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world God said my dear son listen to the

words of your heavenly father today I

share a message of love and guidance

intentionally crafted to touch the

depths of your being and lead you on the

path of Truth amidst life’s

uncertainties know that I am here to

sustain and guide you trust in my

unconditional love and eternal wisdom

find comfort and strength in my words

for within them lies the light that

illuminates your journey fear not for I

Am by your side ready to guide you with

love and compassion receive this message

with an open heart and allow it to

transform your life leading you to a

deeper connection with me and the

Fulfillment of the purpose I have

designed for you

just as I spoke to my ancient servants I

now speak to you for I the Lord your God

will hold your right hand saying to you

fear not I will help you Isaiah

these words echo through time

bringing comfort and security they are a

powerful reminder of divine care and

support in our lives in the face of

challenges and uncertainties they invite

us to find confidence in the presence

and Aid of the Creator no matter how

dark the paths may seem we are not alone

God is always by our side guiding us

with a firm hand and strengthening us

with his unwavering love in a world

filled with distractions and temptations

it is easy to stray from the true paths

succumbing to the superficialities that

lead to ruin however it is vital to

resist the currents of this fleeting

world and remain rooted in divine truth

as it is written and do not be conformed

to this world but be transformed by the

renewing of your mind that you may prove

what is that good and acceptable and

perfect will of God Romans

these words resonate as a call to

reflection and action urging us to seek

an inner transformation that aligns us

with the Divine will as we renew our

minds and detach from worldly influences

we make room to exper experience the

fullness of life in God therefore amidst

the seductions of the world choose

spiritual renewal seeking to discern and

follow the will of the Creator in all

things in your journey through life you

will inevitably face a myriad of

Temptations and

challenges however it is crucial to

remember that I am always by your side

as I promised Joshua and reaffirm to you

I will never leave you nor forsake you


This Promise is an unshakable

Foundation amidst the uncertainties of

the world trusting in my constant

presence and following my Commandments

not only brings stability but also leads

to the discovery of true life and peace

when adversities seem insurmountable do

not feel abandoned I am guiding your

steps strengthening your heart and

sustaining your hope stand firm in faith

for my promise is eternal and my love is

unwavering in the pages of my word you

will find not only guidance but also

deep Solace for your weary Soul fear not

for in every Challenge and Triumph I am

present empowering you to overcome and

Thrive cling to the truth of my promises

for within them lies the transformative

power that shapes Destiny and leads to

the fullness of life you desire do not

let the fleeting pleasure me of this

world divert you from the true path

instead seek in me the genuine happiness

and prosperity as it is written but seek

first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness and all these things shall

be added to you Matthew

by prioritizing my will and

striving to live in accordance with it

you will experience a life of abundance

and Abundant Blessings when your trust

rests in me and your efforts are focused

on seeking the kingdom there will be no

shortage of my gifts through this

journey of surrender and devotion you

will discover an inexhaustible source of

peace joy and fulfillment your needs

will be met your longings fulfilled for

my grace is sufficient in every

circumstance therefore do not be seduced

by the passing illusions of this world

instead direct your heart to me the only

one who can satisfy your deepest Needs

Trust in my promise and witness the

Wonders I will perform in your life when

you choose to seek my kingdom above all

else just as I revealed myself to Moses

in the burning bush now I present myself

to you as the source of light that will

guide your steps through the darkness I

am the compass pointing the way to peace

and prosperity I extend my arms to lift

you from the abyss in which you find

yourself relieving your burdens and

worri wories trust in my guidance for I

am always present to illuminate your

path and offer comfort in times of

difficulty in this journey always

remember that you are not alone I am by

your side sustaining and protecting you

at every step place your trust in me for

in me you will find the way the truth

and the life I am the door through which

my grace will flow abundantly into your

life through this door you will find

aund abundance and joy and the desires

of your heart will be fulfilled no

matter how challenging your past has

been the present offers you a new

opportunity it is time to let go of all

your rebellions and resentments allowing

my love and forgiveness to flow through

you the mistakes of the past will no

longer Define you free yourself from

what cannot be changed and open your

mind and heart to a time of renewal and

change I desire to increase your

strength and lighten the burdens that

weigh upon you it is my fervent wish

that you walk light and unencumbered

toward a new dawn filled with

achievements and successes fill yourself

with patience in my unlimited love and

practice the art of forgiveness for

compassion and mercy will truly make you

magnificent Remember You Are Not Alone

on this journey I am by your side

guiding and supporting you at every step

of the way even in the the darkest

moments the Light Of Hope never Fades

trust in me and do not let life’s

challenges dim your dreams and hopes I

will be like a protective Cloud during

the scorching heat of the day offering

shade and comfort and during the night I

will be your Pillar of Fire providing

rest warmth and direction trust in me

fully and you will experience amazing

blessings that surpass all

circumstances do not let the criticisms

of others shake you trust in me and in

my word for in it you will find true

wisdom and guidance seek me in prayer

and meditation and I will answer

according to my perfect will therefore

my dear child listen to my voice and

follow my steps I love you with an

Everlasting Love and Desire only the

best for you trust in me at all times

and I will lead you on the path to true

happiness and fulfillment

may my peace be with you today and

always amen with love God hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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