this is me quietly watching the world go

crazy knowing that one day I’ll be

hanging out with Jesus and all this mess

will be forgotten dear Lord sometimes I

don’t know how to put into words the way

I feel I am grateful and hopeful yet

fearful and dismayed but I know you are

in control I pray today for peace and

calmness in my heart I pray for the

strength to give it to you in Jesus name

amen D ader in case your mind is messing

with you today God heard your prayer you

are going to be okay God is making a way

for you angels have been said to comfort

you God has a great plan for your life

you can do all things through Christ

blessings are coming your way you matter

you’re important you’re love although I

don’t know what tomorrow will bring

there is comfort in knowing that what

comes as a surprise to us does not come

as a surprise to God Jesus didn’t say

come too all who are crushing it me

living your best life and I will give

you rest he said come to me all who are

weary and I will give you rest if you’re

discouraged tired or weary don’t worry

that’s exactly how Jesus expected you to

come to him I don’t know who needs to

read this but God loves you more than

you can possibly understand keep

fighting keep moving forward keep your

faith in Jesus things will be okay it

will all work out the way God wants it

too if you chase Jesus as hard as you

chase the things you think you want you

will end up with more than you ever need

me navigating the trails of life and

knowing that Jesus is guiding me the

entire time when you can te sleep at

night have you ever thought that maybe

if God saying we need to talk and now

you have time

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