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today Jesus is speaking to

you my darling child in moments when you


susceptible understand that my power is

made perfect in weak spot lean on me and

permit my power to work through you when

the arena feels heavy whilst your

coronary heart is weary come to me Rest

In My Embrace and let me renew your

spirit I actually have delivered you

through many trials I will give you

victory over the entirety the enemy

brings against you my child I am about

to carry you up set you in a better

place get equipped I’m about to shift

matters doors will open for you that

have not opened inside the

past in the Bible verses Romans –

always says

do not agree to the sample of this world

however be converted with the aid of the

renewing of your

thoughts if you are feeling a positive

vibe then hit the like button dear kids

I realize that the arena is full of

challenges conflicts and Temptations I

know that every now and then you

experience discouraged lonely or afraid

but I am constantly with you and I will

by no means leave you nor forsake you I

even have a plan and a motive on your

Lifestyles and I will manual you and

protect you along the

way my child You are not alone in this

journey you are a part of my circle of

relatives and you have many brothers and

sisters who percentage your faith and

your imaginative and

preate I want you to like them support

them and pray for them I want you to be

a peacemaker a bridge builder and a

reconciler I need you to be a mild

inside the darkness a salt in the earth

and a witness to the

world my kids you are also blessed with

many items abilities and possibilities I

want you to use them for my glory and

for the benefit of others I need you to

be faithful within the small things and

the large

matters I need you to be fruitful and

each appropriate work in each suitable

phrase I need you to be a very good

Steward of what I have entrusted to you

I am pleased with you and I am thrilled

with you you are my cherished son

daughter whom whom I am properly

pleased keep on praying hold on trusting

and hold on

obeying I will answer your prayer in my

time and in my way I will bless you and

make you a blessing I will fulfill my

promises and my functions to your life

Lord says type ye if you want to be a

light in the

darkness affirmations for life I manage

my responses I am the use of my phrases

to be type uplifting and encouraging

with the entirety I do I will be

compassionate continual and lingas I

paintings on developing the existence I

need I agree with that things will fall

into place and work at in my prefer

proper on time I am confident in who I

am and what I can create

I am centered on having best highquality

beliefs about

myself to confirm enter I am thankful

bring me all your feelings even theonest

you wish you didn’t have fear and

tension still plague you feelings in

line with say aren’t sinful however they

can be Temptations to sin blazing

missiles of fear fly at you day and

night those attacks from the evil one

come at you

relentlessly use your defend of religion

to extinguish those flaming arrows

affirm your consider in me irrespective

of how you sense if you persist your

emotions will sooner or later fall in

line with your faith do now not hide out

of your worry or fake it is not

there anxiety that you conceal inside

the recesses of your heart will give

birth to fear of worry a mammoth

stepchild bring your anxieties out into

the light of my presence wherein we will

cope with them

collectively concentrate on trusting me

and fearfulness will regularly lose its

foothold within you come to me and

listen attune yourself to my voice and

receive my richest advantages Marvel at

The Wonder of communing with the creator

of the universe even as sitting in the

consolation of your house kings who

reign in the world generally tend to

make themselves

inaccessible regular human beings nearly

by know means a advantage and target

market with them even dignitaries should

plow VI red tape and protocol so as to

talk with royalty though I am King of

the Universe I am totally reachable to

you I am with you any place you are

nothing can separate you from my

presence when I cried out from the go it

is completed the curtain of the temple

turned into torn and to from Pinnacle to

Backside this opened the manor with the

intention to meet me face to face

without a want of protocol or priests I

the king of kings I am your consistent

companion if you are coner comment men

bring me your weakness and receive my

peace accept yourself and your occasions

just as there remembering that I am

Sovereign over the entirety do now not

post put on yourself out with analyzing

and making

plans instead permit thankfulness and

Trust be your guides through this

present day they may keep you close to

me as you stay inside the radiance of my

presence my peace shines upon you you

will cease to notice how vulnerable or

robust you sense because you will be

focusing on me the great way to to get

through this day is little by little

with me continue this intimate Adventure

trusting that the path you are following

is headed for

heaven the scripture says have you ever

hung out with a small toddler or child

and had them mimic your every sound or

motion to them it’s a laugh Recreation

but internally they’re getting to know

by using looking at and copying the

entirety you

do they simply examine and do the same

aspect that’s due to the fact we are all

wired to be

imitators even as adults much like

little youngsters we are all nonetheless

imitators so many human beings these

days end up imitating what they see in

the international on TV and in the

information and

magazines but scripture tells us that we

are to be imitators of God and follow

his example of

love if you need to make an alternate to

your existence nowadays alternate what

you’re imitating change your focus the

more you recognition on the word the

greater you will imitate God when you do

things God’s way you will get God’s

results spe joy and blessing all the

days of your life typ how man if you


God God says the region I now have you

ever is different than you anticipated

and out door of your consolation sector

but I want you to stretch yourself an

upward thrust to the occasion on this

season due to the fact I am preparing

you for the following level

the path you walk now will prepare you

for extra

matters you have the grace you need for

nowadays you are complete of energy

energy and backbone nothing you waste

can be too much for me you will triumph

over every

obstacle live longer than each Mission

and come VI each difficulty better off

than you have been before you will make

it don’t give up type I trust the divine

plan to

agree Jesus said to him I am the way and

the truth and the existence no one

involves the father except through me


– dear listeners join me in prayer O

Lord I’m grateful for your Works in my

existence thank you for all that you do

for me I’ll be an in great if I ever say

that you haven’t completed enough to me

you accomplished that a lot in my light

and I cannot thank enough I’m grateful

Lord thank you Father I’ve been trying

for a baby T a while now and it is not

taking place Lord I recognize and

consider that you something is mine you

let me have so if pregnancy is not your

will for me then let your can be done in

my life please deliver me the energy and

braveness to just accept your plans for

me please comfort me and placed my mind

comfortable guide me at the right path

to observe so your plans for my

existence can spread if it is your will

that I actually have a baby then please

provide me the patience to wait in your

timing fill my heart with joy

irrespective of what thank you Lord for

listening to my prayer

amen thank you very much for giving your

time to us and please join our community

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profound connection with me and POS

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