???? URGENT ” I Have Sumthing To Tell you”Don’t Skip This Message “God Message Today

one days when you feel too overwhelmed

know that God is not finished yet so

guard your heart don’t let those

emotions win there is a purpose in what

you can’t see I always thought that love

was shaped like a heart but it’s

actually shaped like a cross Memorial

Day prayer heavenly father on this

Memorial Day we pray for those who Cousy

laid down their lives for the cause of

Freedom May the example of their

sacrifice Inspire and is the Selfless

Love of your son our Lord Jesus Christ

bless the families of our fallen troops

and fill their homes and their lives

with your strength and peace embolden is

to answer the call to work for peace and

Justice and thus seek an end to violence

and conflict around the globe we pray

through Christ Our Lord amen the devil

wants you to find your identity in

anything and everything other than Jesus

Christ at some point today God will

protect you from something you didn’t

even know was there to harm you God did

didn’t remove the Red Sea H parted it

sometimes God doesn’t remove your

problems he makes a way through them

Jesus is steel King even though are

World acts like he isn’t this journey of

life will have highs and lows you are

going to experience both loss and love

you will feel alone at times and at

other times wrapped in the arms of God

so stay focused on the destination this

journey will worth it one day when Jesus

welcomes you home I believe in Jesus not

because my parents told me to not

because my church told me to but because

I have experienced how awesome he is God

tells us over and over in the Bible to

stop worrying and start trusting him God

loves you too much to leave you the way

you are the devil wants us to worry God

wants is to pray living in today’s world

and culture is as bad as it will one

year get for Christians that if you

don’t believe in Jesus this is as good

as it’s ever going to get think about

that I don’t deserve the

, chances God has already given to

me and I didn’t deserve any that he will

give me in the future but there he is

always by my side thank you Lord I’m not

ashamed to say that I can’t do this all

alone I need Jesus God is not in a hurry

you are it’s why you are tired it’s why

you are anxious stressed and

disappointed today I pray that you

surrender your timeline in favor of his

peace trust that what was meant to be

yours will be yours if God has blessed

you today comment amen what if God

doesn’t always change our situation

because hi’s more interested W changing

us being a Christian isn’t just a Bible

verse in your bio keeping a Daily

Journal or wearing a cross necklace it’s

saying no to the world and yes to Jesus

when everything around you fights

against it following Jesus isn’t always

easy but it’s so worth it I have watched

God completely remove people who I

thought I wanted in my life and replace

them with people that he knew I truly

need it his plan is always greater than

mine Lord please correct me when I’m

wrong guide me when I’m lost strength

than me when I’m weak and give me a push

when I start to give up don’t ignore the

signs you asked God to give you a woman

W fears the Lord will be greatly praised

dear God please protect my family and

friends from any pain and troubles that

are in their way please reassure them

that they are loved amen things you will

never regret praying putting your phone

down listening over talking visiting

Grandma reading the Bible investing in

memories being thankful for giving

others forgiving yourself giving a

compliment drinking more water saying

love you trusting God I don’t know who

needs to read this but God knows what

you are going through he’s got you

everything will be okay Lord prepare me

for what I’ve been praying for amen if

you knew my story you’d understand how I

know that God answers prayers I am a

Christi on the first am not perfect I

make mistakes I mess ups but God’s erase

is bigger than my sins Jesus never said

this would be easy Lord I am thankful

that there’s nothing you can’t do I am

thankful that there is not a mountain

you can’t move I’m thankful that you’re

a way maker a miracle worker a promis

keeper thank you so much for being you

in Jesus name amen

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