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Lord wants to talk to you

today my dear child don’t fear about

something instead pray about the whole

lot and trust in me you constantly say

your help comes from the maker of heaven

and the Earth and also you consider that

too you even know that I will in no way

disappoint folks who trust in me then

why do you still fear about sure matters

you recognize what took place within the

existence of Elijah when drought passed

off I furnished what Elijah wished the

water to drink and I had directed the

Ravens to deliver him with food in The

Identical way I realize what you want

better than all and Sury I will offer it

to you at the proper time have faith in


in the Bible verses Romans

always says no in all these things

we are extra than conquerors by him who

cherished us watch this full video all

the way through to the

end my Brave kids I am always with you

helping you and taking note of your

prayers I realize how times you are

tempted via the bad

influences and peer strain in your

formative years or younger adulthood and

I understand your struggles and doubts

you aren’t alone in this combat for I am

your clever father and your devoted

manual you are valuable and valuable to

me and I love you greater than you could

imagine you are my toddler and not

anything can SE separate you from my

love you have a wish and a future and I

will make you a mild and ass salt and

the global do not be afraid for I am

with you do not ashamed for I am your

God I will improve you and encourage you

I will guard you and deliver you trust

in me with all your heart and lean no

longer in your very own information Dot

and all your methods renowned me and I

will make your paths

immediately I am the Lord your Defender

I am the god of all Grace is something

to tough for me I even have the power to

conquer the sector I will come up with

the spirit of strength love and strength

of will I will make you extra that I

conquer and all things Lord claims type

why he ask if you want to experience my

peace affirm something enormously

exciting and life converting goes to

take place for me I am going to be very

high quality approximately the lot I

agree with

myself I believe the universe I’m

mastering and developing and it’s all

intended to assist me attain my Highest

Potential I am ready to receive

type if you affirm the Divine

message saying let me prepare you for

the day that stretches out earlier than

you I realize precisely what these days

will incorporate whereas you’ve got vast

and distinct ideas about it you would

love to look a map displaying all off

twists and turns of your journey you

experience greater organized if few can

by some means visualize what is on the

road in advance however there is a

higher way to be organized for anything

you may come upon

nowadays spend nice time with me I will

no longer display you whats on the

street beforehand but I will thoroughly

equip you for the adventure my dwelling

presence is your companion in each step

of the

manner stay in continual communication

with me Whispering my name each time you

need to redirect your thoughts thus you

may stroll through at the present time

with your attention on me my abiding

presence is the first class street map

available strive to trust me in

increasingly more areas of your life

anything that has a tendency to make you

anxious is an increase opportunity

instead of going for walks away from

these challenges include them eager to

benefit all the blessings I have hidden

inside the problems if you agree with

that I am Sovereign over each aspect of

your life it is feasible to believe me

in all situations don’t waste energy

regretting the way matters are or

thinking about what might have been

start at the present moment accepting

things precisely as they are and look

for my manner in the midst of these

situations trust is sort of a body of

workers you can lean on As You Adventure

uphill with me if you are trusting in me

continually the staff will endure as an

awful lot of your weight as wished lean

on trust and be confidence and to KN

with all coronary heart and mind share

this video to help us spread the message

te be with you ever for the reason that

Resurrection this has been my watch word

to folks who yearn for me as you take a

seat quietly allow my peace settle over

you and infold you in my loving presence

to offer this radiant peace for you I

die a croak loss of life receive my

peace abundantly and luckily it is a

rare treasure impressive and delicate

Beauty but strong enough to withstand

our onslaughts where my peace with Regal

dignity it will keep your heart and mind


mine enter in if you believe in the

Archangel listen up God promises victory

for you while he makes this promise

proper hand God will keep you up

spiritually all through those instances

as you pour your coronary heart out in

prayer as you fill your thoughts and

heart with his phrase He will carry you

up from these worried situations with

his righteous or aminer hand in

historical days the proper hand of a

king signified granting you desire you

will receive God’s choose in each battle

which you are UNF foot through as you

hold your eyes on him so nowadays can

you are taking this opportunity to

believe God more and to pour out your

issues to him right there and the midst

of all that is messy on your Lifestyles

he is with you and he’s your God so move

move inform each of your situations that

you may now not be worried or dismayed

you have god with you in each single

considered one of them you do not ought

to stroll via them on my own or afraid

ever type how man if you believe in

God God says you might not understand

the whole thing it truly is taking place

and that’s okay just recognize that it

is no longer constantly approximately

you however approximately something

extra outdoor of you my plans are

usually for the good of those who agree

with where you are as not permanent I

actually have explosive benefits come in

your manner I will boom you past your

income I will abruptly alternate matters

to your

lifestyles I noticed your tears the


nighttime be endorsed I’m continually

working sometimes you in see it

sometimes you cannot feel it sometimes

you cannot hold close what a am doing

that’s what faith is trusting me

irrespective of what you may see do you

no longer be worried

approximately something I already

constant and the Heavenly realm its

miles fixed and could happen inside the

Earthly realm on the appointed time so

have a good time now due to the fact it

is performed

already type Jesus is Almighty King now

but he became pierced for our

transgressions he was crushed for our

iniquities the punishment that brought

us peace became on him and by way of his

wounds we are healed Isaiah

– dear listener join this prayer with

me and repeat heavenly father thank you

for my Lifestyles today everyone is

chasing after money and belongings these

days that is now the measure of

happiness in a man’s life people are

doing whatever they are able to to have

the fine matter in this life the nice

Vehicles the high quality houses and the

satisfactory Powers they do not care who

they ought to harm to get these

matters I pray to you today to assist me

with attention on the things of your

country I want to know your word and

recognize you even better I need your

joy in my heart the joy that makes me

smile even if things are going loopy


when I sense like I cannot get anywhere

on this existence please Supply me Joe

in my heart when human beings see me

like a nobody and forget me please give

me Joe in my coronary heart help me

experience content with all you’ve got

given me keep me from chasing after this

International and hurting human beings

over the things of the Satan up me stay

faithful for your phrase and hold

directly to my salvation through Jesus

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