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Jesus is speaking to

you my beloved child don’t surrender I

recognize you are beneath attack in your

budget your health and your

relationships that is just a sign that

you are near your step

forward the enemy has declared Warfare

towards you and your family but I

actually have declared peace Victory

restoration and and blessings over your

Lifestyles and my phrase is

final so rise and start your day be

advocated because the blessing you’ve

got been praying for is at your doorstep

just open the

door if you have faith in Lord please

like and share this

video my child as a God I actually have

the electricity to come the the winds

and nevertheless the waves however I

understand that occasionally it smes

important to weather the hurricane in an

effort to grow and

learn you are robust and resilient and I

trust on your potential to navigate

through this Tempest but even the

strongest of sailors want an anchor to

preserve them from drifting to a ways

off path so I could be your anchor

retaining you steady and giving you the

strength to

Bear know that I am constantly with you

even if the winds howl and the waves

crash around you you are in no way by

myself and you may continually flip to

me for consolation and steering trust in

my lovey and my

electricity and you may locate the vess

to stand any typhoon that comes your

manner remember my baby that storms can

also rage however they will constantly

bypass and when they do you’ll emerge

stronger and greater resilient than ever

earlier then keep your faith in me and I

may be your anchor in the

storm God claims right why ask if you

want to experience my

peace in the Bible verse Isaiah

– always says those the Lord has

rescued will return they will enter Zion

with singing Eternal Joy will Crown

their heads gladness and pleasure will

overtake them and sorrow and sighing

will flee

away affirm with me I permit money to

assist me allow my body to guide me I

allow my relationships to support me I

permit life to help me I deserve to be

pampered cherished and

supported I allow myself to confide in

and extended wealthy life where all my

needs and all my desires are

effortlessly and swiftly met I’ll allow

myself to be guided to this Abundant

Life I am

loved I am worthy I am sufficient thank

you thank you thank you thank you for

this super

existence if you’re prepared write yes

and send this message to fire believes


Lord the supreme god claims do

everything in dependence on me the

preference to act independently apart

from Springs from the root of

satisfaction self-sufficiency is subtle

insinuating its manner into your mind

and actions without your understanding

it but aside from me you could do

nothing that is nothing of everlasting

price do my deepest desire for you is

that you learn to rely on me in every

state of affairs I flow Heaven and Earth


accomplish this motive however you

should collaborated with me in this

training teaching you would be easy if I

negated your loose will or Crush you

with my power however I love you an

excessive amount of to withdraw the

Godlike privilege I bestowed on you as

my photo

Bearer use your freedom wisely by way of

depending on me continue continuously

thus you enjoy my presence and my

peace no matter what your instanes Canal

SOB you may find joy in my presence on a

few days Joy is generously strewn long

your life ruit glistening within the

daylight on days like that being content

material is as simple as respiratory the

subsequent breath or taking the next

step other days are overcast and gloomy

you experience the stress of the journey

which appears

countless D gray rocks greet your gaze

and cause your ft to ache yet Joy

continues to be attainable search for it

as for Hidden Treasure Again by

remembering that I have created this

present day it isn’t always a chance


recall that I am present with you

whether or not you experience my

presence or no longer then start speak

me with me approximately something is

for your mind rejoice in the fact that I

recognize you in step with Factory and I

know precisely what you are

experiencing as you retain speaking with

me your mood will progressively lighten

awareness of my staggering companionship

can Infuse joy into the great

day type I love dearly you

father the scripture says when the

clever guys first noticed Jesus they

have been absolutely beaten they fell to

their knees and wanted to worship him

with the whole lot fade giving became an


reaction they desired to Lavish him with

their love and presence they have been

giving because they were grateful and

desired to honor him when you supply to

God he does not need you to do just as

it’s providing time or do to the fact

you feel like you need

to in fact the Bible says do not give

grudgingly or below compulsion God


you to supply because your coronary

heart is overflowing with thankfulness

he wants you too be glad and joyful

whilst you provide he loves a cheerful

Giver meditate at the faithfulness of

God these

days think approximately what he’s

performed for you that he saved and

redeemed you dwell on the truth that he

is your your issuer as you meditate on

his goodness your heart will overflow

with thankfulness and much liketh wise

men giving might be an automatic

reaction typ pal man if you receive

this God is saying trust that I will

ultimately Elevate you up and relieve

your struggling with my ideal timing I

inspire you to be sturdy and cre

even when you experience

weak your energy does not rely upon

situations but for your confidence in my

presence with

you dear child I will bathe you with

infinite advantages huge Smiles

Financial achievement and improved

Health your body and mind are receiving

recovery and energy from me allowing you

to experience

steady and peaceful

surroundings no matter what you cross

through I am by your fet even in those

moments where it feels like you’re

dropping the race I am there to bolster

you and assist you

finish Jesus sacrificed on your

salvation yearning for your freedom and

Tranquility missed each adversity and

pleasure the electricity of my blood

holds the key to benefits for your

family your sincere desire to

development and your dedication to love

unconditionally resonates deeply with me

promise me your belief in my phrases and

make a commitment to commune with me


morning typal man if you believe in

Christianity trust in the Lord with all

all of your heart and lean now not in

your very own knoow and all your

approaches put up to him and he’s going

to make your paths straight Proverbs –

– dear listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me Lord I am honored

to be for your

presence when I say Hallowed be thy call

I am certainly in know the not simply

the extremely good matters you have got

done but just how amazing you are as

Daniel came to you in prayer three times

a day please help me to bear in mind to

pause in my day and replicate on how


you’re Help Me Be steady in my prayer

existence help me understand my identity

in you do oh Lord I ask that count what

happens today that I stand Corporation

within the religion let me be humbled by

means of the grace I have God and

everything I do and look to Jesus and

all the selections I ought to make

te amen I pray to your encouragement to

light my course nowadays I humbly ask

for a renewal of hope within me forgive

me for my times of death out and for

purchasing caught up in self-pity I

aware of it isn’t of

you Lord I pray for a person to help

today put them before me and assist me

or make a difference of their Lifestyles

I pray approximately my impatience and

tension oh Lord calm me

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