be yourself and do not judge others God

says when you judge others you shall be

judged in when you help people do not

announce to the world that you helped

anyone help people in secret and your

reward awaits you in heaven your flesh

and heart May Fail but God is the

strength of your heart in my portion

forever those who are far from God Shall

Perish God says I put you in bad

situations not because I need to harm

you because you need to learn a lot

about me when people are in situations

they don’t like they start to have time

for their creator and I am ready to

accept them and push them to a new level

God says he wants to be close to us but

he can’t be without our permission to

pour out our hearts to him everything

that happens to you whether good or bad

isn’t in accident God fashioned all

these things to work out for your good

God said unto all all creation go into

the world and preach the gospel to every

creature in hard times Praise Him in

Good Times Praise Him praising your

creator goes a long way God’s promises

in your life don’t come when you expect

it it comes when you least expect put

your trust in him and stop thinking the

god you serve Works behind the scenes

God knows and has blueprints for your

greatness and prosperity your greatness

is in his plan and idea but for you to

have access to these blessings God wants

you to be pure in heart and follow his

words eternal life doesn’t mean life

after death in heaven God gave us

eternal life the moment he created us we

were made to be great happy and joyful

use this moment to thank God for the

good things he has done and will do in

your life God says be of good cheer for

he has overcome the world and has given

us a life that has Beyond this world

World refuse to be controlled or

influenced by the systems of this

present World God said you’re in the

world but not of the world

Hallelujah Matthew says but seek

the kingdom of God first in his

righteousness and all th goodness of God

shall be added unto you may God’s

healing power work through you and may

your health be perfected God says do not

change from doing good to doing bad

because of how people treat you your

good would always fight for you

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