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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said My Dear Son Rest In The Refuge of

my presence release the indignation

burning within you for I have witnessed

every disrespect and Injustice committed

against you even when scorn and contempt

were unjustly bestowed upon you do not

cling to resentment or thoughts of

Revenge I will vindicate you in due time

for now fix your gaze solely upon me and

follow the path I have called you to

tread utilize your gifts to glorify me

as you fulfill the work I have assigned

to you nothing can thwart my purposes

for you soon those who rejected you will

watch from afar filled with Envy as you

thrive they will question why they

failed were you succeeded but their

bitterness will bear rotten fruit

bringing this condition upon themselves

I do not permit them to partake in the

abundance of your destiny for they have

disqualified themselves through

pettiness and envy had they chosen the

path of wisdom this story might have

unfolded differently instead they

pursued their own destiny through

schemes and gossip their Day of

Reckoning is approaching as you go from

Triumph to Triumph I have not forgotten

each inflicted wound and perfect Justice

will be served at this moment a great

division separates you significantly

from them like moths drawn to light they

circulate Desiring to diminish your

Radiance however my Radiance exposes

their futility and repels their attacks

you hope they would change dreamed of

reconciliation but without repentance

and restitution healing would be elcer

guard your heart but walk in Grace no

weapon formed against you will succeed

in the end I know you are weary beloved

loneliness tests your soul but my

presence brings comfort and hope my

spirit Whispers truth drowning out the

lies that plague your mind you are my

precious treasure bought at the highest

price my song of Joy over you will never

cease nothing in heaven or on Earth can

separate us forget those who have

distanced themselves release them from

your thoughts and fix your eyes on the

destiny I have prepared for you do not

seek retaliation for injustices leave

judgment in my hands your tests were

intended to prepare you for greater

responsibility and favor the testing

time concludes and the promotion begins

those who ignored you will now watch

from afar as I showcase your gifts

before multitudes in the past I hid your

light to protect you from selfish

exploitation but darkness is dissipating

your time in the spotlight has arrived

deferred dreams are now manifesting

splendidly I will no longer allow your

light to be obscured and undiscovered

your moment has come my beloved Son find

rest in his Refuge let go of indignation

for he has witnessed all injustices

do not cling to resentment or revenge

for he will vindicate in due time fix

your eyes solely on him use your gifts

to glorify him those who rejected you

will watch from afar filled with Envy as

you prosper do not worry about their

bitterness for God will bring Justice

allow nothing to separate you from the

destiny he has prepared loneliness may

be challenging but God’s presence brings

comfort your precious treasure is secure

under his wings embrace the blessings

that are coming the testing journey is

ending and the promotion is beginning

your enemies will witness your rise

trust him to store your joy vindicate

your name and correct all injustices in

due time keep moving forward do not look

back fix your eyes on him there is much

reserved for you with him the best is

truly yet to come our journey Journey

has only just begun you have only tasted

the first fruits of what is to come you

are about to inherit promises long

delayed but never forgotten things you

thought were lost forever will be

restored by his mighty hand your weeping

will turn into joy and your Sorrows into

Indescribable Joy it does not please him

to see his children suffer the intensity

and duration of this test will yield

corresponding glory and reward my mercy

and Justice never fail I haven’t

forgotten about you I saw every tear you

shed in secret heard every anguished

plea from a victim with a broken heart

to a victorious conqueror your

transformation will be Swift and

complete I am changing the Winds of your

life get ready for a dramatic change of

season the bitter winter season you

endured will give way to a summer of joy

and fruitfulness you are coming out of

the valley of tears and entering a new

realm of Victory Liberation and reward

where you saw no way out I am creating a

path where you felt trapped you are now

Breaking Free dead dreams dormant gifts

abandoned Visions all will resurrect for

I am the god of the impossible never

doubt or lose hope with me nothing is

difficult no case is lost the

disappointment that almost shattered

your faith is turned tur into a miracle

this adversity has prepared you for

greater influence and expanded Your

Capacity to receive from me watch what I

will do it’s time to reap what has been

sown long ago the reward is coming the

season of recompense has arrived your

faith and patience have had their

perfect work nothing has gone unnoticed

or forgotten your work of faith and

labor of love is about to yield an

abundant Harvest don’t worry about those

who judged you falsely accused you or

considered you a failure their wisdom

has proven to be Folly their pride will

precede their fall no weapon formed

against you will prosper no curse or

negative word will stand the accuser has

been cast down and you have overcome him

by the blood of the lamb and the word of

your testimony keep choosing Faith over

fear praise over complaint and victory

over V

victimization this deactivates the

enemy’s strategies to divert your

destiny the joy of the Lord is your

strength be faithful in the small things

so that I can promote you to greater

things with love God hope this message

has been an inspiration to you if you

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