?”GOD SAYS” WILL YOU SCROLL PAST ME । God’s message today । God message ।

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear child you have cried

countless times without anyone else

knowing and despite those painful tears

and fleeting moments of weakness you

take a deep breath and choose to stand

firm again for for your family for

yourself for your dreams I see every

tear that falls silently every sigh

Laden with deep pain I witness your

courage to stay strong even when the

Shadows Of Life surround you there are

moments when you prefer to keep the pain

to yourself as if no one else could

understand the complexity of your

emotions I understand that often you

hesitate to open your heart fearing that

no one will understand or that it is too

heavy a burden for others to bear

however I want you to know that I am

here always present witnessing every

step of your journey sharing every tear

and Whisper of your soul in times of

Darkness you don’t open up to people

instead you choose to carry all the pain

alone you never face your feelings

always bury them because you believe

that no one cares you think no one will

understand anyway you think it’s a waste

of time to sit and confront your

feelings headon you think other people

are busy with their own lives who are

you to ask them to Bear your own

struggles for you with God nothing is

wasted know that I do not allow any

experience pain or dream to be wasted

every moment you consider lost every

tear shed I gather and transform just as

a Craftsman shapes a masterpiece from

blocks of clay I use every challenge

every difficulty to sculpt a magnificent

work that is you the years you think you

have wasted on the wrong job surrounded

by the wrong people doing the wrong

things I will gather those years and

restore them to you I will take those

experiences that the enemy intended for

your harm and helped transform them for

your good I will make you stronger wiser

and better than before I can Propel you

even further toward your death Destiny

than before let me be clear my child

that with you nothing is impossible with

me all things are possible the moments

of waiting of anxiety are challenges

that shape you not obstacles that hinder

you sometimes the weight can be long and

emotions may fluctuate but the

commitment to wait even when feelings

try to overpower you is a source of

strength deep within your being

understand that your emotions are part

of the beautiful fabric that forms your

Humanity do not deny them but also do

not allow them to have the final say in

your life you are more than your

momentary feelings remember that my word

is eternal and in it you will find the

truth that transcends the fleeting

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