it’s okay to not be okay but God doesn’t

want you to stay that way get bom up

dust yourself off and let God lead you

out of this situation Lord I have no

idea where I am going but I trust you

with it all I can’t wait to hug Jesus

and thank him for all he has done Joseph

waited years Abraham waited years

Moses waited years Jesus vited

years if God is making you wait you’re

in good company all I want right now is

from you friends and family to know

Jesus Noah got drunk Jacob lied Moses

murdered Rahab was a prostitute David

had an affair Peter denied Jesus God

loves you to zero much too leave you

broken he has much more planned for you

God is not in a hurry you are it’s why

you’re tired it’s why you’re anxious

stressed and disappointed today I pray

you surrender your timeline in favor of

his peace trust that what was E A an to

be yours will be hello God I wanted to

say thank you thank you for my family

thank you for my lessons thank you for

my opportunities thank you for my life I

know I am not always grateful and I’m

sorry help me to not get so distracted

by this world that I forget how blessed

I am a am men be patient I know life is

full of closed doors right now but God

knows your frustrations trust that he

will open that next door at the right

time in your life his timing doesn’t

always match our desires but it matches

his plan be patient one day you will

tell the story about that one time you

were struggling so bad you didn’t know

what to do other than pray and how

without realizing it at the time God

stepped in someone will need to hear

that story too change their life too

esus left the you oh water how A Y

and out of what this vld D gets Jesus

wns in the end stop worrying about what

might have been when God had other plans

note to self if you really want to be a

good friend pray for them note to self

you might be the only exposure to

Christianity some people have so make

sure you represent it well note to self

treating people with love know matter

how they treat you makes you shine a

little brighter note to self give second

chances to people because God is

gracious enough to give you a million of

them note to self starting your day with

the Bible instead of your phone will

change your life you aren’t far from God

you are just distracted by this world do

you mind commenting amen and sharing

this with a friend wh might need it

sometimes God talks to you through songs

social posts circumstances coincidences

and thoughts sometimes God says no

because he has something better planned

for you sometimes God removes people

from your life b e c a u JS e he here’s

things you don’t sometimes God lets you

be alone so you understand you only need

him sometimes God lets you hit rock

bottom so that you realize that God is

the rock at the bottom I wish I knew

these things as a kid but at least I

know them now thank you Lord for

protecting me from things I never knew

we trying to harm me amen seven things

of learn it now that and getting older

one God is still in control two Christ

is still King three the spirit is still

within you four the church is still

essential five Satan is still deceiving

six the gospel is still saving seven

glory is still coming today we need to

take a deep breath and calm ourselves

down Jesus already beat this game for us

Jesus the way the truth the life John

happy moments praise God difficult

moments seek God Quiet Moments worship

God painful moments trust God in every

moment thank God not once in the Bible

does it say to worry about it stress

over it or figure it out but over and

over it says to trust God I would rather

wait on God than settle for less put

those worries in God’s hands tonight and

let him give you some rest don’t forget

God when you get what you prayed for

October goals one focus on peace not

fear two read the Bible every day three

pray for someone who hurt you four trust

God more than yourself

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