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God is saying to you

today my little child look returned over

your Lifestyles and don’t forget the

times I made a Manor where you failed to

see a Manor remember the ones times I

put you on the right area and on the


time think approximately the times I

opened door was a promoting for you

became troubles round and protected you

I am Telling You nowadays don’t

Awareness on your issues focus on me

your heavenly father what you believe

you studied about and meditate on as

what I willly purpose to grow for your

light what I actually have in keep for

you is greater better and more

worthwhile than whatever you have ever

visible within the past I will solution

your prayer

PR if you have faith in Jesus please

watch this

video my little child I am here to

provide it to you as a God I have the

energy to appease your ache and menend

your damaged heart however I

additionally realize that every now and

then it’s miles important to sense the

pain for you to

heal you are not alone in your suffering

I am right here with you holding you

close up and comforting you trust in my

love and my power and you’ll discover

the energy to undergo this difficult

time I understand that your wounds can

also feel deep and overwhelming right

now but I promise you that they’ll heal

with time allow me to be your comforter

your source of Solace and assist as you

navigate VIA this difficult

time remember that you are strong and

resilient and that you will emerge from

this enjoy even stronger than earlier

then trust in my love and my power and

recognize that I am constantly here for

you protecting you close up and recover


wounds share this video and bless others

people in Bible verce Peter for

says Dear Pals do not be surprised at

the fear ordal that has come on you to

check you as although something atypical

was occurring to

you but rejoice in asmic as you take

part within the sufferings of Christ so

that you’ll be thrilled whilst his glory


discovered affirmation for life I am

confident in my victory and my potential

to create it I am longing for what’s but

to come I am at peace with I it is all

unfolding I am excited about the

unlimited possibilities off W can show

up I realize I am wherein I need to be

doing what I love and creating my

destiny my life is Opera rating out

fantastically for me I am displaying up

for myself and my happiness type yes to

verify type how man if you agree and by

taking comfort from those people

increase your faith in

God my dearest child of mine as presence

you find it simpler too determine the

way you need to go this is one of the

sensible benefits of living en closed to

me instead of thinking approximately

what is the road beforehand or stressful

about what you must do if or while you

could deal with staying in verbal

exchange with

me when you truly arrive at a choice

factor I will show you which course to

go you becoming increasing number of

aware of my many humans are so

preoccupied with death Destiny plans and

selections that they miss out on

alternative they want to make

nowadays without any aware awareness

they make their habitual responses

people who live this manner discover a

dness creeping into their lives they

Sleepwalk through their days following

well worn Paths of routine that the

creator of the universe a am the most

creative creative being

possible I will no longer go away you

circling in deeply rotted paths instead

I will lead you alongside clean Trails

of Journey revealing to you things you

probably did not recognize stay in

communicate with me follow my guiding

presence a thankful attitude opens home

Windows of Heaven spiritual blessings

for freely on to you via those openings

into eternity moreover as you look up

with a grateful heart you get glimpses

of Glory through the one’s home

Windows you cannot yet stay in heaven

but you could and your forecast of your

ultimate home such samples of heavenly

Fair revive your desire thankfulness

opens you up to those reviews which then

all for similarly reasons to be

thankful thus your root will become an

upward spiral ever increasing in

gladness thankfulness and some kind of

magic formula it is the language of love

which allows you to come communicate

intimately with me a thankful thought

set is no longer entail a denial of

reality with its plethora of

issues instead it rejoices in me your

savior I am midst of trials and

tribulations I am your safe haven and

power and ever present and well-proved

assist in

trouble if you have confidence in God

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people listen carefully have you quietly

taken into consideration how essential

it smiles to put Jesus first on your

life we want to make Jesus the middle of

our existence and the whole thing

Earthly in some other

order now lean in and pay attention

people who put jesus’ fist in life still

have hardships disappointments

sufferings sorrow and pain but

individuals who position Jesus is first

of their existence of many benefits that

the ones of the world do now not

have there is the energy of Godard

prayer The Fellowship of others who put

Jesus first of their lives the

opportunity to worship God in spirit and

in reality and be bolstered via that the

Holy Spirit guiding and directing us

through the phrase which he discovered


us the reception of many blessings which

might be reserved for people who are in

Christ and the listing goes on it is

just a massive mistake to now not

position Jesus first in your

life even in instances of heartbreak

cheeks that are bathed in tears and each

different circumstance it is

nevertheless clever to place Jesus First

In Your Existence and you already know

what if you don’t put him first he isn’t

always there at

all there isn’t any second place in

terms of our relationship with Jesus

suppose about

it type thank you God if you

believe sweet kids you’re not studying

this fire twist of fate this is your


hold on I am making a manner for you

eyes going to be okay you’re

approximately is stroll into the

greatest season of your

existence this world is packed with

unhappiness ache and hurt but it’s also

crammed with pleasure wonders and Beauty

turn most of your interest to the

goodness that this world has to offer

and and use the pain of This Global in

your gain allow it to help you

grow I shall shower you with blessings

and prosperity and banish all sorrow W

discouragement out of your

life through my holy words I shall heal

you from the burden of Despair that

burdens your soul and your mind I shall

plant M of Vitality placing Ablaze as

soon as dormant dreams like fiery

torches right thank you heavenly

father but folks that desire the Lord

will renew their strength they will soar

on wings like eagles they’ll run and now

not develop weary they may stroll and

now not be faint Isaiah

– attention listener join this

prayer with me and say it with me

precious Lord you today is what you come

into my life and assist me turn my life

around Lord I want a step forward in my

Lifestyles and I want you to help

me please make me a hit in all I do and

let me witness fulfillment and goodness

in my life in Jesus call I smash each

stronghold the adversary as over me and

and I banish failure and unhappiness

from my Lifestyles that please have

mercy on me and change my

fate allow your Holy Spirit to descend

and fill me allow it to show me with

Grace and Heavenly choose give me th

come to you nowadays to without a doubt

pray that you do something new in my

life I agree with you have plans to

prosper for me and I trust on your

phrases so my prayer to electricity and

confidence to stand the future knowing

that you Lord are my savior and that

your plans for my life will be

completed thank you so much for taking

the time to hear us out our work is to

bring happiness and Devotion to God in

your life and if you want please support

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