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Lord is speaking to you right now my

precious child speak to me pray over

your situations and recognize that your

help stands in me on my own prayer opens

up the door for me to go into your

Battlefield I will by no means permal

people harm you however toddler prayer

is your weapon it’ss far your armor and

it is your remedy pray unceasingly over

the whole lot and permit me show you my

powers and Sovereign authority over all

resources in the Bible verses Matthew

always says but are trying to find

first his kingdom and his righteousness

and all this stuff may be given to you

as nicely like the video if you have

sincerely faith in Lord my dearest kids

I am always with you even when you

experience on my own and hopeless I know

your struggles and your pain and I want

to help you triumph over them you aren’t

describ by your addiction or your

dangerous conduct however by using your

proper self which is stunning and

precious to me I even have heard your

prayer for the energy to overcome your

challenges and I am answering it I am

providing you with the courage to face

your fears the wisdom to make the right

picks and the affection to heal your

wounds I am also sending you folks who

care approximately you and who can

support you along the manner you are not

on my own in this adventure my baby but

you also have to do your element my

toddler you have to be inclined to

exchange two are searching for help and

to comply with the steerage that I offer

you must accept as true with me and

consider yourself and never give up wish

you have to keep in mind what you are my

toddler and that I love you

unconditionally I am happy with you my

baby for reach out to me and for looking

to improve yourself I am constantly

right here for you and I will in no way

forsake you you have the power to

overcome your addiction or your harmful

conduct and to stay a happy and pleasing

Lifestyles just maintain praying hold

believing and maintain ATT tempting my

child I am with you each step of of the

way Lord claims if you want my full

blessings enter yes affirm I pick out to

be affected person I pick to agree with

the technique everything I even have

visualized suppose prayed

approximately and labored on his inside

the process of manifesting I will stay

targeted and at peace I will be sturdy

and keep to consider that it’s all about

to occur for me to confirm type I am

pleased my dearest kids I am leading you

along the high road however there are de

sense in addition to a sense in the Gap

you see snow included teaks glistening

and extremely good daylight you’re

longing to reach the on peak’s ideal how

however you have to now not take

shortcuts your task is to comply with me

permitting me to direct your path let

the heights beckon you onward however

live close to me learn to believe me

whilst things pass

incorrect disruptions on your ordinary

Spotlight your dependence on me trusting

acceptance of Trials brings blessings

that far outweigh them all walk hand in

hand and with me through these days I

have lovingly plann each inch of the way

trust does not falter whilst the root

becomes Rocky and steep breathe deep

drafts of my presence and keep tightly

to my hand together we are able to make

it approach this day with a wearin aof

who is boss as you make plans for thet

don’t forget that it’s far who

orchestrate the events of your

existence on days whilst matters cross

smoothly according on your plans you

will be ignorant of my sovereign

presence on days are your plans are

thwarted be searching for me I can be

doing something essential on your

existence something quite exclusive from

what you predicted it is vital at such

instances to to stay in verbal exchange

with me accepting my way is higher than

yours don’t try to figure out what’s

taking place simply agree with me and

thank me in advance for the good on the

way to pop out of all of it I recognize

the plans I actually have for you and

they may be right type if you

trust God I am your father God god

listen to me learn what it approach to

be a toddler of the Eternal King your


responsibility is Devotion to me this

duty is this sword of joyous privilege

that it seems like a luxury you

generally tend to sense guilty

approximately pushing back the

boundaries of your Lifestyles to make

area for time on my own with me the

internet National is waiting to squeeze

you into its milw and to crowd out time

dedicated to me the approaches of the

sector have also warped your moral sense

which punishes you for doing the very

thing that pleases me maximum to search

of dot my face listen to me above the

clamor of voice seeking to distract you

ask my spirit to govern your thoughts

for he and I work in best Harmony be

nevertheless and attentive in my

presence you are on holy floor type how

man if you have faith in Lord God says

that delay is moving you into your cause

you can be discouraged it may not make

sense trust me I’m working all matters

together for the best hold on I am

making all matters new you are the apple

of my eye and the pride of my coronary

heart I am working all things

collectively for your desirable I

haven’t forgotten you or forsaken you I

heard your prayers keep your eyes on me

refuse to entertain the enemy’s voice of

discouragement your step forward is

simply Round the Corner hold moving

forward typs if you trust Lord

the Divine tells when you acquire God’s

grace in your existence you are

receiving is prefer not simplest as

Grace God’s desire however it is also

his Supernatural

empowerment God’s grace permits you to

accomplish more and be extra effective

each in your very own life and in

constructing the kingdom of God with

Grace and prefer you may make a

distinction in the lives of the humans

around you you can sell Faith with the

aid of residing a existence of Love

remember God wants to empower with his

grace so that you can display love and

Inspire the people for your life your

co-workers your circle of relatives your

powers how do you receive Grace I

certainly commencing your coronary heart

and thanking him for it thank him for

providing you with his grace that

empowers you then begin to seow Grace

and want into the lives of others those

seeds will come lower back to you an

amazing Harvest of Grace your future

enter Lord and stand with me my flesh

and my heart can also fail however God

is the strength of my coronary heart and

my element all the time Psalm

dear listeners join me in prayer and

speak loudly dear heavenly father thank

you for the gift of Lifestyles I’m

thankful for your plentiful grace and

mercy thank you for looking over me and

my own family at some point of the night

and bless ing us with Divine Health to

go through this beautiful day father I

devote our lives and this present day

into your

palms I ask that you lead danan manual

us through your spirit in each step

along the way your awareness to make the

proper Alternatives and selections that

will convey glory and honor your holy

name as we step out not we accomplish

that in faith hoping and believing for

the high

quality May doors of opportunities be

opened to us and may we meet human

beings of our Destinies consistent with

your will I declare we’re protected on

every facet and saved by using the

energy of God no evil shall befall us

our going out and my coming in is

blessed I claim that all our

expectancies for noades were surpassed I

pray that we’re able to additionally be

a blessing in the existence of these we

come in touch with this present day

thank you Father for the spoke back

prayer and for making these days

wonderful Lo for us in jesus’ name we

pray your ongoing assistance is needed

for our Channel our goals are to make

you happy and cultivate a sense of

fervent Devotion to God we’ll keep

working towards this with unwavering

detergen Te You may help us by making ad

Nation using the super thanks option

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