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said my dear son in a universe governed

by time where each moment is an

intricate tapestry of events and

emotions I want to address you with a

heart overflowing with a love that

transcends all ages today I want to

share with you about two Divine gifts

that give color and meaning to your

journey in this land of empathy and

compassion empathy is the flame that

ignites when you look at others allowing

you to feel their Joys and Sorrows as if

they were your own it is the bridge that

connects human hearts transcends the

barriers of individuality and reminds us

that in the essence of existence we are


interconnected as you cultivate empathy

your vision expands and you will begin

to see Life Through The Eyes of others

it is not just an exercise in

understanding but a transformative

experience that dissolves the boundaries

of self and other you will discover that

at the core everyone Longs for the same

love acceptance and meaning compassion

in turn is the impulse that leads you to

act in response to empathy it is not

just feeling the pain of others but also

deeply Desiring to alleviate that pain

compassion is the force that moves

Hearts to reach out to be instruments of

my love in the lives of others by

developing empathy and compassion you

become a beacon of light in the lives of

those who cross your path understand

dear son that discipleship is not a

burden but a continuous process of

spiritual growth and development just as

Jesus set an example by washing the

disciples feet discipleship is a call to

serve humbly loving others as yourself

empathy and compassion are powerful

Tools in this service connecting you

deeply with the needs and pains of those

around you the peace that surpasses all

understanding mentioned in Philippians

is a gift I offer to you it is not

the superficial peace that the world

seeks but the peace that permeates your

soul even in the face of adversity PE

this peace is not the absence of

problems but the certainty that

regardless of circumstances you are

secure in My Loving Hands when I mention

peace I refer to a state of Tranquility

that goes beyond external conditions it

is a profound security an unwavering

trust in my faithfulness this peace is a

shield for your heart and mind

protecting against the storms of life

allow it to guide your thoughts and emot

ions confident that you are firmly

anchored in Christ Jesus empathy and

compassion are like a healing bomb on

the wounds of humanity when you look at

others with an open heart you realize

that everyone carries burdens everyone

faces silent battles empathy creates a

bridge and compassion builds a safe road

for my love to flow on your journey you

will encounter souls in desperate need

of empathy longing for someone to

understand understand their struggles do

not underestimate the power of a Kind

word a compassionate gesture often it is

in the Simplicity of these actions that

my presence manifests empathy is not

only for moments of pain but also for

moments of Joy celebrating the victories

and achievements of others with a joyful

heart is a form of

empathy understanding that each Triumph

is a blessing and each challenge is an

opportunity for growth is seeing life

through my eyes compassion is not

limited by geographical Borders or

cultural differences it transcends

languages colors and beliefs in true

compassion there are no strangers only

brothers and

sisters understand that your mission on

this Earth is to be a source of

unconditional love regardless of the

recipient empathy and compassion are not

signs of weakness but of sublime


the ability to connect with the joys and

Sorrows of others does not make you

vulnerable it leads you to a higher

state of understanding compassion is not

a transaction it is a selfless donation

empathy and compassion are beacons that

illuminate your path providing Clarity

in decisions and direction in choices

dear son when you allow yourself to see

the world through the eyes of love you

discover that life is a divine dance

where each step is Guided by the harmony

of my purpose by embracing empathy and

compassion you become a channel for the

manifestation of my love on Earth your

life transforms into a symphony of

service and each note resonates with the

melody of eternal love remember in

empathy and compassion you find the true

essence of your intertwined humanity and

Divinity Society often celebrates the

idea of strength as synonymous with

physical mental or emotional

Perfection however my concept of

strength transcends these worldly

limitations because that is where my

Grace has space to shine your weaknesses

are not flaws or defects but gentle

reminders of your Humanity when you

accept these limitations with humility

you allow me to work in you in

extraordinary ways in weaknesses my

strength is refined turning them into

steps on the ladder of your spiritual

Evolution contrary to what the world

often teaches you do not need to hide

your vulnerabilities from me or others

the constant effort to appear

invulnerable is an illusion that only

serves to distance you from True healing

and growth authenticity before me is the

first step to experience my strength in

your weakness God is with you and my

love is a firm anchor guiding you

through every Twist and Turn do not let

shame or fear prevent you from sharing

your weaknesses with me remember that

even when everyone else abandons you I

remain unshakable ready to envelop you

with the warmth of my love and comfort

by exposing your weaknesses you allow

the Divine Light to penetrate the

darkest areas of your soul when faced

with challenges that seem greater than

your ability to handle remember that it

is precisely in these moments that you

can experience the miracle of my

intervention your weakness becomes the

perfect canvas for me to paint

masterpieces of Grace restoration and

renewal do not feel ashamed for crying

feeling fear or being lost vulnerability

is the Fertile ground where true

strength manifests when you allow tears

to flow you are watering the seeds of

your future resilience with each deep

breath I breathe in the the courage

needed to face the unknown with love God

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