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today Lord wants to tell you something

from Heaven my little one I will bring

you out of the darkest hour and use it

to promote you my child come to me with

Splendid expectation knowing that I am

your God I am bringing you out all

frustration I am bringing you out of

predicament I am bringing you into a

place of fulfillment and favor like

never earlier then the postpone is over

the endorsed and of appropriate cheer on

this season I am your supply trust in me

that I am doing what you’ve got

requested me to do if you desire

Miracles and God’s help watch this video

through to the end my dearest child I am

constantly with you and parting for you

you are not by myself on this problem

for I am your trustworthy father and

your trustworthy

issuer I actually have created to you

with a treasured motive and

capability and I will guide you and

Empower you to obtain it I will by no

means depart you nor forsake you and I

will give you the wisdom and the

resources to triumph over this case you

are valuable and Tre measured to me and

I love you more than you may consider

you are my child and not anything can

separate you from my love you have a

wish and a future and I will prosper you

and now not harm you do not be involved

for I am with you do not be discouraged

for I am your God I will deliver all

your wishes in keeping with my riches

and Glory I will canel all your money

owed and set you

free trust in me with all your coronary

heart and lean no longer to your very

own understanding and all of your

approaches acknowledge me and I will

make your paths

immediately I am the Lord your helper I

am the god of all abundance is something

to hard for me I even have the energy to

bless you abundantly

I will open the home Windows of heaven

and pour out a blessing that you will

now not have room sufficient to get hold

of I will make you a lender and now not


borrower in the Bible verses Ephesians

to always says for it’s far by Grace

you’ve got been saved via religion and

this isn’t always from yourselves it

Smiles the present of God not by works

so that no one can boast God says write

am man if you endorse my grace my kids

worshiped Me by using dwelling clothes

to me this was my original layout for

man and to whom I breathe my very Breath

of Life this is my preference for you

which you stay near me as you walk along

your life route each day is an essential

part of that Journey although you could

experience as if you are going nowhere

in this International your spiritual

journey as every other remember

altogether taking you a long steep

treacherous Paths of

Adventure that is why on foot in the

light of my presence is critical to

preserve you from stumbling by staying

close to me you present yourself as a

Living Sacrifice even the maximum

routine part of your day can be a

religious act of worship holy and

appealing to me let my love enfold you

inside the radiance of my glory sit

nonetheless inside the light of my

preserve and get hold of my peace These

Quiet Moments with me go beyond time

undertaking some distance greater than

you can

consider bring me the sacrifice of your

time and watch to see how abundantly I

bless you and your cherished ones

through the intimacy of our relationship

you being transformed from the interior

out as you preserve your cognizance on

me I shape you into the only preference

you to be your part is to yield to my

creative work in you neither resisting

it nor trying to velocity it up enjoy

the pace of a god breathed Life by using

letting me set the tempo hold my hand in

childlike trust and the way earlier then

you will open up step by step type thank

you God if you love God as you look into

the day that stretches out earlier than

you you notice many Choice points along

the way the Myriad opportunities these

Alternatives present can confuse you

draw your mind again to the thresh

vintage of these days where I stand

beside you lovingly getting ready you

for what is in advance you need to make

your selections one after the other due

to the fact each is contingent upon the

selection that precedes it instead of

seeking to create a intellectual map of

your path through these days Awareness

on my loving presence with you I will

equip you as you pass so you can manage

something comes your manner trust me to

deliver what you want when you want it

to receive it write then send this

Divine message to eight people who

believe in Lord listen carefully the

enemy has come against you because of

what the Lord is doing and could do

through you God will preserve you safe

because he is w i t h you and and if God

be for you who may be an opposition to

you I realize the weapon has been solid

against you however it’ll no longer

Prosper I recognize it is difficult to

consider God is for you when you may

feel the scorching Flame of the

fireplace but you can believe your God

who’s proper there with you don’t

depression you’re now not

forgotten you’re not forsaken you’re now

not on my own you’re not defeated you’re

no longer accomplished Redemption is

coming restoration is coming

reconciliation is coming restitution is

coming he who promised is

devoted you do not see it how however

you’re shifting and you are a lot nearer

than you already know and whilst you

need to settle in the location you do

not belong God has an entire promised

region watching for you you’re closer

than you already know

beloved no rely how regularly you fall

or stray far from God get returned up

and maintain pursuing him nothing you do

should ever get get rid of or separate

you from his love you are not to a way

long gone your mistake isn’t to high

quality for God to cover via his blood

turn far away from something wrongdoing

or sin repent receive his forgiveness

extend Grace to yourself forgive

yourself and hold

walking there is a quickening in my

spirit saying be ready for it’s a

approximately to return forth quickly

and by way of this I felt surprising

surprises coming forth I felt a gust of

wind coming upon many the Lord brought

me into a vision a breath abruptly

coming into a lifeless body one moments

the guy became lifeless however and the

next second he became breathing the Lord

placed air into his lungs over again


if you needed this may the god of

wish fill you with all joy and peace as

you believe in him so you may

additionally overflow with Wish by means

of the power of the Holy Spirit Romans

attention listener join this

prayer with me and say it with me

merciful Lord we come against any

nonsecular sickness fighting against us

we destroy any generational curses which

have led to any diseases in our

households we pray that you dispose of

any strains of those diseases or curses

from us our children and all our

descendants give us the power to

overcome them Grant the faith to Live

Strong in desire and Glory we put put

off any nonsecular sellers of the Satan

inflicting this pain we cleanse our

family call with the Holy Ghost we claim

that no person on this family will face

such illness once more we declare that

Divine recuperation could be our portion

any longer and this own family can be

freed from all the Satan’s

preparations we are right here

lamentably to wish for a existence that

had slightly all started we have

misplaced and toddler we thanks for

giving them to us you answered our

prayers and also you blessed us with


baby Unfortunately they are gone and

we’re left with constrained memory and

the promise of what might have been we

are thankful that they were right here

in the first vicinity we pray pray for

them we ask what you take care of them

inside the spirit

world protect their souls and bless

their Spirits keep them in your bosom

give us the energy to move on from this

fill us with courage and assist us get

better from this in jesus’ name

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