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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son I feel compelled to

share a message of profound edification

with you today this message is inspired

by the sacred word of our heavenly

father especially in the passages of

Genesis and kings

few are those who truly understand the

power and magnitude contained in these

scriptures therefore consider yourself

truly blessed and privileged to be on

the verge of becoming part of this

select and distinguished group of

spiritual understanding and

discernment however my dear it is

crucial that you be fully attentive and

focused for the enemy will try to

interrupt this moment of communion and

reflection in the word of the Lord but

let him know that in the name of Jesus

Christ I rebuke any attempt to disturb

this sacred moment I declare that he

will be defeated here for we Father and

Son Shepherd and sheep will emerge

victorious in the passage from The Book

of Genesis and Abraham says to

lot let there be no quarrel between me

and you and between my herdsmen and your

herdsmen for we are Kinsmen is not the

whole land before you separate yourself

from me if you take the left hand then I

will go to the right or if you take the

right hand then I will go to the left in

this passage we see Abraham Guided by

God allowing lot to choose the land

first this shows Abraham’s understanding

of God’s grace fully trusting in his

Divine guidance transcending any

material gain this beautiful story

teaches us the power of humility and

faith in God’s grace when we walk in his

grace and Trust in his guidance we can

be sure that he will accompany and guide

us to the right place at the right time

just as Abraham did when we place our

lives in God’s hands we can trust in his

protection guidance and blessings

therefore my beloved child recognize the

precious favor you have upon your life

the struggles you have faced will pave

the way for your blessings and your

battles will result in Divine

advancements God Is Lifting you up in

this season of favor and Grace for he

has seen your labor and your faith

always remember no evildoer or force of

Darkness can nullify the anointing that

God has placed upon you you have

tirelessly dedicated yourself in various

areas of your life and now you are

witnessing the rewards of God’s fa favor

and Grace know that your suffering has

not gone unnoticed and the sacrifices

you have made have been recognized by

the almighty as you enter this new phase

Embrace with fervor the grace that God

is pouring out upon you recognize that

your achievements are the fruits of your

dedication your unwavering faith and

your trust in him always remember that

God’s favor will guide you through every

challenge you face challenges that will

Propel you to the new heights will arise

there comes a moment in the journey

where it is crucial to embrace the grace

and favor of God and that moment is now

my beloved Son my dear daughter if you

accept this wholeheartedly show your

gratitude to God by writing in the

comments thank you for your grace Lord

the trials and tribulations you have

faced have prepared you for this

remarkable season embrace your new

identity as someone abundantly blessed

blessed by God’s grace you are enveloped

by it in every aspect of your life from

the moment you awaken in the morning to

when you dance and celebrate you are

immersed in his favor as you praise and

glorify his holy name you become a

living embodiment of his grace and favor

know that you have been chosen and

prepared to reach this next level of


blessings understand that in life you

have not lost those who thought they had

left you behind those who seem to be

ahead or in Advantage actually lost the

grace and favor that now rests upon you

this favor and grace of God are your

reward for your unwavering faith and

commitment even when you felt forgotten

or thought your journey had ended God

witnessed your faithfulness and will

bless you for not giving up for

remaining strong in your faith and for

staying dedicated to his purpose prepare

yourself in the name ofes Jesus to

receive the blessings that are coming

simply by remaining steadfast and true

to your faith this is a new stage you

are entering where grace and favor

abound people will look at you with

admiration wondering how you achieved

such remarkable success your response

will be marked by humility and gratitude

proclaiming that it is only by the grace

and favor of God that you have been

elevated to new heights it is the grace

of God that that has led you through the

toughest moments lifting you from the

depths of Despair though they may have

thought you were finished they did not

know that you were destined to enter a

season of unparalleled Grace as you

embark on this wonderful phase of your

life people will see you adorned with

the grace of God for it is in this

season of favor that the Lord will work

miracles in your life I am here to

accompany you to the heights you are

destined to reach some are not prepared

to experience the next level of divine

blessings with you for their capacity to

handle the gifts I have reserved for you

is limited with love freedom and Trust

in my plan for your advancement in this

phase focus on your upward trajectory

letting me take care of your adversaries

and obstacles do not waver for I am

still working in you refining you

through life’s challenges and triumphs I

am present in all your circumstances is

bringing renewal to your spirit and

illuminating your path with my light

under my protection your home and loved

ones will be safe trust in me for I am

preparing the ground for you to flourish

fully your journey is Guided by my

wisdom and eternal love keep persevering

for The Best Is Yet To Come I will lead

you with kindness and determination

revealing the power of my grace with

every step of the way as my child you

are destined to thrive embrace the

vitality and strength that come from

your Divine inheritance this is your

season of favor and Grace a time to

rejoice in the Abundant Blessings and

profound Transformations that await you

I have prepared a path for you filled

with new beginnings and opportunities

for growth trust in me for I am with you

every step of the way guiding you to the

fullness of your destiny fear not for my

hand is upon you protecting and

strengthening you receive the blessings

I pour out upon you and move forward

with faith for you are loved and favored

by me amid trials and joys Remember Your

Divine Heritage and my promise to care

for you celebrate your journey and trust

that the best is yet to come with love

God hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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