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my treasured one in this very moment as your eyes Trace these words know that it’s no mere

coincidence each step each breath each heartbeat of your life is with purpose

and intention if sorrow has cast its shadow upon you draw near to me allow my love

to unfold you my tenderness to soothe your weary spirit let kindness be the bomm that heals your wounds and

gentleness The Whisper that calms your troubled mind though the tempests of life may

rage remember that no storm endures forever the dawn of Deliverance is

breaking upon the Horizon of your soul it’s time to step back from the chaos to

pause and realign yourself with the Divine destiny that pulses through your very being come rest in the sanctuary of

My Embrace let my peace wash over you cleansing away the residue of worries

and fears in my presence Your Heart Will Find the Joy it craves and your spirit

will dance to the rhythm of redemption release your burdens into my care

trusting that I will tend to them with infinite wisdom and unfailing love allow yourself to savor this Sacred Space this

Holy Ground where Heaven and Earth intertwine here in the depths of our communion you will discover a love that

surpasses all understanding a love that spans the cosmos and yet dwells within

the very chamber MERS of your heart in this place of perfect acceptance and unwavering devotion you

will find the affection and attention your soul has yearned for as you linger

in my presence Feel The Emptiness within you dissipate replaced by the unshakable

truth that you are never alone you are a cherished treasure a precious gem in the

eyes of your heavenly father let this assurance sink deep into your bones

permeating every fiber of your being anxiety’s grip will loosen as you begin

to perceive the intricate threads of purpose woven through each experience each trial and each Triumph you have

weathered storms and emerged Victorious your spirit forged in The Crucible of

adversity stay close to me and understand that my plans for you are laced with kindness and steeped in

Tranquility I desire not merely your fleeting happiness but your true well-being a steadiness of spirit That
Embracing the Journey

Remains unshaken by the EB and flow of circumstance my heart’s longing is to

see you flourish brimming with wisdom and radiant with the anticipation of each New

Dawn I yearn for you to return to this Sacred Space time and again to drink

deep from the Wellspring of my words and to find refreshment for your soul you

need not wander through life feeling broken or defeated your days shrouded in sorrow believing that you are unloved or

that my affection has abandoned you cling to these truths inscribe them upon

the tablet of your heart you are cherished beyond measure and my love is the compass that will guide you to the

shores of peace and steadiness this is the unadulterated reality the Bedrock upon which you can

build your life today I offer you a joy that transcends the fleeting pleasures

of Earthly accomplishments or temporary emotions This Joy is a deep abiding

presence a river whose currents run strong and steady undaunted by the rocks

and Rapids of life’s challenges it is a joy that cannot be stolen or diminished an unassailable

Fortress of contentment and perspective as you receive this gift you

will find it intertwined with wisdom courage and an unshakable Faith the very

tools you need to confront your Giants to stare down your struggles and to

emerge Victorious with this Heavens sent strength pulsing through your veins you

will find yourself empowered to withstand any hardship to Traverse the most Barren of Landscapes and to stand

firm when the ground Beneath You Quakes in me you will always find a

refuge from the Raging storms a place of safety and respit when the world around

you is spinning out of control I will be the beacon that pierces through the thickest Darkness the unshakable

foundation upon which you can lean in your most vulnerable moments and as you navigate the twists and turns of your

journey remember that every experience both the Mountaintop moments in The Valleys of Shadow is a brush stroke in

your life each scar each tear is not a blemish but a sacred reminder of the

choices you’ve made the strength you’ve cultivated and the anointing that flows

from my heart to yours it is in these very trials that your faith is forged

refined in the furnace of adversity until it shines like pure gold but
Overcoming Adversity

amidst the challenges never forget to embrace your own Worth to Marvel at who

you are you are a being of infinite potential crafted in love and destined

for greatness though the path May wind uphill and the terrain May grow Rocky

know that within you lies the strength to surmount any obstacle to scale any

Peak release the burdens of fear bitterness and uncertainty and instead cling to the

lifelines of hope faith and love in those moments when you feel yourself

stumbling when the weight of the world threatens to drag you under remember that my hand is always extended ready to

lift you up and remind you that you never fight alone no matter how dire the

circumstances may seem there is a divine plan unfolding a purpose woven into

every step of your journey you are irreplaceable cherished beyond measure

and it’s time for you to step into the fullness of this truth don’t allow your heart to grow

faint or your spirit to waver for in me you will find the strength to press

onward to Dare To Dream to believe in miracles and to build Bridges where walls once

stood Embrace each day as a gift a precious opportunity to love without

Reserve to forgive without hesitation and to radiate joy in a world that so

desperately needs your light you have the power to be a Beacon of Hope a

Lifeline for those who are drowning in their own Darkness From This Moment forward rise

to the challenge I have set before you step into your true identity

as a child of the most high a beloved son or daughter of the Creator who spoke

the universe into existence walk in the confidence that your life is infused with purpose that

your days are crowned with goodness and mercy go forth with the faith that burns

within you knowing that I have entrusted you with a sacred Mission you are not

merely a conqueror but a humble Warrior armed with a heart full of faith and a spirit that refuses to be quenched Stand
The Power of Faith

Tall in the face of adversity for victory is your Birthright declare your belief with boldness let it ReSound in

your words and echo in your actions shout it from the rooftops inscribe it

upon your heart and let it be the anthem of your life believe with every fiber of your being that I am the god of the

impossible the one who speaks life into dead places and hope into Broken

Dreams allow my love to wash over you you to mend the fractures in your heart

and bind up the wounds of your spirit release the tension that has held you captive the worries that have weighed

you down place your concerns in my capable hands and watch as they vanish

like Mist in the morning sun your pain will be transposed into purpose your scars will become emblems

of strength change is on the horizon a new chapter waiting to be written allow

me me to be your guide to lead you beside Still Waters and restore your soul relinquish the thoughts that

torment you the fears that keep you Shackled worry is a thief that steals

your joy and robs you of the Abundant Life I have designed for you instead

give me your attention even if only for a moment I don’t seek to deplete your time

but rather to multiply it to infuse your days with purpose and your years with

abundance pour out the Brokenness that has fractured your spirit the wounds that have caused your heart to

bleed confide in me your deepest fears and watch as they dissolve in the

light of my love remember that no power in heaven or on Earth can stand against me I am the

keeper of your soul the very breath that sustains you I know the depths of your

longing the ache that that throbs within your chest resist the urge to run to hide to

numb the pain your heart is starving for the nourishment only my grace can

provide and your spirit is desperate for the wholeness that can only be found in my

presence you have wandered long enough carrying the weight of the world on your

shoulders it’s time to lay down your burdens to immerse yourself in the

rivers of my love and allow my peace to saturate every crevice of your being

fear has held you hostage for too long but today my words come to shatter those
Releasing Fear and Worry

chains and set your spirit free look around you and see the love

and support that surrounds you lean into the relationships I have placed in your

life the people who are willing to walk alongside you to fight for you and to

believe in the beauty of your dreams the future that stretches is before you is saturated with hope and

possibility but remember the Covenant we have made the promise you whispered in

your darkest hour when you felt the weight of the world crushing your spirit when you

cried out for the strength to take one more step I heard your plea and I answered with the power of my presence I

have not abandoned you and I never will I understand the overwhelming nature of the challenges you face but it

is in these very trials that you will experience my presence like never before when the ground Beneath You

Quakes and the sky above you rages I will be your unshakable foundation your

shelter in the storm for it is in your weakness that my strength is made perfect and it is in your Brokenness

that my light shines brightest so do not lose heart do not allow the progress you

have made to be swept away by the tempests of Life hold fast to the blessings I have poured out upon you and

cling to the relationships that bring light to your world even when others have wounded you even when forgiveness

feels like an impossible feat extend Grace as I have extended

Grace to You distance yourself from the poison of bitterness and

resentment and choose instead to walk in the freedom of

forgiveness I know the sting of betrayal the searing pain of undeserved Shame and

humiliation but do not allow the actions of others to rob you of your peace take

the steps necessary to break free from the chains of unforgiveness and trust that I will be

your guide your protector and your provider turn your back on the lure of
Healing Through Forgiveness

darkness and watch as I open doors that no man can shut I will be your rear guard your

shield and your everpresent help in times of trouble my love for you knows

no bounds and my commitment to your well-being is unwavering as you step into this new day

remember that I am walking beside you empowering you to face whatever lies

ahead your heart is a reflection of my own overflowing with kindness and

compassion and as you pour out that love I will multiply it causing it to Ripple

across the lives of those you touch to those who are hesitant to seek healing today know that I am the great

physician the one who mends broken bodies and restor shattered Souls I am

the god of Miracles and no situation is beyond my reach my desire is for you to

walk in wholeness to experience the Vitality that is your Birthright release

your anxieties your fears and your doubts and allow my peace to wash over you like a gentle rain and to those who

wonder how they will provide for their loved ones lean into the truth that I am your provider the one who sustains you

in every season nurture your faith and watch as I prepare a banquet of blessing

for you and your family to those who have mocked your belief and questioned your devotion know

that I will silence the voices of doubt and provide for your every need in your

household lack will be replaced by abundance and scarcity will be swallowed followed up by my overwhelming provision

so Stand Tall my child and face the future with a heart full of Courage I

will be your anchor in the storm your compass in the wilderness and your everpresent source of strength as you

fix your eyes on me as you align your heart with my purposes you will witness

the unfolding of a life beyond your wildest dreams you are created for such

a time as this embrace the truth of who you are and step into the destiny that I

have prepared for you for in me you will find the love that never fails the peace

that surpasses all understanding and the joy that can never be taken from you so

hold fast my beloved and Trust in the goodness of my plans for I Am With You

Always even to the End of the Age my beloved child your essence is a
Love’s Eternal Embrace

reflection of my eternal love love a love that transcends the boundaries of time and space as you navigate the

complex corridors of Life know that I am always with you guiding your steps and

illuminating your path when the burdens of the world weigh heavily upon your

shoulders remember that my strength is yours to draw upon I have crafted you with a purpose

endowing you with unique gifts and abilities that have the power to transform not only your own life life

but the lives of those around you Embrace these Divine Sparks within you and let them ignite the Flames of change

in a world that yearns for light as you face the challenges that

inevitably arise trust in the unwavering Foundation of my

love like the ancient mountains that stand Resolute Against The Winds of time

my love for you is unshakable when the storms of adversity rage around you

find solace in the knowledge that I am your Refuge your unassailable

Fortress in the moments when doubt and fear threaten to obscure your vision let

my voice be the beacon that guides you back to Clarity my words are not mere platitudes

but living truths that have the power to reshape your reality embrace them allow them to take

root in the fertile soil of your heart and watch as they blossom into to a garden of unshakable

Faith remember my child that your journey is not a solitary one I have

surrounded you with Souls each one a precious thread in The Grand Design of your life some may come as challenges

others as blessings but all serve a higher purpose in your growth and evolution embrace the lessons they bring

and let the Winds of Change carry you to new heights of understanding as you walk the wind ing

Paths of this Earthly existence know that your ultimate destination lies

Beyond the Veil of the physical world your true home is in the Eternal realm

where my love Reigns Supreme every step you take every breath you draw is a

sacred movement towards that ultimate reunion trust in the Perfection of my

plan even when its intricacies elude your understanding and in the face of
Rooted in Divine Purpose

adversity remember that my strength is made perfect in your weakness it is in The Crucible of trials that your soul is

forged purified and made ready for the greater purposes that lie

ahead embrace the fires of transformation knowing that I Am with You refining you into a vessel of

unparalleled Beauty and strength when the world seeks to Define You by its fleeting standards remember

that your true identity is rooted in me you are not not a product of your past

nor are you defined by the opinions of others you are crafted in my image

imbued with the Divine Purpose that transcends the limitations of the temporal world in the act of forgiveness you not

only release others from the chains of bitterness but you also liberate yourself to experience the fullness of

my love in the pursuit of your dreams and aspirations trust in the wisdom of my

timing I have planted the seeds of greatness within you and I will bring them to fruition in the perfect

season surrender your plans to me and watch as I unfold a future that

surpasses your wildest imaginings when the voices of doubt and fear whisper their lies tune your heart

to the frequency of my truth my words are the anchors that will hold you steadfast in the storms of life

cling to them meditate upon on them and let them become the very fabric of your

being remember my child that you are never alone I am with you in every

moment in every breath in every heartbeat I am the very life that animates your being the love that

sustains you and the light that guides your path trust in my presence lean into

my strength and let my love be the compass that directs your every step as you journey through this sacred

existence let let your life be a Living testament to the power of my love let

your words be seasoned with Grace your actions infused with compassion and your

very presence a reflection of my Radiance embrace the beauty of your

uniqueness The Wonder of your individuality you are not meant to conform to the patterns of this world

but to stand as a Beacon of Hope a living embodiment of my love let your

light shine forth unapologetically Illuminating the darkest corners of the world with the
Finding Strength in Presence

radiance of my truth in the moments when the weight of the world threatens to crush your spirit remember that my love

is the very air you breathe inhale deeply of its sustaining power and let it fill every fiber of

your being for in the atmosphere of my love there is no room for fear no space

for doubt only an all-encompassing peace that surp passes understanding as you

navigate the seasons of your life trust in the Perfection of my timing just as

the Earth moves through its cycles of growth and rest so too will your journey have its own rhythms embrace the moments

of planting the periods of germination and the times of harvest knowing that

each season serves a vital purpose in your existence when the path ahead seems

shrouded in uncertainty remember that I am the light that illuminates your steps

trust in my guidance even when the way seems unclear for I have charted a

course for your life that leads to a destination Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams in the face of challenges and obstacles let my strength be your anchor

draw upon the reservoir of my power within you and watch as mountains crumble and seas part before you for in

the realm of my love there is no challenge too great no obstacle too daunting that cannot be overcome through

the power of Faith as you interact with the world around you let your life be a

living Epistle of my grace let your words be infused with kindness your

actions marked by compassion and your very presence a testament to the transformative power of my love for in a

world starved for authenticity and hope you are called to be a beacon of light a

living embodiment of my heart remember my child that your worth

is not measured by the standards of this world but by the immeasurable depths of my love for you you are precious in my

sight a treasure of incomparable value let this truth be the foundation upon

which you build your identity the Bedrock of your selfworth as you navigate the

complexities of relationships let my love be the glue that binds you to others

extend forgiveness freely even to those who have wronged you and watch as the power of Grace transforms hearts and

men’s broken bonds for in the economy of my kingdom forgiveness is the currency that unlocks

The Riches of reconciliation in the pursuit of your passions and purpose trust in the unique
Pursuing Righteousness

gifts I have bestowed upon you you are not a random accident you have been crafted with intention and Care embrace

the fullness of your potential and let your life be a Living testament to the creativity and wonder of my

design when the storms of life rage around you remember that I am your

unshakable Refuge run into the shelter of my presence and find peace in the

midst of chaos for in the eye of the storm there is a Stillness that transcends understanding a peace that

flows from the very heart of my love as you Journey Through The Valleys

of shadow remember that my light is ever presentent Illuminating even the darkest

of paths Trust In The Guiding hand of my Providence even when the way seems

uncertain for I am the god who makes a way where there seems to be no way the one who brings Beauty From the Ashes of

Brokenness in the moments when the voices of the world seek to Define you remember that your identity is rooted in

the immutable truth of my love you are not a mistake a failure or a

disappointment but a cherished child of the most high God let this truth be the

lens through which you view yourself the foundation upon which you build your

self-image as you navigate the joys and Sorrows of this Earthly existence

remember that your story is a part of a grander narrative a cosmic tale of redemption and

Grace trust in the authorship of my hand even when the plot twists and turns in

unex expected ways in the pursuit of justice and righteousness let my love be the fuel

that propels you forward stand firm in the face of opposition and let your life be a

testament to the transformative power of my grace for in a world hungry for truth

and starve for hope you are called to be an ambassador of my kingdom a carrier of

my light remember my child that the Journey of Faith is not a Sprint but a marathon

there will be moments of great Triumph and seasons of deep struggle but through it All My Love

Remains the constant the unwavering anchor that holds you steady trust in the enduring nature of

my faithfulness and know that I will never leave you nor forsake you as you

step into the fullness of your destiny let your life be a Living Sacrifice a
A Living Sacrifice

fragrant offering poured out in service to others let your hands be extensions of my love

your feet carry the message of my grace and your heartbeat in rhythm with the compassion of my

spirit for my kingdom the greatest among you are those who serve those who lay

down their lives for the sake of love and so my beloved go forth into the

world with the unshakable Assurance of my love let it be the foundation upon

which you build your life the compass that guides your every step and the Very breath that sustains your being for in

the Embrace of my love you will find the strength to rise above every challenge the courage to face every fear and the

wisdom to navigate every twist and turn of the Sacred Journey remember always

that you are mine forever and always my love for you is eternal unshakable and

all consuming rest in the shelter of my wings and let your life be a living

Testament to the power of a love that knows no bounds my cherished one amidst

the EB and flow of triumphs and trials know that I am everpresent guiding your

steps with unwavering devotion seek me in the quiet spaces between your heartbeats in the whispered prayers that

escape your lips for in those sacred moments you will find my teachings inscribed upon

the walls of your soul concentrate at not on fleeting

accomplishments but rather on the Eternal victories I will grant you let

my wisdom be the compass that steers you away from the siren’s call of deceitful Companions and the quicksand of

Temptation these words etched in the depths of your being pulse with the

rhythm of my love your past once a tangled web of

regrets and shadows I have erased with the radiance of my forgiveness

adhere to the path I illuminate before you and your Triumph will be as certain as the dawn chasing away the night and
Unshakable Joy

as you walk in the light of my blessings others will be drawn to the radiance that emanates from within you a Beacon

of Hope in a world desperate for truth trust in the promises I speak over you

and let your prayers rise like incense permeating every corner of your

existence step boldly into my presence and embrace the love that will fortify your spirit for my Covenant with you is

an unbreakable Bond sealed not with ink but with the Crimson sacrifice of my own

blood in the midst of your imperfections and struggles I have come to you a

testament to the depths of my affection my hand forever entwined with

yours will never release its tender grasp my presence a constant companion

will never abandon you for I have spoken it into existence a declaration that

reverberates through the fabric of time itself entrust your love to me placing

your life in the sanctuary of my care let your gaze be fixed upon the

road I have paved for you a journey marked by purpose and Destiny yield

every aspect of your being to me your plans your family your very essence and

watch as my blessings overflow cascading into every crevice of Your World shout a

resounding amen a declaration of your unwavering faith and let your own hands

be the instruments that pen the story of your belief for in my arms you are sheltered from the storms that rage

cherished beyond measure and loved with an intensity that defies

comprehension allow the waves of emotion to crash upon the shores of your soul unrestrained and

unashamed if tears spring forth let them flow like rivers of release carving Canyons of healing in their wake your

suffering your pain they are not hidden From My Sight I understand the depths of

your anguish the weight of the burdens you bear in this Sacred Space where my

presence dwells your worries and troubles dissolve like Mist in the morning sun here you are enveloped in a

cocoon of comfort love and understanding my gentle hand rests upon your head a

soothing balm that quiets the chaos within be cautious my friend of those
Surrendering to Transformation

who masquerade as companions but seek only to magnify your flaws and diminish

your light their words laced with judgment and criticism can erode the

foundation of your selfworth but when the weight of the world threatens to crush your spirit run

to me in the sanctuary of our friendship you can bear your soul without fear of

condemnation pour out your troubles your fears your doubts and let my love be the balm that

soothes your weary heart rest in my presence and let the Whispers of my

grace lull you into a peaceful Slumber where dreams of Hope and healing paint

the canvas of your mind my love for you is a Wellspring of

Purity and sincerity a love that listens with wrapped attention and extends a

hand of unwavering support in my eyes there is no judgment no reproach only an invitation to find

Solace and freedom in the Haven of My Embrace when sorrow threatens to engulf

you when the blows of Life leave you questioning your purpose run to me my

beloved let my love be the balm that heals your wounds my forgiveness the s

valve that erases your scars in the glory of my embrace your soul will find Tender

restoration as you surrender to my transformative power your life will blossom in ways you never dreamed

possible love will flow from you like a mighty River and your perspective will

shift aligning with the Eternal truths that govern the universe this is no mere platitude but a

promise as sure as the Rising Sun my desire for you transcends the fleeting

pleasures of this world for I seek your Eternal welfare not the temporary glitter of material wealth every

offering you lay at my feet every sacrifice made in my name will be multiplied and magnified yielding a

harvest of blessings beyond [Music] measure from the first light of dawn
God’s Unwavering Commitment

until the last Whisper of night my spirit calls out to you beckoning you to

draw near in the sacred moments before sleep claims you pause and reconnect

with me allowing my love to wash over you like a soothing balm I will banish the Troubles of the

day and fill your Slumber with dreams of promise and Destiny as our relationship deepens

rooted in love Faith and unwavering trust you will witness a transformation

in the world around you people will look upon you with new eyes seeing the

radiance of my presence emanating from within your countenance once marked by

weariness will glow with the vitality and joy that can only be found in

communion with me you will walk through life with a boldness that defies Earthly

limitations empowered by the strength that flows from our unbreakable Bond every obstacle will crumble beneath

your feet for you are armed with the Invincible power of my love remember the

darkest nights when my love illuminated your path filling you with a Divine

resilience that surpassed human understanding my love for you is an

eternal flame unquenchable and undiminished by the passing of

time seek not happiness in the fleeting pleasures of this world for the joy I

offer you transcends all Earthly Delights your journey is a sacred

pilgrimage a quest for true peace and contentment that can only be found in

the depths of my presence embrace the unshakable joy that Springs forth from my word a joy that cannot be stolen by

the thief of circumstance or uprooted by the storms of adversity this my child is the secret to

a life well- lived now you understand the depths of who I am your lord your God your

unwavering companion feel the vibrations of my Holy Spirit resonating within the chambers of

your heart propelling you forward on this sacred pursuit of knowing me intimately witness the Overflow of my

blessings in your life and the lives of those you hold dear a Cascade of joy and

fulfillment that will leave you breathless with gratitude the waves of my goodness will
Miracles of Abundance

crash upon the shores of your existence eroding the doubts and fears that once held you captive in the face of

adversity stand firm upon the unshakable foundation of my word nourished by the

truth that sustains your soul hold fast to the knowledge that I

am the master of your destiny the author of your story I will be your healer your

deliverer your refuge in the storm every ailment Every curse every financial

burden and every painful memory will bow before the power of my

love your freedom is not a distant dream but a reality that is already

unfolding today the chains that once bound you will shatter and joy will

flood your being like a mighty River prepare yourself for a miracle

that will transform you from the inside out igniting a fire of gratitude that

will consume every trace of lack and scarcity pray pray with a fervor that

sets your soul Ablaze and let my strength Infuse every fiber of your

being allow my peace to permeate the depths of your spirit mending the broken

places and banishing the shadows of Despair you have fought valiantly my

child remaining steadfast in the face of discouragement and adversity your unwavering faith has not

gone unnoticed and now the hour of your Triumph is at hand expect an abundance of provision

and prosperity to flow into your life for I am the god of more than

enough entrust your dreams and aspirations to me and I will guide you along the path of purpose and

fulfillment Delight in my presence and watch as the desires of your heart come

to fruition cry out to me and I will answer with a display of Wonders that will

leave you in awe of my goodness I challenge you to believe in me with an audacity that defies human reasoning for

my promises are unbreakable and my word never returns void rise up my beloved and make the

Bold decision to distance yourself from influences that would seek to lead you

astray remember in the face of unwavering faith and determination material possessions pale

in comparison seek me in the dawn of of each new day in The Quiet Moments
Seeking God’s Presence

throughout your waking hours and in the Stillness of the night before you drift off to sleep bring your

request before my throne with confidence knowing that the good things designed to nurture your growth and development are

already on their way listen closely for there is something extraordinary powerful and

wonderful Poise to unfold in your life and above all else and never forget the

depth of my love for you it is a love that knows no bounds a love that pursues

you relentlessly a love that will never let you go tell me my child that you believe not

just in the abstract concept of Faith but in the tangible reality of my presence in your life find me in the

joyous moments and the sorrowful ones in the Solitude of your prayers and the fellowship of

community seek me in times of Plenty and in seasons of lack in the Vigor of

health and the weakness of illness for I Am With You Always a

constant companion on this journey of Life pray without ceasing approaching my throne of grace

with boldness and confidence pour out your heart to me for I Delight in the sweet sound of your

voice your faith pure and unassuming brings joy to my heart listen to

attentively to my still Small Voice and Let My Words take root in the fertile

soil of your soul open your eyes to the intricate workings of my hand in every aspect of

your life when you come to me with your burdens and struggles I will honor your

faith with divine intervention but when you seek me in times of abundance and prosperity

surrounding yourself with gratitude and praise I will multip ly your blessings and fortify your spirit with unshakable

strength I will Adorn you with a heart of compassion a spirit of humility and a

nature that radiates kindness your soul will be moved with righteous indignation when you witness

the suffering of the innocent at the hands of evil and your heart will break for those who are oppressed and

marginalized in a world where many choose the path of apathy and silence

you will rise up as a beacon of courage and conviction you will speak truth to power standing firm in your faith and

unwavering in your commitment to my cause and as you do know that I am with

you always guiding your steps strengthening your resolve and filling you with the wisdom and discernment to
Chosen and Cherished

navigate the challenges that lie ahead for you are my beloved child Chosen and

cherished destined for greatness in my eternal Kingdom stay close to me and let

your life be a living testimony of my love Grace and transformative power

yours eternally your loving Heavenly Father

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