🔴Be Silent and see what I do..”

God is saying to you

today my dearest child of mine you

consider that your help comes from me

and you consider that I have the fine

plan for you and I will offer it on the

right time then why are you annoying aot

Your Existence whilst uncertain

instances take place on your

Lifestyles have faith in me and do now

not fling away your Fearless religion in

me for it has a wonderful and tremendous

praise for that you need to want patient

patience too undergo up under difficult

instances without compromising so that

when you have performed the desire of

mine you can acquire and revel into the

full what’s

promised if you believe in God’s

determination like this

video in the Bible verses James

always says consider it natural pleasure

my brothers and sisters whenever you

face Trials of many types because you

understand that the checking out of your

faith produces

perseverance my dearest kids I recognize

that it is able to be tough to stay nice

while faced with economic complication

or unemployment but I want you to

recognize that there is constantly

desire even within the darkest of times

you aren’t by myself on this Warfare and

I am here to guide you in the direction

of the

mild I need you to realize that your

really worth isn’t describe by using

your job or your economic State of

Affairs you are a treasured and vital

character and you have so much to offer

the arena don’t allow your instances

Define you but instead use them as an

opportunity to gr and

research remember that each task is an

opportunity for boom use this time to

discover new interests and passions and

to connect with others who percentage


values and beliefs you bu

means recognize where these connections

can also lead you I need you to know

that I am always with you watching over

you and guiding you toward the right

course trust in me and understand that I

will never leave you alone on your

struggles God said enter am men to

acknowledge my blessing the almighty God

claims receive my peace it is my chronic

present to you the highquality way to

acquire this present is to take a seat

quietly in my presence trusting me in

every location of your

Lifestyles quietness and agree with

accomplish far greater than you can

imagine no longer most effective in you

but additionally on the planet and in

heaven when you believe me in a given

place you launch that trouble or person

into my

care spending time on my own with me can

be a difficult field because it is going

towards the hobby addiction of this age

you may also look like doing nothing

however absolutely you’re taking part in

battles going inside religious


regions you are waging battle no longer

with the weapons of the Arena however

with Heavenly guns that have Divine

strength to demolish sturdy holds living

near me is a certain defense towards

evil go gently through this day

maintaining your eyes on me I will open

up the way earlier than you as you’re

taking steps of consider alongside your

direction sometimes a manner before you

seems to be blocked if you Consciousness

at the impediment or look for a manner

found it you may in all likelihood go

off path instead cognizance on me the

shepherd who is made you along your life

Adventure before you are aware of it the

impediment will be at the back of you

and you may rarely recognize the way you

handed VI it that is the name of the

game of achievement in My Kingdom

although you stay privy to the scene

Global around you your primary awareness

is of me when the road before you looks

Rocky you could trust me to get you

through that tough patch my presence

enables you to face each day with

confidence Rest In The Deep Assurance of

my unfailing love let your frame Mind

and Spirit relax in my presence release

into my carome thing this is troubling

you so you can recognition your full

attention on me be OD by the great

dimensions of my love for you wider

longer better and deeper than anything

you recognize Rejoice at this

mindblowing love is yours for all time

the fine reaction to this excellent

present is a life steeped in


every time you thank me you acknowledge

that I am your lord and provider this is

the proper stance for a child of God

receiving with

Thanksgiving bring me the sacrifice of

gratitude and watch to look how great

deal I bless you type Jesus’s Supreme

King today’s word God is constantly

seeking to take us to better ranges he

needs us to develop and growth in every

place of life change is mostly a catalst

for increase in our lives it continues

us from getting caught in a rot God will

supernaturally open and close doorways

to preserve us at the root towards our

destiny he will stir us out of cushy

conditions and stretch us due to the

fact he loves Loves Us in excessive

amount of to permit us to live in

mediocrity you may be in a wonderfully

Pleasant State of Affairs for yours but

simply as he open that door all of a

sudden he closes it nothing occurs by

way of accident God is directing your

steps that means if a power does you

incorrect in case you go through a

setback and in case you L own or in case

you’re administrative Center

modifications you could either include

that exchange and God will use it to

take you higher or you willand it and

end up becoming stagnant and settling


mediocrity stay open for trade it may be

terrible at the floor but do not forget

that God could no longer permit it if he

did not have a reason for it if you may

Embrace that alternate the winds which

you idea would defeat you may sincerely

push you on your Divine future type lord

always protect

me Jesus is telling you right now I in

no way triggered you pain I do not

manipulate your orics I gave you free

will however talk to me and ask me for


I will heal you will repair you you’re

going to be telling a distinctive at all

very quickly a story of Way’s Miracle

shave located you a fulfillment taale

filled with so much thought you will

provide so a lot hope to so many human

beings when they see how good deal you

overcame man still came out on top I

bless so many humans and while their

existence is awesome they forget about

me please consider about me I love you

and I desire which you live close to me

if you agree type

if I say surely the darkness will

conceal me and the light comes to be

night around me even the darkness will

not be darkish to you the night time

will shine shine like the day for

darkness is as light to you Psalm

to dear listener join this Divine

prayer with me and repeat after me

Everlasting father thank you for the

benefits and mercies you have bestowed

upon me thank you in your protection and

steerage as we begin a new month I pray

with you Lord will help me in focusing

my thoughts on you and remaining in you

guide me in letting pass of any

distractions that may be interfering

with my connection with you teach me to

like you and manual me and focusing my

attention on you cleanse me of my sins

and assist me in letting pass of

something that doesn’t mirror properly

to your Holy Name help me and residing a

Christian’s life allow your Holy Spirit

to steer me in something I do Let It

serve as a consistent reminder to

constantly placed your first no count

number what help me to study your word

greater very well and to a Advantage the

expertise and know how important to use

it in my

Lifestyles when things do not pass as

deliberate please remind me that your

plan for me is better than what I accept

as true with I desire as every day

passes please make stronger my religion

in you jesus’ name

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