👉I need 1 minute to talk with you, ‘my child.’ God’s advice for today

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son I am accelerating the

flow of time so that soon you may hold

in your hands a blessing you so desire I

know you have eagerly awaited the answer

you seek and I want you to know that the

changes I am orchestrating in around you

are for your ultimate good prepare your

heart open your mind and let the doors

of your home welcome my presence as I

speak to you I solemnly promise that a

transformation is on the horizon for

your life I understand your needs and

know them even before you do but I

desire Clarity in your thoughts and

desires be certain of what you ask

understand your goals and know that if

you seek to Triumph it comes with a

price gen genuine Faith fervent prayers

hard work and personal

sacrifices I am here to Grant you a

blessing of Eternal significance for you

and your family rest assured I will not

Grant you something that brings sorrow

or separates you from me I do not wish

for your family to suffer due to your

absence I want you to shine in the world

but for Darkness never to overshadow

your home remember those you love for I

do not wish for attention to consume

your relationships or for you to lose

your health my eternal aspiration is the

best for you true peace unwavering Faith

a quiet life and Detachment from

material possessions the goods of this

world are fleeting you brought nothing

into this world and you will take

nothing with you when you depart however

the love and affection you seow in those

who cherish you the faith you share the

help you offer to the needy your

unwavering faith and loyalty these are

the things that will bring you genuine

spiritual fulfillment I have sent you a

great blessing and one day I will place

a crown upon your head with my own hands

the question is do you accept if yes

show it to me in the comments by writing

I embrace this Lord I hold the power to

change seasons and times transform

Hearts I am aligning everything so that

you may experience my blessings and your

suffering will be left behind I am at

the door calling open it for me now I

desire to dwell in your house and I want

my wonderful peace to fill every corner

of your family’s Hearts I want you to

become an example for your family and

all those you love let them witness the

fruits growing within you as your faith

continues to strengthen your spirit mind

and soul more blessings are on the way

but they come with great

responsibility I will put you at the

Forefront so that many may see how I

bless those who obey me those with

Humble Hearts who patiently await my

answer no longer filled with anguish and

impatience when things do not go as

planned you are aware that your life

your family and everything you do are in

my hands many live in constant worry

believing they are amidst a crisis but

all is with and through my love

however you will bear abundant fruit

like the good tree you are when you grow

enough and your branches are strong

enough to Bear the blessings I will pour

out upon you great Miracles will happen

in you and your family I love you accept

my love open your heart and soul to this

pure affection that fills you with peace

Serenity and divine strength my love

heals all your wounds alleviates your

pains and ailments stabilizes your

emotions s and grants you a Tranquility

you will find nowhere else only here by

my side when you approach with the

desire to receive to grow to live

exclusively in my presence will you find

it fill yourself now breathe in this

fragrance of my Holy Spirit and let the

hours pass receive even more of these

gifts and this love I desire to Grant

you this beautiful love is yours never

reject it do not seek to gain the love

of those who claim to love you but

disappoint and mistreat you I cherish

you I love you with Everlasting Love My

Covenant with you is eternal my plans

are firm my purposes are true accepting

my love means a change of course for You

a New Life of complete and abundant

happiness love without

disappointments my love is more than

good it is wonderful it is forgiveness

it is yours accept it I gave my life on

a cross and rose from the dead on the

third day so that you too may rise and

live perhaps you do not yet understand

this today but I am doing much more than

you desire and comprehend I will touch

your heart and reveal myself to you you

will feel a conviction so powerful that

it will compel you to make important

decisions it’s time to act to appreciate

this Supernatural power that fills your

life no one will belittle you regardless

of your age or your past they will

tremble and be amazed at the fruits you

are producing today when they finally

understand that my spirit has been

working in you all along and that this

beautiful and Sacred Love is available

to all the love the world offers is

limited many only promise love if you

offer something in return in the end

they give betrayal and falsehood pain

and misery rejection and loneliness

do not suffer anymore I will help you

heal in my arms all your hopelessness

will be forgotten I love you if you love

me too tell me in the comments by

writing I Love You Lord do not let

despair overpower you if on this day you

feel Weak and Powerless I implore you to

listen carefully to my words to open

your heart wide to me and embrace the

serenity I offer you at this moment I am

the creator of the vast universe and I

have command over the winds that can

shake you know that I can calm these

storms and silence the threats that seek

to disturb your world keep your faith

unwavering and allow your vision to

regain its Clarity release the weight of

what you consider achievements and do

not dwell on your perceived weaknesses

instead Focus all your attention on me

for it is when you acknowledge your own

limitations that you truly need me when

your faith combines with my power you

become Unstoppable your strength is

renewed your spirit is unbreakable in

your hands lies a powerful sword in your

heart resides strength and from your

lips flow Divine words that break every

chain you may not be perfect but

remember your strength comes from me the

creator of your blessings the one who

leads you to victory in all your battles

guard your heart with humility and

confidence there is no need to seek

popularity or flaunt human titles that

pretend Authority I will use your hands

to perform Miracles those that have

never been witnessed by human eyes the

healing rains for your land are already

pouring and rivers of Living Waters flow

through your Fields with love God hope

this message has been an inspiration to

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