the devil can’t take everything from you

when your everything is God Mark Jesus

heal the paralyzed man because of the

man’s friend’s Faith this is why your

circle matters if you prayed about it

then don’t worry about it when the time

is right God will give you what is me

and for you today I choose Joy over pain

I choose hope over pessimism I choose

Faith over fear I choose Jesus over this

world I would not be here with the ease

and Grace I’ll have in my heart without

my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ stop

asking God why am El going through this

and start asking him what are you

preparing me for in my life I have

learned that there are blessings behind

every struggle there is pain with every

change there are dreams that turn into

unanswered prayers there is sunshine

after each storm

there is always a season for everything

and a breakthrough in every heartbreak

God created heaven and earth in six days

who’s to say he can’t change your life

in one stay faithful never get tired of

saying Hank you to God Christianity is

the most mocked made fun of and

persecuted religion in the world people

use Jesus Christ is a curse word the

devil works hard too convince people

that Jesus isn’t real and tries to make

Christianity a joke that’s one of the

reasons I know Jesus is King Mary

someone who will I chase Jesus with you

you won’t have to chase what God sent

that’s how you will Co don’t forget

Jesus when he what gives you asked for

you I’m living in blessings that used to

be prayers one day it will happen you

will look back at see that God walked

with you every step of the way it may

not feel like it right now but it’s the

truth rest in the knowledge that God is

leading you where you need to be you

will understand one day

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