???? God Says Today???? “THIS IS SHOCKING” | God Message For You Today

my precious child take my hand and let the love I bring permeate your very

being close your eyes and find Serenity in my voice let the truth I etch upon your

soul resonate within you the trials you face in this fleeting moment will soon

be Distant Memories fading like Mist under the radiant Sun you long for a

miracle in this still point and I am here ready to manifest the Wonders your

spirit year turns for the Shadows that surround you will dissolve like ink in

Clear Water release the burdens from your mind for as your Guiding Light I

will provide for your every need your table will overflow with abundance your

reserves will never run dry and your dwelling will Echo with laughter and contentment no longer will you rise each

morning feeling Shackled by the weight of the world instead your essence will Glide effortlessly unencumbered as you

navigate your life’s journey I will sharpen your perception enabling you to

discern and cherish the Luminous future that awaits us as we travel this path

together cling tightly to my hand for I am your unwavering support through every

adversity when new towering challenges Loom before you let your heart be at

peace I am your impenetrable Fortress your wise counsel your beacon in the

darkest night and your Illumination in the brightest day I am your Eternal Father the voice

that guides you my love for you runs deeper than you can fathom even when

your faith falters your heart scarred by the trials of Life hesitates to trust in love once

more you long to believe yet Whispers of Doubt reverberate through your mind

threatening to erode your faith but In This Moment release that inner struggle

and ex accept the Tranquility I extend to you welcome me into your heart

allowing my light to dispel those Relentless uncertainties banishing them to the farthest reaches of the

cosmos reflect upon the countless instances when you’ve felt my presence in your life even if the memories

sometimes slip away your anxieties obscure your sight and your restless

thoughts bury those precious moments beneath a veil of melancholy

today I am here to reawaken the Exquisite emotions lying dormant within

you I Breathe new life into your soul resurrecting the dreams that have Lain

hidden and forgotten I reignite the Eternal youth that resides within you for your age is

irrelevant to me I perceive the Timeless spiritual Radiance that emanates from

your being untarnished by the passage of years or the burdens of time you are

cherished beyond measure my watchful eye is upon you always and the protection I

offer surpasses all Earthly understanding I am the infinite the

boundless the unchanging yesterday today and forever

more my love for you was woven into the very fabric of creation and I have

sought you out from the beginning when you stumbled I breathed new life into your being lifting you

from the darkest abysses even if you fall a thousand times I will raise you up , more do

you require further evidence of my love and Power in these pivotal moments my

spirit reaches out to Every Soul that calls upon me in their time of need
Embracing God’s Unconditional Love and Blessings

Embrace This Promise of renewed existence infusing yourself with the hope that invigorates your very core as

I touch your heart I mend its fra rures and reawaken its Exquisite

sensitivity from this day forward tears of sorrow and anguish will be a distant

memory instead your tears will transform into rivers of pure joy cating down your

cheeks as a testament to the profound emotions that flood your being you will weep with gratitude as you recall my

works and witness the Marvels I will accomplish for you and those you hold

dear your tears will flow as you recognize the delicate blessings woven throughout your life each one

meticulously placed by my hand the friend who reaches out in your moment of need the doors that swing open to reveal

New Paths the unexpected reunion with a long lost loved one the emergence of

untapped opportunities and the Unseen instances when I have shielded you from harms

grasp attune your ears and quiet your mind for my voice will unveil the

secrets of your future I will expose hidden dangers deceptive paths veiled

wrongdoings and the ill intentions of those who seek to mislead you my words

will ring out with Clarity warning you of impending Peril and guiding you away from the snares and falsehoods laid

before you but I will also unveil the breathtaking moments when my hand is at

work in your life I will strategically place individuals in your path granting

you the opportunity to be a blessing to them so that you may finally recognize your own immeasurable worth and refuse

to allow anyone to diminish your value always remember my beloved that

your struggles are temporary the blessings that lie ahead far surpass the trials you face today my

love for you is eternal my protection unwavering and my blessings unending it

is I who speaks to you now your your soul recognizes my presence your spirit

senses my touch the emotions that envelop you in this moment are no mere

coincidence these words reach your ears today because my love for you is

immeasurable and I understand the deepest longings of your heart I bestow upon you a strength and

resolve so powerful that you will conquer every obstacle that once threatened to pull you into the depths

of despair as you listen to my voice and absorb these words let them Infuse you

with the confidence faith and fortitude you will need to face the day ahead today you will receive joyous news

remarkable opportunities and challenges to overcome but know this within every

struggle lies a blessing of unimaginable proportions I am a loving father wholly

devoted to Bringing prosperity and well-being to you and your loved ones I have crafted a divine plan and purpose

for your life so I urge you to cast aside any doubts or complaints that may linger in your thoughts do not allow

anyone to sway you into a negative mindset many awaken each day grumbling
Focusing on God’s Miracles and Blessings Today

about their hardships and focusing on what they lack failing to recognize the precious blessings I have carefully

placed in their lives dismissing them as

insignificant however I invite you to let me transform your outlook when you

lift your voice in prayer trust that I am listening attentively I will hear

your please and provide the answers you desperately seek my Mercy envelops you sweeter than

the nectar of a thousand blossoms more radiant than the midday Sun this Divine

love illuminates every facet of your being dissolving the past and the mistakes that once haunted your steps

Purge your mind of destructive thoughts cleanse your spirit of all impurities

and emerge renewed your soul gleaming with the Brilliance and resilience of a flawless diamond you are never alone for

I have never abandoned you not even for the briefest of moments I have never forsaken you and I never

will view the challenges before you as mere Stepping Stones on your path to

Triumph all conflicts and obstacles lie Beneath Your Feet subject to your author

Authority I do not permit you to dwell in the past for it holds nothing for you

set your sights on the horizon for that is where your blessings

reside do not look back for the land of solitude offers you no

solace in your moments of prosperity many will look to you for guidance you

will lead them with wisdom and I will open doors of opportunity for you at the perfect time and place ensuring your

success you will rise above every Challenge and your adversaries will no longer have the power to trouble you

sorrow will dissipate like Morning Mist and Sadness Will vanish like a forgotten dream The Echoes of loneliness will be

silenced forever feel it my child your heart overflows with pure unadulterated

Joy this is no mere figment of your imagination my presence is actively

trans transforming your reality this change flows from your unwavering vibrant heartfelt belief

firmly rooted in my wisdom and shaped by my teachings Embrace this Truth for it

is the foundation upon which your new life will be built as you navigate the path ahead

remember that my love for you is a constant companion it will be The Wind Beneath Your Wings propelling you to new

heights it will be the steady ground beneath your feet providing stability and Assurance with

every step and it will be the light that illuminates your way guiding you through even the darkest of

nights so rise my precious one and face this day with renewed strength and
Rising with Renewed Strength and Purpose from God

purpose walk confidently in the knowledge that you are loved beyond measure protected Beyond Compare and

destined for greatness Beyond Your Wildest Dreams let your heart overflow with

gratitude for the blessings that are already yours and the countless more

that are yet to come and as you go forth carry my love with you let it be a

Beacon of Hope to those who are lost a balm of comfort to those who are hurting

and a source of joy to all who cross your path for as you give freely of the

love you have received you will find that it multiplies and returns to you in ways you never imagin

[Music] possible so take my hand my child and let us step into this new day together

let us embrace the adventure that lies ahead knowing that no matter what challenges may come we will face them as

one for you are mine and I am yours now and forever more and in the end when all

is said and done you will look back on this journey with Wonder and awe you

will see how every trial and every Triumph every tear and every smile was masterfully woven together to create a

life of purpose Beauty and unending joy and you will know beyond a shadow of a

doubt that you were never alone and that my love for you was the greatest force

in the universe guiding you shaping you and bringing you safely home so trust in

me my beloved child trust in the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and

not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future trust in the love that will never

fail you never forsake you and never let you go and Trust in the power that

resides within you the power to overcome to Triumph and to shine like the radiant

being you were created to be you are precious beyond measure valuable Beyond

Compare and loved Beyond imagination and no matter where this

journey may take you know that I will be with you every step of the way cheering

you on lifting you up and showering you with the blessings that are your Birthright as a child of the most high

so let your heart be filled with peace your mind be filled with hope and your

spirit be filled with the unshakable assurance that comes from knowing you are loved you are chosen and you are

destined for greatness for with me by your side nothing is impossible and no dream is

too big to achieve so dream boldly my child love fiercely and live

fully embrace the Abundant Life that is yours for the taking and never settle

for less than the Glorious future I have in store for you for you are mine and I

am yours and together we will change the world my beloved

child you possess a faith that is pure and unbreakable a blazing light that no
The Unshakable Faith and Prophetic Word Within You

Darkness can overcome come in this strength you will rise Victorious over every challenge that looms before you

you will stand unshakable a pillar of Courage even as the tempests of Life

crash against you when you must scale treacherous Peaks your spirit will soar

on wings of determination lifting you to Heights you never dreamed possible within you Burns an eternal

flame and I am the one who ignites it sparking an unquenchable passion in the

depths of your being this fire will fuel you through the years ahead empowering you to

embrace the fullness of the life I have destined for you though at times you have felt the weight of weariness and

the ache of Affliction I am your Oasis of Rejuvenation my love is the Wellspring

that will replenish Your vitality and saturate your soul with enduring wisdom

the insights I place within you are Treasures to be shared precious jewels of Revelation that will enrich the lives

of all who hear them your story will be a testament to the Wonders I work an

irrefutable witness that Miracles are the inheritance of Every Soul who reaches for me it is my boundless love

for you that breathes life into these words and as they echo in your spirit they will illuminate the path ahead

casting out all Darkness even now the purpose I have crafted for you is crystallizing with

Divine clarity every trial and misstep of your past will be transformed into a

reservoir of wisdom empowering you to walk in unwavering righteousness those who look to you will

find a mentor and guide one whose counsel is rooted in the unshakable Bedrock of my truth share with them the

revelations that have remade you my word alive in you the unassailable faith forged in The Crucible of adversity and

the quiet Whispers of my spirit that lead you on as you speak into their lives with tenderness and forbearance

they will behold the very Face of Love the face of a father who never fails or

forsakes whose devotion is unrelenting and whose forgiveness knows no

bounds the names of my beloved are forever carved into the depths of my heart each one cherished beyond measure

and my commitment to you precious one has been sealed in the blood of ultimate sacrifice a new dawn is breaking and

with it comes an invitation to arise and step into the fullness of your destiny confront your fears with

unshakable Valor knowing that I am the impenetrable shield that surrounds you

march forward in confidence to claim the territory I have a portioned for you a land of Bountiful blessings and

unimaginable promise if you could but Glimpse the depths of my affection for you if you could fathom how it swells

and surges with each passing moment you would never again question your worth or for your security in me every whispered

prayer every tearful plea every unspoken ache of your heart I hear them all and I

am never silent for each cry that escapes your lips Heaven Echoes with my
God’s Unfailing Love and Presence with You Today

response I hold the healing for your every wound the Solace for your every

sorrow the provision for your every need even when the veil seems impenetrable

and the silence deafening when doubts the sail and Faith waivers know this I

am with you I am for you and I will never leave you every blessing that

falls upon you every breakthrough that shatters the bonds of impossibility every glimmer of hope that

pierces the bleakness these are all born of my Fierce unrelenting love for

you so in this moment I call you to a higher realm of Faith to a place where

trust triumphs over trepidation refuse to be Shackled by the weights of worry and anxiety instead cast yourself upon

the certainty of my word for the promises I speak Over You Are Not Mere platitudes empty words that dissipate in

The Winds of circumstance no they are immutable unassailable truths anchored in the very

faithfulness of my character and for those who abandon themselves to me completely who stake their lives on the

shity of my love Miracles become not just possibilities but inevitabilities

I’m not unaware of the struggles that sometimes beset you the disappointments

that can color even the most joyous of days you may rise in the morning your

spirit buoyed by the Declarations of my devotion only to find your expectations

unmet and your desires unfulfilled as the day unfolds people may reject you cherished

dreams may crumble to dust and as the sun sets you may find your heart heavy

with the burdens of Brokenness in those moments when the silence seems impenetrable and you fear

that heaven is deaf to your cries know this I am nearer than your next

breath every whispered where are you God resounds like thunder in my ears every

stifled sob and hidden anguish is precious to me do do not believe the lie

that you must conceal your pain that weakness is something to be masked before men and before me let your tears

flow unhindered a sacred River of release for as they fall I collect each

one holding them close to my heart and one day beloved you will see

that I have transformed your weeping into jewels of unimaginable Splendor a

treasure Trove of intimacy forged in the secret place of suffering for I assure you there is purpose in

your pain redemption in your heartache as you fix your Gaze on me and

refuse to succumb to despair I am working all things for your good the

tears you so UST will yield a harvest of Joy Beyond imagining your scars will

become testimonies of Grace your battles will birth wisdom and your unyielding

faith will be rewarded with the exceedingly Abundant Life I have always destined for you

these words are not mere sentiment they are my solemn vow to

you I am etching them upon the walls of your heart engraving them so deeply that
Etching God’s Promises and Message on Your Heart

no storm can erode them you will find yourself dreaming my

promises Awakening with a newfound fervor to seek my face and anchor your

soul in the unshakable reality of my word no matter what lies ahead no matter

what fears May Rage or what doubts may assail this truth will be your unassailable Refuge my love for you is

the most powerful force in the universe and nothing can separate you from the safety of my

arms the world around you may quake and convulse the very ground beneath you may

give way voices of cynicism and derision May clamor for your attention casting

Shadows of unbelief even those closest to you the ones who share your blood and

your history may turn their backs and walk away but hear me now beloved my

love for you surpasses the combined affection of every human heart that has ever beaten it is fiercer than a

thousand Sons deeper than a million oceans more expansive than the universe

itself this is the love that upholds you the love that will carry you through

every trial and catapult you into your glorious destiny as long as you cling to this truth as

long as you anchor your identity in the immensity of my heart for you you will emerge

Victorious but if you loosen your grip and allow seeds of Doubt to take root

you will find yourself a drift in a sea of confusion Carried Away by the whims

of the world that is why I am here right now reminding you that you are never alone

never with without an advocate and a champion in me I am your everpresent help your

unfailing comforter your shield and your deliverer yet even as I draw near to you

I long to see you rise up in the authority of your faith and take hold of all that is yours in

me I am watching and waiting eager to see you push back against the darkness

with the light of my love I have destined you to be an overcomer one who knows how to stand

firm against opposition and walk in the fullness of my blessings a glorious

future awaits you a life of favor and fruitfulness of Miracles and

triumphs this is the crown I have prepared for you the reward for a heart that stays true to

me and what is it that I ask in return simply this give me your heart

unreservedly and unashamedly fix your eyes on my face and refuse to look away no matter how Fierce

the storms may rage do not allow the opinions of men to derail Your Destiny

or the failures of your past to Define your future when you feel the pull of
Trusting in God’s Divine Plan to Prosper You

Temptation The Whispers of compromise and complacency remember the sound of my voice calling you higher beckoning you

into the Abundant Life I have ordained for you if today you find yourself in a place of desperation if the burdens have

grown too heavy to bear and the fight too Fierce to endure know that I am here

ready to break through on your behalf I am the god of the impossible

the one who specializes in making a way where there seems to be no way I hold the keys to every locked door

the solution to every unsolvable problem so bring me your heartaches and your fears your doubts and your

disappointments lay them all at my feet and leave them there trusting in the goodness of my plans for

you as you release your grip on control and surrender your life to my loving

sovereignty you will find the chains of Oppression snapping the weights of worry lifting and a newfound Freedom flooding

your soul this is my promise to you and it is a promise that will never fail it

is the same assurance that has sustained my people through every generation the UN wavering faithfulness that has

carried them through the darkest valleys and the fiercest battles and it is the promise that will hold true for you now

and forever so do not be afraid my child I am with you and I will never leave you

even when the path ahead seems shrouded in darkness even when your own strength falters and fails I will be your

unshakable anchor my love will light the way Illuminating every step and guiding

you into the Glorious Destiny I have prepared for you you are precious to me

cherished beyond measure and I am committed to fulfilling every promise I have spoken over your

life as you fix your heart on me and surrender your life to my leading you will find me fighting for

you moving mountains on your behalf and bringing forth Miracles Beyond Your

Wildest imaginings so rise up beloved rise up in

the power of my love and the strength of my spirit within you shake off the

chains of fear and step into the fullness of your identity in Me For You

Are My Chosen One my treasured possession and nothing can stand against the plans I have for you I am calling

you higher drawing you deeper inviting you into a life of unshakable faith and

immeasurable impact will you say yes will you trust

me with your whole heart and follow me into the Glorious unknown if you do I promise you this

every struggle will be worth it every sacrifice will be redeemed and every dream will pale in comparison to The

Marvelous reality I will unfold in your life you are loved with an everlasting

love and that love will carry you through every trial every challenge every storm so fix your eyes on me hold

fast to my promises and watch as I move in power on your behalf for I am the god

of breakthroughs and I am about to break through for you my cherished one in this

very moment I am reaching out across the vast expanses of creation to touch your
Resting in God’s Loving Embrace and Blessings

precious heart feel the tender Embrace of my presence enveloping you permeating

every fiber of your being with an all consuming love that knows no bounds you

are the treasured Jewel I hold close to my heart in you I find my delight though

the trials of this world may batter against your weary soul I stand as your unwavering Fortress your unshakable

refuge in the midst of life’s fiercest storms when the enemy assails you with

doubt and fear Whispering lies that threaten to extinguish the flame of Faith within you cling to the truth of

my unfailing love for I’ve carved your name upon the palms of my hands and

nothing in all of creation can separate you from the depths of my affection even

now I am breathing new life into your spirit Awakening dreams that have long

Lin dormant stirring up a hunger for the Abundant Life I have ordained for you

since the dawn of time the seeds of purpose planted deep within your soul are breaking forth stretching towards

the light of my glory yield yourself fully to the transformative power of my

spirit and watch as I cause streams of Living Water to flow from the very depths of your

being as you fix your eyes upon me the author and perfector of your faith the

chaos of this world will fade into the background and a supernatural peace will flood your heart for I am the one who

Stills the Raging Seas with a single word the one who sets the stars in their

Celestial dance and I am the one who holds you in the palm of my hand guiding

your every step along Ong the path I have carved out for you trust in me with an unwavering heart for I am the solid

rock beneath your feet the Firm Foundation upon which you can build a life of unshakable Faith lean not on

your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge me and I will make your

paths straight for my thoughts are higher than your thoughts and my ways

are higher than your ways when the voices of doubt and condemnation clamor

for your attention tune your ear to the whisper of my still Small Voice for I

singing over you with songs of Deliverance declaring the truth of who you are my beloved child righteous and

holy and redeemed no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every

tongue that rises against you in judgment you shall condemn as you abide in me and my words

abide in you you will bear fruit that remains a test TT to the power of my

love at work within you for I am the vine and you are the branches apart from

me you can do nothing but as you remain rooted and grounded in my love you will

flourish like a tree planted by streams of Living Water your leaves never withering your branches heavy with the

weight of my goodness I am the light that illuminates your path the lamp unto

your feet when darkness threatens to overtake you fix your gaze upon the radiance of my my countenance and let my

glory dispel every shadow for I have called you out of Darkness into my Marvelous Light that you might proclaim

the Praises of him who has fearfully and wonderfully made you rest in the Assurance of my enduring faithfulness
The Enduring Faithfulness of God’s Word Today

for I am the same yesterday today and forever more my Covenant of Love is

Everlasting so let your amen ReSound with unshakable faith knowing that I

will never leave you nor forsake you even in the valley of the shadow of death I am with you my rod and my staff

comforting you I have prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies anointing your head with the oil

of gladness surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life and you will dwell in the house of

the Lord forever for I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope in a future what the enemy meant for evil I

will turn for your good that my glory might be revealed through every Twist and Turn of your journey so fix your

eyes not on what is seen But on what is unseen for the things that are seen are

transient but the things that are unseen are Eternal set your minds on things above

not on Earthly things I am the resurrection and the life whoever believes in me though he

may die yet shall he live and everyone who lives and Believes In

Me shall never die death has lost its sting and the grave has been swallowed

up in Victory for I have conquered sin and death and I hold the keys to hell in

the grave you are more than a conqueror through me who loves you no trial or

hardship no persecution or famine no danger or sword can separate you from my

love I have engraved you on the palms of my hand hands and nothing can snatch you

out of my grasp you are mine forever a precious Jewel in my eternal Crown so

let not your heart be troubled neither Let It Be Afraid for in this world you

will have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world my peace I leave with you my peace

I give to you not as the world gives do I give to you let not your hearts be troubled

neither let them be afraid for I am your shield and your exceedingly great reward

I will never leave you nor forsake you I will strengthen you and uphold you with my righteous right hand fear not for I

am with you be not dismayed for I am your God I will help you yes I will uphold

you with my righteous right hand rest in the shadow of my wings for I am your

Refuge and your Fortress your God in whom you can trust I will cover you with

my feathers and under my wings you will find Refuge my faithfulness will be your

shield and Rampart so come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will

give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble

in heart and you will find rest for your souls for my yoke is easy and my burden

is light in my presence is fullness of joy at my right hand are Pleasures forever more my beloved child in a world
Being a Beacon of Unwavering Faith in God’s Message

that often feels shrouded in darkness you are a beacon of unwavering faith and

resilience the enemy will stop at nothing to extinguish your light but their efforts are in vain your spirit is

an impenetrable Fortress your faith a suit of armor that cannot be pierced by their poisoned arrows in the face of

adversity you stand tall and un afraid for I have infused your being with a Divine Tranquility that transcends the

chaos of the material realm when the storms of life rage around you

threatening to uproot everything you hold dear you remain firmly planted drawing strength from the depths of your

soul your emotions once a tumultuous sea now EB and flow with the grace of a

gentle tide Guided by the light of my love come dear one and rest in the

warmth of My Embrace allow the cares of the world to melt away as you bask in the radiance of my

presence in these moments of Stillness you will find the peace that surpasses all understanding a peace that the world

cannot give and cannot take away my grace is a river that never runs

dry a Wellspring of blessings that will nourish your spirit and fortify your

resolve every trial you face every tear you shed is a brushstroke in the Grand Design of Your Life Trust in my plan for

you for it leads to a future filled with joy and abundance Beyond Your Wildest Dreams embrace the path I have set

before you and walk it with courage and conviction knowing that I am with you every step of the way as you journey

through this life let your faith be a beacon that illuminates the darkness drawing others to the warmth of my love

your words your actions your very presence will be a balm to the broken openhearted and a source of Hope to the

Hopeless do not let the jealousy or criticism of others deter you from your purpose for their words are but a

Whisper In The Wind while my love for you is a symphony that will ReSound

throughout eternity when the enemy comes to steal your peace remember the promises I have

spoken over your life my holy spirit will surround you like a shield

deflecting every attack and filling you with a supernatural natural strength that cannot be shaken you are never alone for I have

commanded my angels to watch over you and your loved ones day and night they stand guard ready to defend you against

any threat seen or unseen in moments of Temptation when the

Allure of the world threatens to draw you away from my presence lean into the power of my love it is a love that never

fails a love that has conquered death itself with Every Breath You Take Feel

My Love flowing through your veins infusing your spirit with a joy that cannot be contained this love is your

Birthright a gift that I freely give to all who call upon my name your faith is

a precious Jewel a treasure that cannot be measured in Earthly terms it is the

key that unlocks the doors to a life of purpose and fulfillment a life that is rich in

meaning and overflowing with blessings today as you reaffirm your

commitment to follow me know that I am with you guiding your every step and directing your path towards a future

filled with hope and promise do not let fear steal your peace for fear is a
Overcoming Fear and Doubt by God’s Love for You

thief that comes to rob you of the Abundant Life I have planned for you when doubts assail your mind and worries

weigh heavy on your heart remember that I am your refuge and your strength a very very present help in times of

trouble cast your burdens upon me and I will sustain you lifting you up on wings

of eagles and carrying you through the darkest of valleys your tears do not go unnoticed

your cries do not fall on deaf ears I see every struggle every heartache and I am moved with compassion

for you these words that I speak to you are not mere platitudes but a deep

unshakable truth that will anchor your soul in the midst of life’s storms allow them to wash over you like

a gentle rain soaking into the soil of your heart and producing a harvest of righteousness and

peace as you rise each morning let your first thoughts be of me in the Stillness

of the Dawn before the world begins to stir quiet your mind and listen for the

whisper of my voice it is a voice that speaks life and light into the darkest

corners of your soul a voice that calls you beloved and reminds you of your true

identity in me in these sacred moments pour out your heart to me sharing your

deepest desires and your most intimate fears I am a God who hears and answers

prayer a God who Delights in the details of your life as you go about your day be

mindful of my presence for I Am With You Always even unto the end of the

age let your life be a Living testament to the goodness of my love a love that

transforms hearts and men’s broken relationships in a world that is often

marked by division and strife be a beacon of unity and peace extending

Grace and compassion to all you meet remember my child that your life is

not defined by the opinions of others or the circumstances that surround you you

are defined by my love for you a love that knows no bounds and has no limits

Embrace this truth and let it be the foundation upon which you build your

life when the Winds of Change blow and the sands of time shift Beneath Your

Feet you will stand firm anchored in the unshakeable reality of my love your

Victory is assured your Triumph inevitable for I have gone before you

preparing the way and making all things work together for your good even in the midst of the fiercest battles you can

rest in the knowledge that I am fighting for you and that no weapon formed against you shall prosper your faith is

a shield that will defend you against every attack a sword that will cut through the lies of the enemy and expose

them for the empty threats they are as you walk in the fullness of my love you will find that Joy is not a

fleeting emotion but a constant companion that resides deep within your soul it is a joy that cannot be extended

extinguished by the trials of this life a joy that Springs forth from the Wellspring of my spirit and flows

through every aspect of your being Embrace This Joy and let it be a light

that shines brightly in a world that is often shrouded in darkness remember my child that I am the
Finding the Source of Joy and Fulfillment in Jesus Christ

source of all that is good and beautiful in your life I am the one who provides for your

every need the one who satisfies the deepest longings of your heart

do not look to the world for the love and acceptance that only I can give for

the world will always fall short of the perfect love that I have for

you as you continue on this journey of Faith know that I am with you every step

of the way I will never leave you nor forsake you and my love for you will

never fail trust in my plan for your life and rest in the knowledge that I am

working all things together for your good and for my glory as you walk in the fullness of my grace may you be a light

to those around you pointing them to the hope that can only be found in me

remember my child that you are never alone and that my love for you is eternal rest in the Assurance of my

presence and Trust in the perfect plan that I have for your life for I know the

thoughts that I think towards you thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope

May these words take root in your heart and bear fruit in your life bringing forth a harvest of righteousness and joy

that will last for all eternity

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