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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son remember to love love

yourself love others and love the world

around you love is the most powerful

force in the universe capable of healing

even the deepest wounds and transcending

the the greatest divisions let your

heart overflow like a vessel of love and

witness the Miracles unfolding on your

path as you journey through this life

know that I am always with you guiding

protecting and surrounding you with my

infinite blessings in your life’s

journey always remember to trust the

wisdom of your heart for it is the

Divine compass that will guide you back

to the truth of your Sublime nature may

you walk in the light of my love shining

brightly like a Beacon of Hope and

inspiration in this vast world that

surrounds you gratitude my dear is a

precious key that unlocks the door to

abundance by recognizing the blessings

that constantly flow into your life open

your heart even wider to receive the

gifts that the Universe has in store for

you regardless of circumstances you will

always find reasons to be thankful

whether for the roof over your head the

food on your table or the generous love

of family and friends cultivate

therefore a constant attitude of

gratitude and you will witness the cup

of your existence overflowing with

blessings beyond measure in the journey

filled with challenges do not be

disheartened in moments of difficulty or

suffering even in the darkest nights the

Stars continue to shine brightly above

trust in the inherent goodness of life

knowing that each challenge you face is

an opportunity for your growth and

renewal find strength in the depths of

your soul and understand that you are

never alone in your struggles I Am With

You Always guiding you with love and

compassion helping you navigate the

storms raging within and around you dear

one remember that you are a co-creator

of your reality endowed with the power

to shape your destiny through the

thoughts you think the words you speak

and the actions you take guard your

thoughts carefully as they are the seeds

from which your reality grows cultivate

a mindset of positivity and optimism and

witness the world around you

transforming in miraculous ways my

beloved child know that you are deeply

loved beyond measure and comprehension

allow this love to permeate every fiber

of your being filling you with a sense

of Peace joy and purpose that transcends

all understanding you are a precious

jewel in the crown of creation shining

brightly with the light of my love for

eternity share this message by typing I

am spreading your love Lord to be a

Beacon of Hope and inspiration in the

world as you Journey Through the

tapestry of Life remember that I am not

only present in moments of joy and

Triumph but also in moments of pain and

sorrow in your deepest despair when you

feel lost and alone know that I am there

holding you Whispering words of comfort

and Solace to your soul it is during

these moments of trial and adversity

that your faith is truly tested and your

strength is forged in the Flames of

suffering do not despair dear one for

even in your darkest hour there is light

to be found look into your heart and you

will find the spark of hope that can

illuminate even the darkest nights trust

in the divine plan unfolding before you

even when it seems incomprehensible or

unjust know that everything happens for

a reason and each experience no matter

how painful is an opportunity for growth


transformation my beloved child with

each challenge you face allow your

struggle to transform into a step that

leads you to a deeper understanding and

broader wisdom I observe every tear you

shed hear every Cry of anguish and feel

every Pang of suffering as if it were my

own never forget that you are not alone

in your battles for I your heavenly

father am always by your side every step

of the way trust in me in times of need

and I will grant you the strength to

overcome any adversity type Amen to

invite Divine favor to illuminate your

life I urge you to allocate dedicated

moments for immersing yourself in the

breathtak magnificence of nature

allowing the sheer beauty of the natural

world that envelopes you to become a

source of profound Connection in the

Tranquil hush of the forest the

resounding Echoes of the oceans Roar and

the Majestic Embrace of the mountains

seek Solace and draw inspiration let

this experience serve as a conduit for

reestablishing a deep and meaningful

connection with the Earth the very

Foundation from which you originated

engage in contemplation recognizing the

intricate web of connection that binds

you to all of creation and absorb the

revitalizing energy that radiates from

Nature’s core above all my dearly

beloved child ingrain within your heart

the practice of cultivating love embrace

yourself with boundless compassion

extend that love generously to those who

share this journey with you and carve

out a Sacred Space within your heart to

Harbor love for the entire world

recognize love as a potent Force capable

of transformative healing transcending

the deepest wounds and bridging any

divisions that may arise let your heart

evolve into an abundant reservoir of

Love bearing witness to the miraculous

unfoldings that transpire as you

navigate the path Guided by love as you

navigate the intricate tapestry of Life

remain ever mindful that I am a constant

Presence by your side I am there to

guide you through the Labyrinth and

intersections to Shield you in times of

Despair and to shower your life with an

unending Cascade of blessings May the

radiant glow of my love serve as a

guiding Beacon at each Crossroad

offering Solace during moments of

darkness and joyous celebration during

times of elation may your life be

steeped in an unbroken awareness of the

divine presence gently steering you

toward towards the unfolding truths and

your unique life purpose with infinite

and unconditional love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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