the

Fulfillment of my purpose in your life

when you speak of fully depending on me

understand that it unleashes undeserved

favor upon your life Grace Flows freely

empowering you to fulfill the purposes I

designed for you by relying entirely on

me you will experience my favor in every

area of your life this is the

transformative power of Grace flowing

from the deep relationship between a

father and his child never forget my

beloved that this relationship is

grounded in Grace it is a bridge that

crosses the separation caused by sin I

have paved the way through sacrifice and

now the division has been conquered this

Foundation of Grace will Empower

everything I have called you to do your

weakness becomes the stage on which I

display my Supernatural strength this

process of surrender elevates the

Eternal investment within you to higher

Heights as we walk together on this

adventure the wind and waves will obey

directing your steps all of creation

serves those who serve the most high

this is also part of your inheritance in

me grasp that this deep communion allows

you to wield the power of spoken

blessing declare my promises into the

atmosphere using the authority of the

Kingdom to shape your world speak the

truths of my word into reality holding

the torch of Faith High death and life

dance to the decree of the tongue and

this Authority belongs to All My Sons

and Daughters through blessing you

awaken angels to wage war on your behalf

removing obstacles in the path of my

best for you understand my beloved that

the atmosphere changes in response to

your words of Faith your Authority in

the kingdom is real and this is one of

the many gifts I offer you Heaven comes

to fight for you when Divine promises

are declared on Earth victory has been

won long ago and now you have the

opportunity to live it day after day

through our relationship you are my son

seated in the courts of heaven walking

on this planet as an heir of my kingdom

all the resources of Heaven are ready to

serve my beloved enter my courts with

praise walk on this adventure with an

expectation of faith for your Eternal

reward has already been secured your

life is hidden with me alongside the

father and all you will endure in this

era is like a light Affliction at noon

drink deeply from The Living Waters that

flow fresh and clear from my word allow

the Heavenly Mana to feed your soul

filling you with strength and let my

love cast out all fear turning the

darkness into Noonday around you

together we will walk as the apple of my

eye surrounded by Angels w aing war on

our behalf my glory will be your rear

guard no weapon formed against you will

prosper and the enemies who rise to mock

will be forced to witness your

Victorious March through the land May

these words penetrate deeply into your

heart strengthening your faith and

illuminating your path always remember

who you are in me and trust in my

ability to fulfill all I have promised

walk boldly for you are my beloved Son

and I am with you in every moment with

love God hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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