God is speaking to you right now the Supreme Being will do everything in its

power to provide you true happiness because it truly wants you to be happy

God is there to help and save you even if it can feel like it’s over continue

to give grateful praise to God in light of his wonders take that in climb to the

highest point of God’s wondrous deeds and be able to breathe be the per person

to help and save you faith in the Divine can help one overcome anxiety fear are

lacking and pain a great gift from Heavenly that will help you achieve all

of your goals and Ambitions have trust and anticipate healings recall who you

really are and the fact that God is singing a fresh tune in your soul for

this new week I’m I ask for your blessings but have faith in his timing

and ways and all will fit into place unexpectly there will soon be improved

relationships and Better Health seeking your life’s Health success and money is

ingrained in My DNA to validate it enter go at your own pace and have faith

that you can get past any obstacle that have stood in your way remember

that struggle produces greater results and your ability to overcome evidence of

your fortitude and resiliency I am certain that the Breakthrough is near

they will be replaced by happiness wealth and surprising wonders put your

faith in my thinking and I will clear the roadblocks in your way commune with

a higher power raise your vibration and begin to transform

unfavorable circumstances your name is attached to a victory God is making you

well many facets of your trip will become clear with Clarity in order to

better provide advantages to you and the people you love till the very end we

will put the right individuals and opportunities including money and Rel

ational opportunities in your path give thanks to him in spite of Trials and

betrayals your name is on a new house have trust and anticipate spectacular

sight in order to claim it type there are going to be a lot of

incredible opportunities today the next person in line during an entire period

that changes lives is you given that you are are a Divine Light vessel with great

Powers why should you worry about your life keep going in the hopes of better

days and never give up keep a watchful eye out for the signals and indicators

that are meant to demonstrate to us about God’s plan and love believing and

practicing Faith are ways to demonstrate your support never forget the

significance of your words Jesus says you will not fall short of your

breakthrough my child even in the face of adversity knowing that what you’re

confronted with is a necessary part of the process will help you overcome every

setback and come out stronger prepare for excellent news and happy times ahead

and have faith in me the angels of God will be commanded by God to guard you

give us courage to walk beside you and never abandon you you are the one who is

capable of restoration so join me in prayer Jesus recall that Karma exists

and that he has a magnificent plan for your entire life even though you are

walking on thorns and treacherous slopes pray wait and have faith in whatever the

future he has planned for you you reject narcotics adultery and all types of sin

you are going to have incredible experiences and God is going to restore

anything that was lost have faith in me for I am your healer and I love you you

are solidly in his care therefore find rest in him God is preparing something

for you do not rush it we frequently pray for a speedy again to difficulties

when they rise but try not to let your spirit be and so by am patience when you

are surrounded by people who oppose you God will reveal himself keep hope alive

even if it seems overpowering I am very happy to inform you that I shall unlock the doorways of

Heaven for you I’m going to shower you with blessings you are about to receive

blessings I’m aware of how lofty your goals are take advantage of the events

in your life for God will grant their request even as they continue to speak

about their wants this is just the start he will answer for his glory god will

complete everything he began in your life right now everything is working to

your advantage accept your recovery bless blessings Supernatural events and

and the accomplishment of God’s promises as he gets you ready for what’s to come

heavenly father says it’s time you have a bright future ahead of you full of

blessings I’m going to surprise you make the seemingly impossible happen and

transform people’s opinions to your advantage so get ready your breakthrough

is just around the corner and God will reward your sincerity enter if you

believe in the Almighty I love you and I appreciate you so much God says to you

now to not waver for you will soon be repaid for your persistent struggles

come with me in prayer almighty God I am extremely thankful for your guidance and

protection you are going to experience something amazing in life so trust your

intuition and submit to his plan you’ll regain those your back relying on him as

you step into a new chapter of your life will allow you to see his wonders even

if he has already begun working on your behalf he wants you to relax remember

that you still have the best in store for yourself amazing things are ahead

though everyone is vying for your attention remember that opportunity and

Faith are freeing you from the weights holding you down and equipping you for

something bigger know that happiness can be discovered even in your weakest

moments if you’re looking for support too get over challenges Angels watch

over you and the presence of the holy spirit makes sure that no one can deny

you your in alienable right to joy and peace type how man if you have

confidence in the Creator and this sentence speaks to you you’re going to

leave behind the bad times and enter a new phase of your life instead of losing

sight of your destination focus on the Here and Now trusting that the

challenges and disappointments you have encountered will equip you with an

abundance of strength and resources for tomorrow have faith in the Magnificent

plan that God has for you and those whom you care about which promises an

abundance of prosperity love and health even though it could feel that there is

nobody else to turn to know that the Divine is taking care of your money

happiness romance and laughter as you acknowledge that your need needs are

being met Express thankfulness for the rising of the Sun the Splendor of the

environment and the song of The Birds dear God I ask for the courage to face

the bad and welcome the good things you’re doing in my life through the name

of Jesus Remember That despite the fact that there will be challenging moments

God is preparing you for spectacular and lovely New Beginnings by working on

things beneath the scenes God is responding to your prayers and is

prepared to bless you which is why you are feeling very inspired and full of

energy if you agree with these statements then respond with

appreciation and eagerness for the Wonders that will soon occur put your

trust in him and obey his guidance you’ll reflect back and realize the Lord

this was all a component of your expectations one day put your trust in

him prosperous and joyful New Beginnings are just around the corner know that the

difficulties you’ve encountered have only made you stronger rather than

worried the unfathomable depths of what is ahead are beyond your correct

comprehension right God is with me to serve as a constant reminder

of his unwavering presence if you want to simply draw plenty of joy and

Tranquility into your life don’t miss this message I hope that people who have

wondered why certain things happen the way they do may find courage in this

message this is your chance your Miracle needs to happen now this evening God is

telling you I possess plans that will prosper you not to harm you say Thank

You Lord and accept these gifts move on from people who minimize your goals and

always remember to spread optimism to others God will continue to lead you if

you remain near to him you have the best days ahead of you so keep your head high

never give up God is always keeping an eye on you and is prepared to bless you

abundantly he guarantees to end any destructive Loop in your life he’ll send

support healing and shielding to keep you safe God guarantees that none of the

instruments fashion against you will succeed and that you will have more

grace forgiveness and energy than before which will greatly improve your life he

is changing everything for the better in your life rewarding you and your family

tending to your injuries and making sure you get better and experience happier

times you’re going to get blessed instead of depending entirely on your

own intellect allow God to lead you he guides us to make wiser choices protects

us from unfavorable attention and extends his support even when things

seem chaotic in our lives remain obedient and put your trust in his plan

knowing that God is always there to protect and love you as he reassures us

that we are valuable and that history does not define who we are he swears to

defend us against all evil We are Becoming wiser and better off as the

universe opens the door to Fresh Beginnings God will provide for all of

your needs so you don’t need to worry about money hold on even though things

are difficult since God knows perceives and comprehends far more than we can

when a storm doesn’t always subside quickly God reminds us that better

things like unexpected riches and unimaginable happiness are on the way it

reminds us of his love and comfort so we should not let other people’s words

deter us from remaining confident God is gracious and merciful and his mercies

are refreshed with each passing day we are surrounded by people who will support us and not pass judgment and he

encourages us to know that God affirms that he placed our dreams in our

subconscious for a purpose and encourages us to treat ourselves with

kindness join us in prayer trusting that God has much to give us and can use even

the most difficult circumstances to our advantage for a

significant breakthrough are you prepared God is lining you with people

who will encourage you and steering you clear of people who could mislead you in

order to accomplish something incredible in your life Jesus is Calling You to

action this week so be ready and never forget that he says please don’t quit up

my job is to witness your wonders shortly the Bliss you have been longing for is about to arrive it is finally

here heart he strengthening you in areas you know more about than I do together

you and God will overcome this Joy hope and plenty God is addressing you now and

seeing how tired you you are both mentally and physically they won’t trip

or fall even if they stagger your silent Hearts desires are known to God ask for

blessings on behalf of others as well may you once more experience success

happiness and healing now is your moment to shine and the greatest days of your

life will begin at this moment on a spiritual and an emotional level give up

your unshakable faith and me I’m here prepared to both listen and respond you

can feel secure knowing that he is incredibly merciful and faithful lessons

did the teaching you’ve endured enough the following three months are going to

be transformative fresh opportunities rise with each Daybreak you’ll pull through

get better and flourish I want to give you hope my darling children progress is

hampered by doubt learn the techniques for drawing and what your heart really

wants Miracle reply remain obedient to him transformation will result from your

faithfulness reach a conclusion have faith in Christianity contribute to our cause he

will bestow upon you kindness and favor the Lord says that you followed your

dreams and persisted through hardships however be assured that your creator has

been alongside you at every turn and that assistance will come quickly within

days I cherish my family and friends and I am grateful for their presence in

my life God hasn’t given up just because you have anything that has been removed

from you is being restored by by God type how men if you believe in the Lord

Jesus replaced with joy love laughter and letting go of things that are no

longer beneficial to you love wealth healing and a season of God’s Amazing

Grace are all to be desired ahead of you just waiting to be hugged please

consider subscribing to our Channel say that you are totally conf confident I

sense a breakthrough that not many people are ready to endure a miracle

coming to your doorway keep your ground and Proclaim his kindness when you are

obedient Christ draws nearer to you and tells you I am happy of you believe that

he always has a plan have bravery today for everything is possible with God

recall that I am here to freely and kindly bless bless you even in the

moments when all hope seems lost prepare yourself to experience these blessings

abundantly God is prepared to Lavish you with countless blessings your prayers

have been heard by him add I love God you’ll be directed toward the correct

road via prayer what your heart Whispers he hears I have a plan for you though it

might not be visible God intends for you to prosper to have a future and to have

hope I speak of a propt rival for that which is postpone the next level is upon

you because even in the absence of a clear solution I will offer one Isaiah

– says to widen your mind and heart to the possibilities because Christ is

your strength you are able to accomplish anything he will never never abandon you

in the face of hardship and disappointment your life is going to start to take on the shape that you have

been wishing and hoping for keep going because you’re going to see things

beyond what you could have ever imagined God wants to shut a door completely

God is letting you know right now I know observe the signals from above with

great attention trust that you have been given what you have prayed for and it

will come to pass give him all of your anxieties and concerns he is the one who

sees to it the prophet Isaiah – for I your lord your God will hold

your right hand proclaiming to you fear not I am here to assist you put your

faith in me you have my love prepare to be astounded God did not bring you to

this point in order to leave you if you see no outward indicators share your

faith come back to me and I will read you of everything that is weighing you

down accept what I am bringing to you in life put your faith in him I am aware

that many of you are dealing with difficulties but benefits are on the way

I’m already working my way up and I’m still willing to accept whatever good

things the creator has in store for you give acknowledgement to God for all your

blessings whether they be major breakthroughs or a good marriage may you

have joy in your heart and have faith that he will see all that he has begun

in your life through two completion if you want to bring incredible blessings

healing open doors and Tranquility into your life watch this video through to

the Finish you will experience changes as a result of your faithfulness to God

dear child declare to yourself as you go to sleep tonight that God is Planning

something very unique for you something you will definitely enjoy accept and

enjoy all the good things that are on their way God is actively at work in

your life healing you you remain modest never lose your desire for the Lord’s

presence and trust that God has taken note of your petitions anticipate many

benefits Better Health meaningful relationships and plenty put your faith

in him he is a trustworthy person recall that there is yet hope as your

achievements and previous Seasons Embrace money love and excellent health

please type of course to accept God’s promises and show your belief in him by

liking this video your prayers have been heard and I am aware of what you

fervently want but are blind to remember that God is incredibly powerful and that

your waiting days are coming to an end I understand all the things that you do

and I have provided a door for yourselves that nobody but yourself can

shut if you find resonance in this message top

we have sent you these words to help you feel better God says I am right here

to contribute to your daily existence more successful even in the moments when

I question whether I would ever return you are my belov children so get ready

for an intense encounter with my love give yourself over to Jesus guidance for

every choice you make he didn’t come this far just to abandon you my darling

you have my undying love I provide healing for your suffering and peace for

your perplexity you should have faith in what he has planned for you since it is

meant to bring you Prosperity rather than harm as well as confidence and hope

for the future to forsake you would be Unworthy of me after all this have

confidence that all will work out do you believe in the plan of God no matter how

much you’ve messed up you will get better then true love will come be at

peace God will see you through all of your difficulties as it says in Psalm

to the Lord will work out his Divine intentions for me your

tribulations will become testimonials when he grants your requests continue and never give up he

stopped mishaps and made possibilities that would have otherwise eluded you out

of challenges that seemed unsolvable these are the best days of your life to

come your wish list together with your hopes and prayers is getting fulfilled

God says this is a confirmation for you this week God will give strength to

those who put their hope in him you are protected by me and I always will

praying and stating the word of God over your life has guaranteed your safety the

rewards that God has in preparation for me are something I look forward too much

always keep in mind that despite your adversaries you matter it’s not

necessary to worry you are headed for abundance remaining faithful to God and

fortifying your faith can help you get through challenging times and draw in

plenty of money anticipate beyond what is possible for you right now something

amazing give me permission to be your pillar of support through any challenges

you encounter your life is filled with Miracles angels are having been set to

deliver you blessings that are full of knowledge and insight so keep that in

mind when you acquire what you have prayed for you cannot imagine how much closer they are to you you are

dispersing blessings and hope by sharing this video he knows the amazing things

he has in store for you things you can hardly dream of and he has sensed your

suffering and your apprehension because of your extraord ordinary nature you are

currently experiencing Divine favor in your life God feeds your heart with calm

and knows how you are feeling financially trust that something great

is on its way to you even when some chapters of your tale falter be it a

desire an ambition or a friendship God tells you that what you want is coming

because he loves you so much the Bible States the Lord’s promises are genuine

and that you may always count on him if you have faith in God type know

that he will protect you from harm and sustain you during trying times so you

can feel safe and happy the days you have ahead of you will be the most

rewarding ones and you’ll have abundant money and an attitude of thankfulness

the Tran quility you desire is getting closer fortune and affection are on your

side give them your wholehearted Embrace allowing yourself to be healed and

trusting in God’s constant guidance and assistance all those you have been

blessed with deserved nothing but the best if you have aired today ask for

forgiveness understanding that you will never need to co something that is Gen anyone lay from God blessings from him

will cover you God is aware of your struggles so keep that in mind he is the

only one who truly comprehends your circumstances say am man if you think

you’re about to make an important Discovery you’re going to be all right

when you acknowledge Him and value his grace benefits from unidentified sources

might find their way into your financial accounts your willingness to welcome

God’s quick changes in your life is demonstrated by your loving this video

when you witness your prayers being answered and paths appearing where none seemed to exist you will be happy that

you persisted remember to stop and consider how your afterwards moments

will be better than your earlier ones when you’re feeling stressed or exhausted say it with me my income is

steadily Rising money comes into my life with ease then get ready for incredible

Miracles encouraging Rich blessings into your life type yes if you’re ready and

forward this message to faithful individuals keep trying you’ll

accomplish a miracle instead of what looks like a delay as God Reveals His

purpose for your life transform forming your tears into opportunity at opening

doors you never would have thought possible watch and expectation remember

God keeps trying to warn or guide you even while your mind is busy with a

million thoughts and everyday problems you may not fully grasp the plan but

trust that it is in good hands with your guardian angel let them handle your

problems allow allow others to be motivated by your acts to pursue their

dreams and learn new things to demonstrate your willingness for

long-term answers and to move on in trust for the rest of the year comment

if you’re ready with this Divine gift you are about to enter a season of

boundless blessings and unconditional love so don’t be afraid of the years of

abuse and and loneliness get ready to step into a new realm of blessings as

you type to seize this message of prosperity and divine favor a future

full of boundless love and benefits will be revealed to you precious kid if you

follow this film through to the end and put your complete trust in heaven you

don’t have to be friends with everyone since Christ is the one who can solve

the problem I am going to bless your faithfulness it’s acceptable to continue

making progress and enjoying positive developments particularly in your

financial situation as this indicates that you have gotten closer to reaching

your objectives if all you have is $ then when you’re feeling doubtful tell

God how much you appreciate him and believe believe in it seek God to make

clear the lessons concealed in your difficulties rather than focusing on the

negative recall that everything will transpire in accordance with his plan

for you and your kids when you start to feel tired don’t lose sight of me

because things are going to change if you are prepared for the unthinkable to

happen in your life and welcome meaningful relationship ships

Tranquility mental and Spiritual Development and financial success choose

the type sign up to receive additional mercies prayers and advice on being

financially independent if you trust in the Lord to provide wealth and realize

what you desire by his grace type it is needless to be conern

concerned about who doesn’t like you how big your problems seem or if unhappiness

will be a part of the way you live you should not be concerned amid difficult

circumstances since God is constantly working for you I assure you that you

shouldn’t have any concerns about your finances because I am in charge I bless

you and keep you near to my heart all that occurs in this world happens from

for my good and to exalt his name it will truly be realized what you have

anticipated please say Amen if you agree continue to pray and wait for your

opportunity to succeed every day begins with the knowledge that only one route

leads to success coming to me with High Hopes knowing that you are not powerless

or over negativity because the Lord is with you by faith take hold of and

accept your blessings therefore we kindly request that you reimburse us for

any lost funds and acknowledge that these are important teachings that will

help us in the future I have saved you God responds meeting all their immediate

requirements as they put their faith in him to individuals who have stayed true

congratulations I can lead you to this period of overflowing blessings and

abundance exposing blessings you never would have imagined were conceivable if

you have ever felt like you’ve spending too much time in uncertainty your finances will multiply this week don’t

believe the opinions of others seek heaven when hardships happen rather than

turning to man if you think this message of healing and hope is true type

your predicament is understood by the person who sees everything better days

are coming far better than you could have ever imagined so there’s no reason

to put a cap on your life because your place of residence is going to change

God is Raising you up to a new level and a reality full of blessings love healing

and serenity is about to descend upon you Reveal Your Dreams with bravery I am

able to heal provide and offer Serenity therefore never rush anything and always

carry out tasks with intention this is a task designed to teach you once you

accept his guidance and stay committed you will experience

Rehabilitation freedom and promotion that will change your life drastically

we are grateful to God for addressing our difficulties and communicating with

us thus children pray to me and seek my wisdom all your anxieties will soon go

and possibilities that seem unattainable in the past will be returned there are

going to be big changes in your future and your faith will grow every day to

demonstrate your strength and openness to change type I am gaining my power

back the future of your life will be prosperous and full of blessings if you

humbly accept that Jesus is the Lord be mindful of the indications whether

you’re at work home or even stargazing I vow that I will guide you through

obstacles that impact your relationships and economy until you are fully healed

and restored clinge strongly to me expecting good things to happen in your

life get ready for an abundance you’ve never known in line with God’s plan

everything will work out for the best for you and you will receive an Incredible Gift I’m bringing you plenty

of money dot oh God we will no longer waste what has been postponed I declare

and acknowledge Your Divine appearance an era of recuperation ation and

unmatched expansion is about to begin with your contribution please show us

your thanks by leaving a like commenting and subscribing to our channel do the

affection that you conveys in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you for being

a part of this journey share this video to your friends and family in order to

spread the message of love to every corner of the world your actions can

have a big impact on how much this crucial message is shared amen

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