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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son from eternity even

before the creation of the world I have

harbored a love for you that surpasses

human understanding unfolding in my

perfect plan I sent you as the ultimate

expression of my love and grace to

humanity the words spoken by the lips of

my son Jesus resonate as the essence of

my heart for he declared to be the way

the truth and the life I am the way the

truth and the life no one comes to the

father except through me John

in the sacred Pages faithful

Witnesses like Simon Peter recognized

your Divinity and proclaimed with hearts

overflowing with with faith that you are

the Christ the son of the Living God in

that moment the indisoluble union

between the Divine and the human was

revealed and joy echoed in the heavens

for this Supernatural recognition

granted by my spirit as we delve into

the Wonder of the father-son

relationship understand that this Bond

surpasses human understanding it is

eternal and unbreakable your role in

this Grand narrative is crucial as you

are the manifestation of my redeeming

love the Incarnate son Jesus came to

reconcile Humanity with me and in his

Redemptive work he established the

foundation for your communion with me

beloved child never forget that you are

a unique expression of my grace your

days were written in the book of life

before one of them came to be in each

page I see the story of my faithfulness

and my unwavering love for you creation

reflects my glory and your life is a

crucial piece in This Magnificent puzzle

when Jesus proclaimed to be the way the

truth and the life he offered an

opportunity for all who accept him to

find the way back to me the cross a

symbol of supreme sacrifice is the

portal leading to

reconciliation your heart aligned with

the truth of Christ becomes a Beacon of

Hope for those who have not yet

experienced the Great Grandeur of my

love in the confession of Simon Peter

echo’s a truth that resonates throughout

eternity just as Peter recognized his

identity in Christ you are called to be

an active participant in the Redemptive

work your life United with Christ is a

source of life for the spiritually

thirsty remain steadfast in faith as you

are a link in this Divine Chain of Love

in your journey you will face challenges

but remember that I am with you in every

moment my grace is sufficient for you

and my power is perfected in your

weakness trust in my plan for it is

filled with hope and purpose at the peak

of the manifestation of my love Jesus

declared I am the resurrection and the

life the one who believes in me will

live even though they die John

these words are the promise of

eternal life the most precious gift I

offer to humanity through his death and

Resurrection hope blossomed for all who

believe as the veil of separation

between humanity and me was torn

contemplate the extraordinary humility

and Obedience of my son as recorded by

Paul in Philippians have the same

attitude as Christ Jesus who being in

very nature God did not consider

equality with God something to be used

to his own Advantage rather he made

himself Nothing by taking the very

nature of a servant being made in human

likeness Philippians veres to this

was an unparalleled demonstration of

love as he the creator of the universe

humbled himself to redeem Fallen

Humanity the sacrifice of my son was not

in vain for he was exalted to the

highest position and the name of Jesus

is above every name heaven Earth and

even under the Earth bow before him and

every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ

is Lord to the glory of the father


– Redemption is complete and

forgiveness flows abundantly to those

who accept the gift of Salvation offered

through the sacrifice of the lamb in the

book of Hebrews the immeasurable

compassion of Jesus is highlighted as

the perfect high priest he can simp

sympathize with your weaknesses having

been tempted in every way yet without

sin Hebrews

he understands the pains struggles

and dilemas of your Earthly Journey

there is no anguish he does not know and

he is ready to intercede for you for his

love transcends all human understanding

look to the Sun the radiance of my glory

the exact representation of my being he

upholds all things by his powerful word

he who accomplished the purification of

sins is seated at the right hand of my

Majesty on high surpassing the angels

for the name he inherited is

incomparably superior to theirs Hebrews

to Dear child understand that

this love is unconditional immeasurable

and eternal there is no barrier that can

contain the torrent of my love for you

from the beginning I planned Your

Existence and every step of your journey

is watched over by my loving gaze the

cross was the Pinnacle of this love

where the price was paid so you could

enjoy the fullness of my presence as you

contemplate these inspired words let the

power of my love envelop your heart do

not fear for perfect love casts out all

fear John

surrender yourself to me like a

sheep to a Shepherd trusting that my

love is sufficient to sustain you guide

you and transform you in this Earthly

Journey stand firm in the faith you

profess for you have a magnificent high

priest Jesus the son of God who

intercedes on your behalf he is aware of

your weaknesses but also knows the

transforming power of his love at work

within you at every stage of your life

remember the words of Jesus I am with

you always to the End of the Age Matthew

this eternal commitment represents

the unwavering love I have for you which

never waivers never gives up and never

abandons you may these words shine as a

constant light in your days Illuminating

the path of your journey embrace the

love I offer you with an open heart for

you are my beloved child and in you my

heart rejoices in the confidence of

these truths face challenges with the

certainty that you are not alone the

bond between us is indisoluble and Jesus

intercession is the anchor that sustains

you in the most difficult moments be

strengthened by the certainty that you

are loved

unconditionally may your faith Blossom

like a garden cultivated by Divine love

and may each step be guided by the Light

Of Truth proclaimed by Jesus in every

day of your journey remember the

endurance in promise of my love which

remains constant even in the face of


vicissitudes with love God hope this

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