🔴God Says: Do you have 2 minutes for me ? | God Message For You । #jesus #godmessage #god

don’t ignore God’s message each day and

don’t leave it unfinished because God

can bless you at any time

a miracle might even occur right now

therefore you should pay close attention

to today’s message because it might be

God’s final message for you

heavenly father is saying to you today

choose life so that you and your

Offspring may live

I have placed life or death

blessings or curses before you I am the

god who makes it all clear to you

because your life hasn’t gone exactly as

you expected you feel like a failure

despite what it has turned out to be you

thought following my ways would make

life easier you thought it would be good

to follow my directions

your thoughts and feelings matter but

they aren’t the most crucial things in


the most important thing in life is to

know that you may decide whether or not

you want to be happy successful

experience Joy or sadness

have peace or anger and so on

if you agree type yes

today God wants to talk to you

he desires to reveal to you his purposes

for you in the future

he has something better for you than

anything you could ever imagine for


so it’s only natural that you feel lost

or confused about how your plan fits

into his type amen if you agree

God says I know that right now things

might seem hopeless but my love for you

is stronger than any barrier in your way

we are inseparable because of our

Eternal relationship so nothing can

separate us the universe and everything

in it were made by me nothing is too

hard or impossible for me to handle

don’t ignore the message God wants to

give you today

when he tells you it’s time to continue

with your day continue to hold on to his

message and pay close attention

don’t let your pride or conceit prevent

you from accepting what God is trying to

tell you today

allow him to guide you and be open to

what he wants to show you

type thank you God if you believe

the message from God for you today is

this is the day of new blessings instead

of looking back I want to encourage you

to look forward

it’s critical to avoid concentrating on

any difficulties you may be having right


looking ahead and see what the future

holds for you

God wants to give him God wants to give

you his word so that you can get to know

him stronger and comprehend what he has

accomplished in human history

if you have been focusing on all the

wrong things in life and ignoring what

is what is truly crucial to him this

will bring peace to your heart and mind

type amen if you believe in God and also

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