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today Jesus is speaking to

you my loving children I have a

top-notch plan and your Lifestyles I am

directing your steps and despite the

fact that you may not continually

apprehend how simply realize your

situation isn’t always a surprise to

me I will exercise session every element

on your gain I even have best timing

everything will flip out

Ry my dear kids I am right here no

longer to command however to guy to

consolation and to embrace you in this

moment of searching for Solace

inside note that you’re Adventure

towards self forgiveness is a sacred as

any pilgrimage it’s not approximately

racing the past h ever embracing it with

kindness and

expertise you are human flawed but

lovely in your

imperfections embrace the classes for

they carve the course toward

increase like this video if your faith


Assurance teas my child is not simply

the absence of turmoil however the

Concord inside oneself amidst lifestyle

storms I present you with the power to

navigate these turbulent Waters to

locate the Tranquil shorelines within

your own

soul forgiveness pricey one starts off

evolved with compassion closer to

oneself release the weight of guilt and

include the electricity of

self-compassion let the light of

forgiveness shine upon you Illuminating

the darkest corners of your

heart in the Bible vce Psalm to

always says may your unfailing love be


consolation according to your promise

and your

servant the almighty says right yes if

you accept my

grace Almighty Lord is saying to you

today I am preparing pring you for what

is on the road beforehand justest Round

the Bend take time to be still in my

presence so that I can enhance

you the busier you emerge as the more

you want this time aside with me so many

human beings suppose that point spent

with me is a luxury they can’t find the

money for as an end result they live and

paintings of their personal strength

till that becomes

depleted then they either cry out to me

for assist or shrink back in bitterness

how whole lot higher as miles to stroll

close to me depending on my strength and

trusting me in each state of affairs if

you live on this manner you may do less

however accomplish a long way

more you’re in her tempo of living will

stand out in this Rush crazed age some

people might also deem you lazy but many

extra will be blessed by your

peacefulness walk within the light with

me and you may replicate me to the


International do not resist or run from

the problem St your

Lifestyles these problems are not random

errors their hand tailor made advantages

is designed in your gain and growth

embrace all the circumstances that I

allow to your life trusting me to convey

appropriate out of

them view problems as possibilities to

depend extra absolutely on me when you

begin to feel burdened let those

emotions provide you with a warning on

your want for me thus your desires end

up doors to Deep dependence on me and

increasing intimacy among

us although self-sufficiency is a

claimed inside the international

Reliance on me produces considerable

residing in my country thank me for the

difficulties to your existence for the

reason that they offer protection from

the idolatry of

self-reliance typs to claim this

blessing sweet kids trust me in every

detail of your Lifestyles nothing is

random In My Kingdom everything that

takes place suits into a sample for

right to people who love

me instead of attempting to research the

intricacies the sample Focus your energy

on trusting me and thanking me always

nothing is wasted while you walk near me

even your mistakes and sins may be

recycled into something right through my


Grace while you have been nonetheless

dwelling in darkness I started to shine

the light of my presence into your sin

stain Lifestyles finally I lifted you up

out of the M into my Marvelous Light

having sacrificed my very life for you I

may be depend on in each side

of your

existence affirmations for life I am

enough just the way I am complete due to

the fact I place effort into my recovery

I am love because I am loving I am

supported because I am

supportive I am plentiful because I have

launched limited questioning every step

I take develops my strength every desire

I make empowers my self assurance in my

capabilities every lesson I study

teaches me the way to win even bigger I

am taking part in my journey of creating

extra I love who I

am type yes if you

agree listen carefully walking via Faith

sounds notable until you wean reality

start taking walks by way of faith

and now not through sight The Venture is

that whilst you’re believing for

Supernatural H breakthroughs you are

seeing heral obstacles hurdles and

challenges while you are believing for

God to open doorways no guy can close

you are seeing all the doorways that

have been slammed closed to your

face while you are believing for the

merchandising that does not C come from

the north south east or west however

comes from God you’re seeing others

promoted around you even a s appearer to

be going backwards while you are

Faithfully sewing in believing for

increase you’re seeing simplest

decrease while you understand God as

capable of do relatively abundantly

specifically you could consider you are

seeing much less than than you hope for

the combat is to your eyes Faith relies

on agree with no longer

knowledge fix your eyes on Jesus stay in

faith stop searching around and begin

looking up it takes both religion and


too everything is set to change from one

way to some other from ready on it to

taking walks in it from cry to laughter

from broken to whole from empty to

restored the father is moving in moments

it’s a effective season praise him

earlier for victory is upon us nothing

will quickly be the Sam a new season a

modern you blessed healed and

restored type I love God

now God is saying you today at this

factor I recognize you are considering a

masses of matters the pressure appears

to mount every day you’re exhausted let

pass and allow me deal with your hassle

you can consider me I’ll help you don’t

worry about it I’ve got you

covered before December arrives you will

enjoy a chain of great events in an

effort to carry you pleasure peace and

prosperity these Miracles will not take

place via

risk they will occur due to the fact you

have earned them you have been a loyal

servant and I am thrill together with

your devotion as a reward I will shower

you with blessings that will surpass

your wildest

goals type how man if you believe in God

the Lord himself is going before you and

can be with you he will by no means

leave you nor forsake you do not be

afraid do no longer be discouraged


– dear listeners join me in prayer

Lord once I see how the sector is

changing from time to time I began to

sense unsure please help me now not to

embrace something this is forbidden

through you but to degree all things

with the aid of your divine yard

stick what was once commonplace truth is

frowned upon at new standards are being

espouse standards that you probably did

not set out for us let me comply with

Bast your way let me hear Bast your

voice not the voices of folks that do

now not consider on your

teachings let me have fun and rejoice

with individuals who do consider and you

help me to face organization usually and

Advantage my energy through religion

prayer study of your word and worship

let me flip my head from matters that

damage or weaken

me let me say no to the Forbidden that


for a quick second in time looking in

advance to the pleasures you’ve got

looking forward to all who observe your

path to eternal

glory thank you Lord for the wisdom to

mention no to guys constant converting

life that steal me far from you keep my

eyes fixed on you I ask this in the name

your son Jesus

Christ typow men if you believe I pray

to God your life will uplift mentally

spiritually financially may you get

success and if you want to support us

you can donate through super


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