?God Says : ?This is your last lifeline. Urgent message. God’s advice today.I

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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manifestation offer in the world God

said my dear son I come to you now to

speak words of love the time we have

awaited is arriving a time of joy and

celebration of the spirit the trumpets

that symbolize this moment ReSound as

all things a line for the Fulfillment of

your growth your sincere prayers and

blessings and even your periods of

struggle have not been in vain they are

all recorded in my book of memories

alongside the blessing I have prepared

for you for long you have waited for

this Milestone now as rumors of conflict

echo in the distance you may hear fear

in the voices of others yet you my

beloved have nothing to fear stay calm

and collected even as those around you

react with uncertainty I hold you safe

in my hands you who remain steadfast and

true to your higher self will not be

deceived seek peace and understanding

even for those who wish you harm for any

harm they direct towards you will wither

and fade before reaching your spirit to

those who act from fear or

misinformation who contribute to

conflict I say be at peace the day when

weapons will turn into tools of creation

is drawing nearer I Am With You Always

and the fullness of our connection is

arriving soon do not Define Yourself by

your past even when everything seems to

crumble around you you have found refuge

in my unconditional love here you can

rest and be renewed fill yourself to

overflowing with assurance and Delight

protected in the shelter of the most

high hold to this truth that my infinite

compassion cleanses and restores all

errors cling to this with your whole

heart open your eyes wide to see the

miracle I am working in your life a

miracle of redemption and Second Chances

Proclaim your unwavering trust in me

declare your belief and the power of

forgiveness to make all things new do

not condemn yourself for what is already

absolved my Mercy has purified you and

granted you a fresh start now fill your

mind with words of life and hope

contemplate the precepts that lead to

peace you are no longer wandering

without Direction by staying near to me

your steps are secure even when

adversity arises your roots will grow

deeper into my steadfast Foundation

distance yourself from those who would

diminish your light with careless words

or inconsiderate Deeds do not let your

flame be extinguished by compromise or

untended Sorrows I have a brighter path

prepared for you a future flowing with

blessings if you keep me first in your

heart clinging to the truths I reveal

you will accomplish every beautiful

dream I have planted within you for I

made you with Creative Vision and

Relentless perseverance I breathed into

you my authority to shape the world

around you all I ask is that you fix

your sights on that which is Meaningful

and true not chasing fantasies that lead

nowhere for our relationship is the

Wellspring of Life do not sever our

connection I am always waiting in

Stillness to speak with you heart to

heart oh how you have grown strong and

straight like a noble tree it Delights

me to see you flourish the appointed

time has come for every barrier between

us to fall away I have positioned you

perfectly to receive every gift I have

stored up for you go both boldly and

unlock each door one by one for I am

with you even if difficulties arise see

them as opportunities to dispel fear and

claim your inheritance I crafted you for

Triumph breathing courage into your

lungs the authority to shape reality

flows through you but activating your

full potential starts with believing

what I say is true I need your

unwavering trust to lift you higher than

ever imagined you you must know in your

soul that I cherish you beyond measure I

am real and it is my joy to bless you

you are safe with me always please

believe this with your whole heart today

I ask that you set aside all

distractions and join me in communion in

the quiet I will remind you of the

source who loves you into being today I

ask you to set aside all distractions

and join me in communion in the silence

I will remind you of the source that

loves you into existence I don’t want

you to exhaust yourself and become

insecure as the day Fades instead I long

to fill you with strength to face all

obstacles with your head held high may

your eyes shine with the confidence that

I am near as you go through your day

remember that it will be so even if

doubts arise doors will still open but

Others May claim your blessings if you

hesitate come to me and be revital ized

in Body Mind and Spirit you have the

vision to dream and the determination to

achieve but the adversary seeks

vulnerabilities in your defense so walk

firmly in the power that I have given

you use it to overcome adversity and be

a beacon for others to anyone who

opposes you with lies or exploitation I

warn them not to toy with my beloved in

the end truth and justice will prevail

what seems stolen will be restored a h

hundredfold type I am abundant to affirm

have courage and do not lose hope

blessings Beyond imagination awake you

my dear in the realm of Eternity where

time knows no bounds and love flows like

an Endless River I the creator of all

that is and ever shall be behold your

presence with unfathomable Joy enveloped

in the Eternal Embrace of my boundless

love and peace your family too is

cherished beyond measure I commend you

for dedicating this precious moment of

your day to commune with me in this act

you draw nearer to the source of divine

power and Grace that resides within you

as you immerse yourself in my presence

know that I shall bestow upon you

Supernatural strength a strength that

will enable you to transcend the mundane

struggles of Earthly existence I shall

expand the horizons of your

understanding in and elevate your

spiritual vision allowing you to

perceive the profound blessings that

await you keep that radiant smile on

your countenance for it brings me

unfathomable Joy with the Fountain of

faith that dwells within you you will

rise living each moment with the

profound knowledge that you are a

cherished child of the creator of the

cosmos with boundless confidence you

will exude happiness a radiant Testament

to your character your gratitude and the

inherent beauty of your heart when the

new dawn breaks tomorrow I will

dissipate your fears and firmly convince

your heart that you are not inferior to

anyone I am by your side beloved urging

you to distance yourself from those who

view you with disdain do it for the sake

of your family embrace my love grant me

the place of honor in your heart and

Embark upon your day with praise as your

constant companion elevate your spirit

and ground your heart in the certainty

of my constant presence as you engage in

worship you enter a sacred realm where

the constraints of time Fade Into

insignificance and Earthly trials lose

their grip upon your soul with love God

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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